50+ Times People Did Their Laundry With Disastrous Or Funny Results

No person in this world hasn’t experienced laundry woes. Imagine putting your favorite cashmere jumper or a beautiful cardigan shrinking away after a wash in the laundromat. It was so expensive! You will never be able to buy that again. Just like your crashed dreams. Only if you had read the label on the sweater which said, do not wash woolens in the washing machine or hot water.

Still, some people get these sorts of common laundry fails. There are like a hundred different ways in which you could mess up with the laundry. But our MotherToday team has collected fifty of the best ones so that you could have a hilarious session. 

1. Rubber Gloves In Laundry

This person put a batch of rubber gloves in the laundry and due to all the turbulence inside the laundromat, the gloves got inflated. So these gloves are looking like hands from hell, coming to grab you.  

2. Shrunk My Sweater For My Dog

It is always recommended not to put the woolens in the laundromat or in warm water, because they have a tendency to shrink. But you did not heed to that.

Look now you have a good present for your pet dog. 

3. My Sweater’s Life Cycle

Sweater in the laundry again? Thanks to this, the sweater shrunk and shrunk till it was a perfect fit for the girlfriend. But do not mind it because you did not have to throw it away.

But still, it was mine.

4. Wanted To Dry The Clothes

Doing the laundry for the first time in your life? Then be careful with the dryer. You do not want it to be excessively dry or you could set it on fire.

Just look at the picture and learn. Somebody needs to use a clothesline and place the order for the new washing machine.

5. Shrunk GF’s Sweater

Again and again and again! When will you learn to keep the sweater out of the laundry pile? Now, your girlfriend is one sweater short and your dog has received a new present. 

6. Sock Eating Washing Machine

You were wondering where all the shops at disappeared? Well, after seeing this picture you know where they are now. somehow, the washing machine was sucking it into the duct .

now you can see the whole bunch behind the laundromat. That was quite a cheeky affair.

7. Shrunk Elder Daughter’s Sweater

This mom in the picture committed the biggest mistake of a life. She washed her laundry in warm water.

as a result, the sweater shrunk. Her elder daughter’s sweater shrank so much, now the woolen garment fits her younger daughter. of course she wasted detergent, but at least, she would not have to throw away the sweater. So, money saved.

8. First Laundry Experience

When you do the laundry for the first time, there are many chances anything could go wrong. For one, you could leave the dryer running.

Imagine, it went on and on and on! That is what happens when you forget to close the dryer, you set the laundromat on fire.

9. Shrunken Socks

We keep on insisting that you keep your balance away from the laundromat. do not wash them with warm water.

If you are saying this again and again, there must be a reason. look at the condition of that lone sock. the person who washed the entire batch of socks did not pay heed to our warning. That is what you get, Dumb head!

10. Pillow Was Supposed To Be Washer And Dryer Safe

Yeah, they can claim all sorts of things on the package cover. When did pillow start safe for washing? more so if it is a feather one.

you never put pillows into the laundromat. it was just ripped apart . Was this manufactured in China?

11. Shrunk My Turtleneck

Good God, you shrunk the turtleneck ! that’s what happens when you put it in the laundromat. but now it looks as if you have a roast chicken over your head.

12. Washed The Wallet

Like wool, you should not put leather items in the washing machine . real leather crumples well when it is left in contact with water for a long time .

You are lucky you got a dog on the wallet . people get all sort of of work shapes on spoiled leather.

13. Games Laundromats Play

This man put in a pile of clothes in the washing machine, all straightened and sorted . what came out of the gadget was a twisted pile of clothes.

A knotted affair, indeed!

14. Washed Antistress Pillow

This anti stress pillow took a lot of stress, and as a result it was ripped apart. Who win the bloody hell have the idea of putting into the laundromat? Some numb-skull Einstein, of course! Now you will have to spend the whole afternoon cleaning the washing duct.

This stupid act gave you view lot of stress in return.

15. Washing Machine Shifted By Itself

Looks like the washing machine became bored of standing in one place, so it went for a stroll. Beware, some day it might just go out of the house, because it wanted to be independent.

in the market, you will get some holders to fix it in one place.

16. Shrunk A New Sweater Specially For My Pet Dog

The dog was insisting on wearing a pool cardigan. Nah, this is is another case of a strong sweater.

Good God, when will you people learn? I am sick and tired of telling you again, again and again.

17. Laundry Woes

You leave some clothes in the washing machine and let this automatic gadget do its own job. and, when you come back you get to see this.

what thought crosses your mind? Solid washing, indeed! Where is the number of the repairman?

18. Shrunk My Woolen Hat

This girl committed the ultimate sin . no I will not tell what she did .

this time around you guess what might have happened . Little did this young Missie understand what could happen report balance in the laundry!

19. Pink Day In The Laundry

You should always avoid washing clothes of different colors together . There is a huge probability that the color from one cloth might leak on to the other.

so to avoid this debacle, this person with came up with an ingenious idea. He washes a particular color on a specific day. Today was to wash the pink clothes.

20. Put The Leather Gloves In The Laundry

No words for this carnage. The person doing the laundry knew real leather was not meant to be put inside the laundromat.

this leather mittens seem to belong to a crippled teen boy. Now what do you do with these mittens, of course.

21. This Dress Was Meant To Be Dry Cleaned

Oh yes, this dress was meant to be dry cleaned. But the birthday girl wanted to save money on the dry cleaning.

Thanks to her grand ideas, her favorite dress is now destroyed

22. Shrunk The Turtleneck-II

We have explained the appropriate method to clean the Woolens. That means to get them dry clean or wash them in cold water so that.

This lady paid little heed to the warning and thank God, she now has a cool shrunken sweater.

23. Dog Gets A New Sweater

You washed the sweater in warm water? Now that we have told you this again and again, we will not repeat ourselves, because these discussions and examples of carelessness seem to be pointless. Meanwhile, the dog gets a new sweater.

24. Cleaned The Passport

Why don’t they make these things waterproof? You never know when somebody might forget it in their pocket and then get washed up in the washing machine. Now you will have to apply for a new passport.

25. My Kid Had Crayons In His Pocket

If you were wondering why these clothes became red while you were washing your clothes, then this crayon is to blame. No, it’s not your fault.

You simply forgot to check your child’s pocket. And yes, I am being sarcastic.

26. Children Play With Laundry

Children shouldn’t be allowed to help you with the laundry. With all the energy and the creativity they have, expect marvels like these.

They made a wall of clothes on the clothesline with the help of the clips.

27. Toilet Paper Fell Into The Laundry

You get newly designed clothes when you forget the toilet paper in the pile of clothes. But you say you didn’t forget anything? Then what happened? In this case, the toilet paper was hanging over the washing machine which was open at that time.

Nobody saw it when they started the washing. They realized their washing machine only when they had completed the process.

28. My Son’s Favorite Hand-Knitted Sweater

When you knit the sweater for your children, you pour in a lot of effort and love into the whole garment. Then how can you be so damn careless, when you are washing it? Now you have to bear and grin this and knit a new sweater for your son.

29. Pillow In Washing Machine

The soft feather pillow was just blasted off in the Washing Machine. Was it wash safe? You didn’t pay any attention to that? It seems like it just couldn’t handle the stress inside the laundromat.

30. Hubby Washed Jeans With Red Rags

Husband’s blue jeans became red, thanks to the red rag pieces he washed along with the jeans. Serves him right for not knowing that the clothes bled the dye.

31. Hot Water Laundry

Back in the day, this used to go all down the waist. But thanks to your hot water wash, now they just get stuck up on the top of his trunk.

But what beats me is that how come the arms did not shrink as much as the waist?

32. Washed Husband’s Work ID

Your husband will now have a squeaky clean reputation at work. Jokes apart, you messed his id so badly, he will have to get a new one issued.

Why didn’t you check his pockets before tossing the jeans into the laundry?

33. Shrunken Currency

As if the Canadian dollar was not shrinking fast enough(thanks to the inflation!), you shrunk it even more. When will you stop and check your pockets before putting the pile of clothes in the washing machine.

34. Goodbye, My Favorite Mittens

Your mittens have become kid mittens, thanks to your clumsiness while doing the laundry. Wool has a tendency to shrink, so it did just that.

Now you could either give it your kids. We are pretty sure your kids are going to toss it in the trash can.

35. Shrunk Daughter’s Sweater This Time

This time you shrunk your daughter’s favorite sweater? You need to be ashamed of yourself. Look at the eyes of the girl.

You just washed away her emotions in detergent and now her expectations towards your parenting style have shrunk, just like this sweater in her hands.

36. In A Twist Of Fate

Just don’t ask me how these things happen, because I simply do not know. It’s just a twist of fate that has created this twist in my life.

God, I wish I didn’t have to do all the laundry by myself. Disasters like this always happen during laundry time.

37. Washed My iPhone

The iPhone had gotten extremely dirty, but I didn’t intend to wash it in water. It’s just that I forgot it in the pockets of my trousers and as a result, I am now suffering the results of my carelessness.

Now I will have to buy a new iPhone.

38. Shrunk My Sweater

Now, you can’t get the sweater down your head. Honey, he shrunk the sweater, because he was so fat headed as to not remember that woolens should not be put in warm water or in the laundry.

Now just roam around like this!

39. Making Kids Do Laundry

When you make the kids do laundry, expect all the things to go wrong. Haven’t you heard of the saying, “A kid’s work could ruin a man’s playtime”? This, my dear friend, is an exact case that follows this saying.

Now you will have to put in extra time to clean this soapy mess off the floor.

40. Jumper For Pet Cat

The cat is looking so cute in the gray, white and red jumper. Where did you buy these clothes for the cats from? Wait, don’t tell me it belonged to you and you put this cool sweater inside the laundromat? Serves you right, I say for your carelessness.

41. Inky Wash

Ah, so you forgot the pen inside the laundromat? Although the refill has been wiped clean of its components, it’s the laundromat that needs the cleaning. That needs about four hours to clean up and you do not know what cleaner would remove all the stains.

42. Washed TJ Pretzels

You forget all sort of things inside the laundry dump. Some smart guy forgot his TJ pretzels.

Now he has a packet full of soggy pretzels which are clean as hell. And yes, the clothes smell of his favorite TJ pretzels.

43. Dog Gets A New Sweater

Shrunken sweater again? We shall not comment on this one because we have grown tired of all these mistakes. Gifted it to the dog will not ease your pain, but at least, it will stay at home in front of your eyes, reminding you not to b careless with your woolens.

44. Shrunken Jumper

Another case of the shrunken jumper. You have spoken about it many times.

Now all you can do is recall the good times you had with it. Now you can either give it to your child or your dog. Otherwise, you will have to throw it away.

45. Found My Ear Pods

You had been searching for the ear pods all around the house when you suddenly remember you had forgotten it in your jeans’ pockets. You rush only to realize that all has been lost.

Just look at the helpless expression on your face! Only if you had recalled it in time!

46. An Entire Box Of Kleenex

Is messy when you have some object hidden in the pile of laundry and you have dumped the entire pile in one go in the washing machine. You realize your mistake only when you start running the laundromat.

Your worst horrors come to life.

47. Pull Up Wipes Get Pulled Up

Some smartass forgot to take out the pull up wipes out of the bundle of clothes that was intended to be dumped in the laundry. The pull up wipes have been wiped off clean! Now you will have to do the extra chore of cleaning the washing machine.

48. Broken Handle

In your haste, you just ripped apart the handle of the laundromat’s door. Now how will you bring out the clothes out of the washing machine.

Oh, why do these manufacturers make such flimsy parts? Now you will have to pry it open with a crowbar, I presume?

49. Spilt Detergent

You must have kept the detergent with its lid open on top of a running washing machine. This was bound to happen, darling! You shouldn’t have been so careless.

Now you will have a clean floor, thanks to your mistake.

50. Shrunk Woolen Sweater

I have told you once and I am telling you again. Just keep the woolen clothes safe from the contact of water.

Wool shrinks to half of its length. Now this man has a miniature version of his precious sweater.