Are ‘Hot Moms’ Judged More Harshly? This One Seems To Think So, But Makes No Apologies

Is there a certain stigma that exists for mothers who enjoy dressing “younger” or in a way that showcases their body? Truly spoke to Jen Ferguson, a 31-year-old mother of three, who addresses the feelings of judgment she receives from people on a regular basis for being a “hot mom.”

Jen lives in New York with her fiancé, Stephen, who is 12 years her senior, and their three children from previous relationships.

“People judge me for being a hot mom,” Jen explains. “They assume that I’m a bad mom because I show skin. I’m still a fantastic mom; I just show it off.”

Jen chalks up her revealing wardrobe to feeling confident in her body and not backing down to society’s standards of expecting mothers to look a certain way just because they’ve had children.

Her wardrobe is full of clothing and accessories that she deems to be for the “younger” crowd, lots of short skirts and crop tops, and even a Playboy bunny costume, but that’s what she feels most comfortable in.

Jen explains that a lot of the criticism and harsh comments she receives about her appearance come from those who might feel jealous of her confidence, but she doesn’t let that stop her. “Confidence doesn’t mean that I’m so into myself and everything. It just means that I’m confident in who I am, and it took a lot of years to get here,” Jen explains.

Jen is no stranger to plastic surgery, as she had a breast enhancement procedure in 2015 and doesn’t shy away from lip injections.

With three young boys in the house, they actually appear to be supportive and understanding of the way their mom, or stepmom-to-be, dresses. Jen’s son, Levi, playfully confesses that every single one of his friends has a crush on his mom.