Design Fails That Could Lead To Future Accidents

Designing is a a delicate form of art. However, it requires a lot of brainstorming. If you think it is an easy job, then you are highly mistaken. If you find it unconvincing, then there are some proofs of  ridiculous design choices which will compel you to think otherwise. These individuals created a bunch of stuff that could lead to bad accidents. They are just waiting to happen. Some of these poor designs are pretty funny too.

For all those people who designed this stuff, we know what you lack.

Cycling Disasters Waiting To Happen

They are just blocking the entire bicycle lane that has a sign saying that give cyclists need the required space. But thanks to the brilliant design, the cyclists will have to steer like crazy in the middle of the road to miss the sign. Can somebody keep it on the sidewalk.

Now that the designer did not pay any attention, we can only hope that traffic is paying enough attention.


One Big Puff Of Smoke

Looking at this picture it seems as if  somebody loves smoking a lot. If you are not satisfied by a single cigarette at a time, then you are no ordinary person. If you thought that this device wasn’t dangerous enough, it allowed the smokers to burn through an entire pack in one big puff.

It was the 1950s, so they thought it was a really smart design idea. This is a shortcut to get cancer.


Railroad Mishap

Let’s all pray for the safety of the passengers. We simply hope that these tracks aren’t in use anymore. If things are otherwise, then the next train that goes by is going will be in for a big surprise.

With such a block in between, we hope the train stops dead in its tracks or there will be a lot dead on the tracks.


Fake Tunnel Of The Road Runner

You must have seen this chasing game in the Road Runner. This time the roadrunner is playing dangerous tricks on real people. It’s the drivers who are the prey instead of Wile Coyote.

This mural was painted earlier keeping the roadrunner gag in mind. But, after people started colliding into it with their vehicles, designers finally decided to paint it again.


Choose Wisely, Live Well

Both color schemes on these two Tesco products look exactly the same. However, only one of them is edible. The other one is not even tasty and can also kill if taken in copious amounts.

Here’s hoping that the consumers don’t accidentally grab the wrong bottle and put their lives at risk!


In Case Of Fire

Every building in the country is required to have some sort of fire safety equipment, just in case. So, the people need to use a fire extinguisher which is provided by the building staff, just in case of an emergency. One thing to keep in mind that it should be easily accessible.

Whoever put the railing around the hydrant closet on this staircase didn’t really think things over.


Camouflaged Step

Just look carefully at the picture. The staircase has an extra step that looks like an optical illusion. You feel that you are about to reach the end of the staircase and touch the landing.

But there is a step that looks exactly like the flooring. Just down onto the floor. There you see it! But really? The additional uncarpeted step would have many unsuspecting people end up tripping on that.


Carpet Choice

This set of stairs is just as ridiculous. They chose a carpet pattern that pretty much guarantees that people are going to be tripping.


Missing Balcony

Imagine stepping out of your hotel room onto the balcony. But when you do that, then only will you realize that no one ever built the balcony. The door is there but the floor absent.

There is just thin air. It would be a pretty easy and fast way to get down to the lobby though. All you have to do is plop down.


Bad Branding

The designer of this package of razor blades didn’t really think this over before printing the design on the product. “Do it, satisfaction guaranteed,” the label says. We sincerely hope that no person follows the instructions literally.


Nightmare Bench

Would you even like to sit here? If you do, you might get a prickly surprise upon sitting down on one of these stupidly designed benches. The city corporation could have planted soft flowers in the center of them. Instead, they chose prickly pear cacti.


Baby Cage

Is this exactly what every child needs? This cage is just hanging out the window. Is it even fit to play in it? The view is pretty good from this point, but something about the design says it’s very unsafe to use, even with the strong metal mesh.


Unstable Foundation

We’re no experts, but tires probably aren’t a good choice when it comes to supporting thousands of pounds of house. The foundation is the most important part of a home. If it collapses, everything else comes crashing down.


Bathroom Confusion

This bathroom is basically a free for all. Which one is which? While it is not necessarily a dangerous design fail, it could definitely create some issues.


Steep Steps

Not only is it the steepest set of stairs that we’ve ever seen, but the steps are also v-shaped instead of flat. Even a regular ladder would likely be safer, but for whatever reason, they chose a design that looks more like a vertical saw.


Medicine Bottles

We understand that a company would want to keep their branding the same across all of their bottles. However, making the women’s laxative and allergy relief labels basically the same seems like it could lead to a very messy mistake.


Unsafe Playground

It’s the playground of death. If you accidentally go down either one of the slides, you’ll fall at least three stories. The best case scenario is that you get caught on the power lines and don’t hit the ground at full speed.


Power Outlet Fountain

There is current coming out of this outlet, but it looks like it’s the wrong type. Everyone knows that electricity and water don’t mix… everyone except for the designer. They hooked the outlet up to the pipes instead of the wires.


Electricity Issues

This outlet is almost as bad as the last one. While there is no water running through it yet, there easily could be. All it would take is for someone to turn on the faucet.

It’s one of the most illogical designs that we have ever seen.


Sketchy Theme Parks

This slide was originally named “The Cannonball Loop”. It turned out to be so dangerous that within days of opening the new attraction, they had to shut it down. The thrill simply wasn’t worth the risk.


Traffic Signals

Whoever installed these traffic signals is going to be in trouble. They are facing the wrong direction! We could understand if they forget to screw in one of the light bulbs or something, but an error of this magnitude is inexcusable.


Kid’s Hand Sanitizer

They made the sanitizer candy scented so kids would like using it. It never crossed the designer’s mind that the toddlers might be inspired to put it in their mouths. If it smells like Tootsie Rolls, it tastes like Tootsie Rolls, right?



You had better be really focused when cruising along this tiny bike lane. It combines two sports at once — cycling and swimming. One tiny accidental turn of the handlebars will land you in the canal.


Power Line Placement

They placed a utility pole place right in the middle of one of the traffic lanes, but don’t worry. They attached a reflective sign to it so you wouldn’t miss it. What could go wrong?


Enjoy The Ride

If you are going for a ride on this piece of playground equipment, you had better be really good at ducking. Otherwise, your smile will quickly be turned upside-down, literally. The cement wall will knock you right over.


Half Built

The apartment complex installed the railings of the balcony, but they forget the most important part — the floor. Maybe they ran out of money to complete the project? That’s the only thing we can think of.


Accessibility Fail

We love that they attempted to make the park more handicap accessible. However, we don’t really understand the thought process of the designers. They left three more steps to climb at the end of the ramp, totally defeating the purpose of it.


Don’t Slip

This crazy bathroom has all sorts of dangerous design problems. For example, the fact that they put a shower over top of a set of stairs. Soap, plus water, plus stairs is a pretty risky combination.


School Of Fail

The funniest part about this design fail is that it is located in an actual design school. Whenever students try and make their way down the walkway, they find themselves having to climb over support beams.


Doors To Nowhere

Every story of this giant skyscraper has its own door. You can open them, but just don’t take a step. It would be the last door that you ever walk through.


Stunt Biking

This bike lane would make for a great BMX course. It runs right into the guard rail. You either bunny hop over it, grind the rail, or wreck the bike.

Those are the options.


High Rise Surprise

This building makes us really uncomfortable. We’re not sure what’s worse, standing underneath it, or entering it. Either choice seems kind of risky.

It feels like a strong gust of wind could probably blow the building over.


Extreme Disability

If operating a wheelchair was an extreme sport, this is what the ramp would look like. Don’t worry though, if you lose control there is a big potted plant at the end of the track to stop you.


Follow The Arrow

This parking lot design is not the best. If you follow the arrow, you’ll end up crashing your car. It leads right into a huge lamp post.

If you swerve to the left to miss it, you hit the manhole cover which is sunk in deep enough to bottom out your vehicle.


Fantasy Tunnel

This tunnel mural is shockingly realistic and the mystical land on the other side looks extremely appealing. Although, it’s hard to get to. If you try to drive through the tunnel, you’ll wake up in the hospital.


Choking Hazard

Whose bright idea was it to mix gumballs and bouncing balls together in the same machine? They put up a warning sign, but there’s just one problem — most toddlers can’t read.


Road Block

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a city official place a telephone pole right in the middle of the road. However, this one is even worse than the others because it is located on a curve. It would be so easy to accidentally hit.


Made In China

Don’t kick the kickball. That’s what this confusing label says. We don’t really get it.

If it is not for kicking, then what is it for? Foot bowling, perhaps?


Kid-Friendly Slide

It’s the most fun playground in the world! If you go down the slide, you’ll hit a tree. They could have just installed the slide two more feet to the left where there is a clear path, but nope!


Awkward Railing

They had one job — to build a functional staircase. They completely failed. Only one side is actually usable.

If you go up the other side, you’ll run right into the railing.


Gear Shifter Knob

Imagine reaching to the dashboard to adjust the volume on the radio and your car starts going in reverse. With this poor design, it’s something that could easily happen. You twist a knob to change the car’s gears.


Natural Obstacles

This pedestrian path is lovely. The big tree in the middle of it is kind of annoying though. There is not really a lot of room to navigate around it.

On the right, you basically have to walk through mud. On the left, there is a fence.


Dropping In

Why is there a door installed next to the ceiling of the classroom? We have no idea, but if we had to speculate, it could be in case the dean ever wants to “drop” in for a minute and watch the class.


Road Design

It looks like a pretty sketchy road, but at least the scenery is nice. The bus passengers have an amazing view of the canyon. The only issue is if they ever encounter a car coming in the other direction.

There is not a lot of extra room.


Useful Outlet

It’s located several stories up in the air on the side of the wall. In order to plug anything in, you have to stretch several feet out over the railing. It seems like a recipe for disaster.


Emergency Exit Plan

The fire escape on this building doesn’t look very reliable. In fact, if you try to utilize it during an emergency, you might find yourself facing a second additional emergency. Escaping the fire would involve making a big leap.


Stair Design Fun

Is it a difficult to navigate handicap ramp, a tiny set of stairs, or just a tripping hazard? We’re not entirely positive. Our best guess is that it’s some sort of poorly designed combination of all three.


House Light

It’s the perfect place for a massive light post — right in the middle of the driveway. While we can’t imagine it raises the property value much, at least the house has a well-lit yard.


Off The Glass

This basketball hoop is swoosh-only. If you try and bank it, you’re going right through the glass. How this window is still intact, we have no idea.

The kids must be professionals.


Truck Campers

It’s a pretty cool tent setup. Let’s just hope that neither vehicle decides to start their engines with someone inside. Breathing in exhaust fumes is not a great way to wake up in the morning.


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