10 Times When Having a Little Person Around Made Our Day a Little Brighter

Having a child is the greatest gift of all. Their silly laughter is contagious and simply the presence of them around makes everything surreal. No matter how occupied you are, simply looking at their bubbly faces curtails all your fatigue. There is no denial in the thought that raising them is itself a battlefield but it’s just so worth it! These tiny epitomes of innocence sway us away in their own little wonderland, away from the worldly chaos.

We at Mother Today have put together 10 dreamy moments capturing these cute little toddlers that are guaranteed to melt your heart.

“My niece opened her eyes after a long nap. Her reaction- How beautiful is my mom!”


The way my niece looks at her mom is just the most surreal feeling ever! Your little kid feels you’re their hero and it’s up to you to prove it right.

“My daughter couldn’t stop smiling on her first car ride. It was my best ride ever.”blank

That day was one of the best days of my life. My little baby kept laughing like crazy throughout the ride.

It was like she was on a flying spree & I was so thrilled that I didn’t want that ride to end.


“My niece reading her favorite bedtime story to her best friend Mr. Teddy Doo”

My niece loves listening to bedtime stories and also, repeats them after me at times. One night she took charge of reading those stories to her teddy.

She is growing up so fast!

“My nephew just wouldn’t let me see the girl next door that he likes. I love teasing him!”



My little man here is so naughty that whenever I tease him with the girl next door, he starts hugging me and says -“I love you the most, not her.”

“My daughter finally met our cat Charlie after 2 months, it was the longest hug ever!”



We were traveling for work and when we came back home after almost 2 months, these two kids here couldn’t contain the excitement. It was the sweetest gesture ever.

“My niece asking the man on duty to pick her up 3 times in a row.”



My niece was so fascinated with the tall & handsome men on duty that she kept calling out to them. She asked one of them if they could carry her around the place and one of them actually did. It was so adorable.

“We had our first baby after 8 years of marriage. I haven’t seen my husband this happy in years.”

We have been trying to have a baby for 6 years now and had lost all our hope until now. Things finally came around & we were blessed with a baby girl.

We are so grateful!

“My baby girl gave the perfect reaction dressed up as Woody. ”

It was around Halloween that i wanted to dress my daughter differently. When i started capturing her, she gave me unexpectedly adorable reactions.

That was such a fun day!

“My daughter loves our dog the most. Every time she gets a scolding, she whispers it in his ears. It’s like their sweet little secret.”

Our dog is 8 and this little mischief here is 3.

Sometimes she sleeps with her and also feeds her from her own plate. These two together are as adorable as they can get!

“Feels like yesterday when my niece was born as a cute little potato. Today she turned 1 and her smile is everything!”

My sister had been trying to have a baby for a while now and when she did, we couldn’t contain our happiness. My niece is everything our family always wanted! Isn’t she the cutest?

Do you also capture the cute little gestures of your kids? Does that make you feel alive and cheerful?
Share your joyful moments with us in the comments below.