5 Ways To Recharge Your Batteries This Weekend


Between work, parenting, and trying to maintain some faint semblance of a social life, life as a working mother can feel like there’s no rest in sight. Even the weekends can become stressful. But what if you actually took the time to plan a weekend where you did nothing but recharge? It’s highly suggested that you do this at least once a month.

5 Ways You Can Recharge

The entire premise of the weekend is that you get two days to relax and enjoy doing whatever you want. But let’s be honest – that never happens. It’s time to start making it a priority, though.

Here are a few ideas:

Bask in Silence

When was the last time you experienced a prolonged period of silence? We’re talking no kids, no Netflix – not even the car radio. As one retreat staff says “We’ve spent our whole lives talking and being immersed in our environment. When we turn that off, it can lead to a wonderful experience of inner stillness, centeredness, and energy.”

Silence is incredibly powerful. At first it can seem a little weird, but pretty soon you’ll begin to crave these periods of stillness. Try spending an entire Saturday experiencing as much quietness as you can.

It’ll change your entire outlook.

Turn Off Your Electronics

Remember, you’re supposed to be stepping away from work on the weekends. If you quickly reach for the phone to check your email on Saturday morning, you’re putting yourself in a bad position to start the day. In fact, it’s a good idea to ditch electronics – including that addictive smartphone – for the entire weekend.

You’ll find yourself much more engaged in your surroundings. You’ll also be a lot happier, since you aren’t constantly exposed to what everyone else is doing. Instead of feeling FOMO or jealousy, you can focus on doing the things that you want to do.

Go Camping

There’s something to be said for getting out of your element and leaving the hustle of the world behind. When the weather is nice, a 36-hour camping trip can be a fantastic way to recharge. Nature has a way of refueling your mind and body and will bring instant clarity.

Your kids will especially enjoy a camping trip, even if they’re reluctant to go at first.

Read and Journal

There’s something powerful about acknowledging your thoughts. During the course of a busy day, we often suppress or do away with the different ideas that come through our minds. We simply don’t have the time to deal with them all.

Well, you can make time for them on the weekend. Try to set aside some time to read, journal, and mediate. You’ll learn new things about yourself.

Send the Kids Away

You love your family and friends, but sometimes you just need to set aside some time to focus on yourself. Send the kids to your parents, set up a golfing trip for your husband and his buddies, and create a weekend where you do everything that you want to do. It’ll feel strange at first, but you’ll quickly remember what it looks like to take care of yourself.

Make the Most Out of Your Weekends

You only get four weekends per month. While there’s something to be said for spending some of this time making memories with your friends, it’s also important that you create time for a little R&R. Upon returning to work on Monday, you’ll be thankful for this time you intentionally set aside for yourself.