Are ‘Hot Moms’ Judged More Harshly? This One Seems To Think So, But Makes No Apologies

Is there a particular prejudice towards mothers who like to dress in a way that makes them look “younger” or that highlights the shape of their body? Truly had the opportunity to speak with Jen Ferguson, a mother of three who is 31 years old and who discusses the feelings of judgment she receives on a regular basis from strangers for being a “hot mom.”

In New York, Jen resides with her fiance Stephen, who is 12 years her senior, as well as the couple’s three children from prior marriages. Stephen is also Jen’s stepfather.

Jen explains, “People judge me for being a hot mom.” “People judge me for being a hot mom.” Because I have some skin showing, they think I’m a terrible mother. I continue to be an amazing mother; all I do is brag about it.

Jen attributes her body positivity and refusal to conform to society’s expectations that mothers should look a certain way just because they’ve had children to the reason why she wears such revealing clothing. Jen has two children, and she believes that she has every right to wear whatever she wants.

In spite of the fact that her closet is stuffed with garments and accessories that she considers to be more appropriate for a “younger” demographic, such as a multitude of miniskirts, crop tops, and even a Playboy bunny costume, this is the attire in which she is the most at ease.

Jen notes that a lot of the criticism and harsh comments she receives about her beauty come from those who might feel jealous of her confidence; yet, she does not allow this deter her from being confident in herself and her appearance. “Just because I have confidence in myself does not mean that I am obsessed with everything about myself. Jen elaborates, “It just means that I’m confident in who I am, and it took a lot of years for me to get to this point.”

Jen is no stranger to the world of plastic surgery; in 2015, she underwent a breast enlargement treatment, and she doesn’t shy away from getting lip injections too.

In spite of the fact that there are three young boys living in the house, they appear to be accepting and understanding of the way their mom, or stepmom-to-be, dresses. Levi, Jen’s kid, jokingly admits that each and every one of his buddies has a crush on his mother, and he says this all in good fun.