40 Simple But Genius DIY Hacks That Will Completely Transform Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are the last rooms we think about when redesigning our home and yet it’s the most important room in the house. We use it to brush our teeth, put on our makeup, and sing our hearts out in the shower. And who can forget the most important throne in the house, the toilet? So, isn’t it about time that you showed your bathroom some TLC? Now that we’ve guilt you into revamping that space, here are a couple of brilliant DIY hacks that are guaranteed to transform your bathroom into an efficient and organized super room.

Clean Your Bathroom Floors With Shaving Cream


Hey! Guess what? It turns out that shaving cream isn’t just for your face and legs anymore. You can also spray some on your bathroom floors, especially in those hard to reach places that are full of mold and mildew. The shaving cream gives your floors a much-needed deep clean you simply have to see to believe.

Watch Your Favorite Shows While Taking a Bubble Bath


Next time you feel like binge watching your favorite shows while taking a bubble bath, try this brilliant hack. You don’t need to buy any supplies whatsoever. Just fold the cover of your tablet and secure it over your cabinet door.

You can also wrap your tablet in a Ziplock bag to keep moisture at bay.

Create Top Shelf Storage Above the Door


Add a shelf above your bathroom door so you can store all those extra shampoos, conditioners and toilet paper rolls. But make sure that the shelf doesn’t interfere with the way your door opens and closes. This nook is often overlooked, but can be very useful for storage.

Best of all, you won’t have to clutter up your cabinet sink or floor area with so much junk.

Use This Hack to Store Hair Appliances


Electric hair appliances are a total lifesaver when you need to dry your hair and go in a jiff. But these items are often bulky and difficult to store. But you can easily fix that by nailing two curved hooks to the wall.

This will allow you to hang your dryer up instead of having it take up space under your cabinet or on your vanity countertop.

De-Clutter Your Bathroom Countertop With a Spice Rack


Spice racks aren’t just useful in the kitchen anymore. They also help your de-clutter your bathroom, too. Simply hang or nail a spice rack to your bathroom wall and place all of your liquid cosmetics and skin care products there.

Not only will you have more counter space, but your bathroom will look more organized, too.

Add Extra Space With a Second Shower Rod

Pinterest/Ashley Steiner

When you live with another person, shower caddies can get overcrowded, especially if you don’t use the same products they do. And you know what happens when there are too many products stashed together — mold happens! But both you and your roommate or significant other can have your own shower caddies. Simply add a second shower rod to the far end of the shower close to the wall.

Then hang a shower caddy on each end and voila! Everyone has their own personal space.

Your Shower Caddy Will Never Slide Off Again


Some people nail their shower caddy to the walls while others hang them over the shower head. If you choose to do the latter then you’re probably sick and tired of waking up to the sound of your caddy crashing onto the floor in the middle of the night. So, before that happens again, hang your shower caddy.

Then install a stainless-steel metal hose clamp in front of the caddy so it will never slip and slide off your shower head again.

This Hack Will Amplify the Sound of Your Phone


Many of us bring our phones with us to the bathroom so we can listen to some tunes while we shower or get ourselves ready for the day. But sadly, the volume function on our phones are limited. Fortunately, you can give it a boost by throwing it in the sink (just don’t turn the sink on, of course!) The sink will reflect and focus the soundwaves in one direction so you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite jams without straining to hear them.

Turn a Magazine Holder Into Hair Dryer Storage


Magazine holders aren’t just for magazines anymore. You can get one from an office supply store for a few dollars or you could even ask a friend or family member if they have one to spare. Then nail it to a wall or on the inside of your cabinet sink’s drawer and just like that you’ll have a nice storage space where you can stick your hair dryer in.

Try This Shower Head Cleaning Hack


The only thing dirtier than your shower walls and floors or toilet bowl is your shower head. There are all sorts of mold, fungi, and bacteria living there that you need to put out of their misery. To do that, simply add some distilled vinegar into a Ziploc bag and then tie the bag around the shower head with a rubber band.

The vinegar will leave your shower head looking like its brand new.

This Shower Curtain Hack Keeps Water in Your Tub


Shower curtains don’t always keep water in the tub, which is something many of us learn the hard way when we step out of the bathtub and slip on a puddle of water. If you want to avoid breaking your back, then place your shampoo bottles on the corners of your shower curtain. This will keep it in place and prevent water from leaking onto your bathroom floor.

Give Your Toilet Bowl a Refreshing Clean


Did you know that soft drinks contain acids like carbonic, phosphoric and citric acids, which can be used as a cleaning solution? These acids have the power to break down stains like mineral deposits and toilet rings. All you have to do is pour the soda on the toilet bowl and let it do its thing overnight. Then flush and prepare to be amazed by the sparkling clean results.

Roll Your Towels and Save Some Space


If you have lots of towels then you might have noticed that stacking them can take up a lot of space in your bathroom shelf or cabinet. So instead of folding and stacking them, trying rolling your towels. Not only does this give you more space, but your towels will look way cuter and your home will get that “luxury hotel” feel.

Add Space to Your Shower Shelves or Caddies


Are your shower shelves or caddies overflowing with shower gels and shampoo bottles? You might have bought those larger-than-life bottles because they came at a lower price, but they either don’t fit in your caddies or they take up too much space. So, consider buying bottles that are smaller and sleeker and then transfer your shampoo or shower gels into them. This will add more space while giving your shower area more of a spa-like feel to it.

Mesh Over Those Unsightly Ceiling Cracks


Does your bathroom have ceiling cracks? You don’t need to call a repairman to fix them. You can do it yourself. All you need is a ladder to get up there to tape over the crack using mesh tape.

Then plaster over the tape and make sure that it’s nice and smooth. Then paint and it’ll be as if that nasty looking crevice was never really there.

Turn Your Skateboard Into a Bathtub Tray


If you don’t own a skateboard, chances are you live with someone who does like a significant other, family member, or maybe even one of your kids. But did you know that you can flip the skateboard over (wheels up), and place it across the bathtub? This will give you your very own bathtub tray that you can use to put your favorite beverage on.

Create a Better Air Flow and a Cleaner Shower


Instead of closing the curtains completely, you can leave the shower curtain open on both ends. This will produce a far greater air flow which will ultimately lead to a cleaner, less moldy shower, while getting rid of mildew at the same time.

Create a Magnetic Makeup Board


Freeing up counter and drawer space in your bathroom is super easy. Just glue a thin sheet of metal onto a large picture frame. Then, attach small magnets to each one of your makeup items.

You may want to use a bigger magnet for items that are heavier like foundation and compact powder. Then attach the items to your magnetic makeup board and detach them whenever you need to use something.

Use Coat Hooks to Hang Your Towels


How many times have you gone into your bathroom only to find that your towel has somehow slipped off the rod and fallen to the floor? If you’re sick and tired of this happening, then install some coat hooks on the bathroom walls. They will ensure that your towels remain right where they are until the next time you’re ready to use them.

Plastic Wrap Your Toilet to Unclog It


Is your toilet clogged, but you don’t have a plunger? No worries. Cover your toilet bowl completely in plastic wrap and then flush. As the water rises up, you’ll see the plastic wrap bubble up.

When this happens, press down firmly with both hands. This will create pressure that will force whatever is causing the clog to move along into the pipes.

Turn a Plastic Over-the Door Shoe Rack Into Storage


Do you have more products in your bathroom than you know what to do with them? Well if you’re not ready to part with them, then here’s a simple storage hack. Simply buy one of those plastic over-the-door shoe racks. The deep pockets will hold most bottles and since they’re clear, you’ll be able to see what it is that you have without taking every bottle out.

Add a Stacked Plate Holder


Stacked plate holders work wonders at dinner parties, but did you know that you can use them in your bathroom too? Just add a stacked plate holder. Then place some of your much-needed items like bath salts, grooming supplies or even extra toilet paper rolls on the multi-tier holders and your bathroom counter will look less cluttered.

Use Dryer Sheets On Your Glass Shower Doors


If you have glass shower doors, then you’re familiar with how quickly soap scum starts to build up on the glass. Before you know it, your former transparent partition will look more like a solid wall. It’s why you want to keep a couple of dryer sheets around.

They can be used to clean the soap scum from your glass shower door.

Try This Shower Cleaning Mix That Works Like Magic


Are you tired of seeing all the mold and mildew building up on your shower walls and floor? Well, you don’t need to spend money on harsh chemicals. You simply have to mix dish-washing detergent and white vinegar together. The vinegar has acids that have the power to break down mineral deposits while the dish soap breaks down oils for dirt and soap.

Add Some Shower Clips To Your Shower Rod

Pinterest / Muji

Here’s another space saving hacks. Simply add a couple of shower clips to your shower rod. They’re very easy to hang.

Then you just clip whatever it is that you think you might need like your favorite shower gel, loofa, or shower puffs.

Use a Pumice Stone to Clean Your Toilet Bowl


Toilet bowls are nasty which is why no one likes cleaning them. But there’s an easier cleaning solution and interestingly enough, you’ve been using it as a skin exfoliator. Simply grab a pumice stone and start cleaning.

The friction will cause the stone to break down into dust which mixes with the water and creates an abrasive paste that will leave your bowl squeaky clean. Also, the pumice stone helps to get rid of mineral deposits and toilet rings. And it’s less expensive than buying cleaning products.

Drill Your Way Towards a Cleaner Bathroom


Cleaning by hand can be painful, boring and time-consuming. What you need is a power tool, so if you have a drill you’re in luck. All you have to do is fit a scrub brush where the drill bit normally goes.

Then spray the area with whatever cleaner you like to use, pull the trigger on the drill and watch as your drill does all the hard work in removing soap scum, mildew and dirt from your walls and tub.

Attach Towel Racks to Your Door

Martha Stewart

If you don’t feel like sticking rods through your walls, then here’s another DIY bathroom hack that will work just as well. Simply attach multiple towel racks to the back of your bathroom door. That way you won’t have to waste your shelf space on towels.

You also won’t have to break your walls trying to install those rods we mentioned earlier.

Use a Pencil Cup to Store Your Bathroom Items


Most pencil cups were designed to hold a couple of office items, which is great news for you. Just head to your nearest office supply store and find one that you know can hold your regular or electric toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. Your bathroom counter will be clutter-free in less than no time.

Create a Frame For Your Mirror With Molding


Lay out your bathroom mirror on a flat surface if possible. Then use a saw to cut molding that will fit around the mirror. Think of it as a picture frame for your mirror, because you are, after all, a work of art.

Once you’ve done that, make sure to finish the molding by using a paint of your choice. Then glue the molding to the mirror.

Use Ribbons Instead of Shower Hooks

F Delventhal/Flickr

Have you ever noticed how some of those shower hooks are so cheap that they pretty much pop open on their own. Others tend to screech as you move your shower curtain and they sound like nails on a chalkboard. So instead of shower hooks, try using ribbons.

It will make your shower time quieter and hassle-free.

Clean Your Bathroom Using Grapefruit


We’re sure you can find a million other uses for grapefruit other than cleaning. But if you’re ever in a bind and need something to clean the taps and spouts in your bathtub, then here’s what you do. Cut a grapefruit in half and rub it on the areas in need of attention.

The acid will take care of all the cleaning.

Clean Your Shower Drain With Alka-Seltzer


Do you have some Alka-Seltzer tablets in your medicine cabinet? Well that’s great because as luck would have it, they’re not just a cure for indigestion. They can also be used to clean your shower drain. Simply remove the strainer from your drain and drop a few Alka-Seltzer tabs down the drain.

Then follow it up with some vinegar.

Give Your Shower Curtain a Trim


Have you ever noticed how much mildew tends to build up on the bottom of your shower curtain? Well there’s a good chance that this is because the curtain is way too long. So, here’s what you can do. Grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut the bottom so that the curtain doesn’t touch the floor.

Over time, you’ll notice the difference.

Never Lose a Nail Clipper, Tweezers or Bobby Pin Again


Are you tired of losing your tweezers or nail clippers in the bathroom? How about bobby pins? These little rascals can get lost behind your sink or somewhere in your medicine cabinet. But here’s a nifty hack you can use so you’ll never lose these items again. Buy a roll of magnetic tape, cut a piece off and attach it to the inside of your cabinet door.

Now you’ll always know where to look when you need one of these valuable metal tools.

Put Your Soap Bar On Top of a Sponge


Have you ever noticed how disgusting your soap dish gets? That’s because the moisture from the water turns your soap into mush and leaves the dish looking nasty. But if you want to avoid this, use a sponge in lieu of a soap dish.

Freshen Up the Bathroom Air With This Toilet Paper Hack


You can buy scented toilet paper at the store. Unfortunately, they don’t have a strong enough scent to make your bathroom smell nicer. But if you really want to freshen the air in your bathroom, all you need to do is apply a few drops of essential oil on the roll itself.

That way, every time you use the roll, the fragrance will disperse through the bathroom.

Create Your Own Homemade Effervescent Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Why buy an effervescent toilet bowl cleaner when you can make your own? It’s super easy. All you have to do is mix baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and an essential oil. Then pour the mix into a silicone ice cube mold and wait for them to harden.

Once they’re solid, you can store them in a glass jar in your bathroom. That way you’ll always have access to one of these whenever you need to drop one into your dirty toilet bowl.

Use This to Keep Bathroom Mirrors From Fogging Up


Are you tired of dealing with bathroom mirrors that fog up while you’re showering? You can use a towel or toilet paper to remove the fogginess. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work very well. But there is something that will.

Apply shaving gel evenly to the entire surface of the mirror. Then use a dry paper towel to remove it and your bathroom mirror will remain fog-free.

Glam Up Your Bathroom On a Dime


You don’t have to break the bank and buy fancy accessories on Ikea or Bed Bath & Beyond to glam up your bathroom. You can give your bathroom a new look with a couple of rhinestone or metallic trims. They’re available at fabric stores and arts and crafts supply stores.

Make sure to buy a hot glue gun to attach the trim to otherwise dull wastebaskets or toothbrush cups. By the time you’re done, your bathroom will look utterly glamorous!