Do You Know The SECRET Rules Every WHITE HOUSE Resident Needs To Follow?(Pssst…They Are Crazy)

Living in the White House isn’t a cakewalk at all. It’s an extremely trying place for people who are not trained up to be inside the Presidential residence. You might be the leader of a free world, a democracy but there are still some monarchial rules for free people to follow because of various security issues! Presidents have to follow a certain set of guidelines and traditions. You will be certainly shocked to read about some of the craziest rules of the White House –

The Windows Need To Be Closed All The Times

In the White House, fresh air is a scarcity. It is hard to come by as the residents of the Presidential institution are required to keep windows closed at all times. It is one of the mandatory guidelines to ensure the safety of the President and his family.

Michelle Obama Found This Weird


On an episode of Ellen Degeneres talk show, Michelle Obama, the wife of Barack Obama, the 44th President of USA has said, “Opening the windows was one of the things I missed most about living outside the White House. I spent the first years off of the grounds just hanging out the window.

The President Has To Pay For Moving In And Moving Out

No one likes moving in or out by paying the packing and moving charges, but especially so if you’re the President because it can be emotionally charged. Even though the Presidents run the American Government, they still have to shell out money for moving their stuff in and out of the White House.

The House Staff Acts As Packers And Movers


There are certain rules for those who can pay a visit to the White House. Packers and Movers aren’t on the list of those people who can set foot on the most heavily guarded institution in the country! Instead, the House Staff acts as the movers and brings everything inside or outside.

The President Has To Plan His Funeral Beforehand, Just In Case

Sadly, President’s are targeted for their lives when they are in office and assume the most important and probably the most dangerous responsibility in the USA. For this reason only, during their first week in office, a US President must plan their own funeral just in case of an emergency because they won’t get a chance otherwise.

Eight Of The Presidents Have Passed Away In Office

A total of 8 presidents have passed away while in office. Around half of these were assassinated by somebody. By preparing the arrangements beforehand, the staff of the White House knows what to do in a if they unwantingly have to face this situation.

The President Cannot Use A Smartphone

Just because you are the President of the most powerful country in the world doesn’t mean things are handed to you on your beck and call. In fact, US Presidents are not even allowed to use smartphones even despite having a trillion dollar economy! So far, only Obama has owned a smartphone. The rest have had to compromise with a secure phone line.

Obama’s iPhone Was Under Heavy Scrutiny

Though Obama managed to get an iPhone with the permission of the government, it was under heavy surveillance. The secret service moderated everything he did over the phone. He was so annoyed with all the checks in place that he compared it to a phone which was more suitable for 3-year olds!

The President Makes Phone Calls Through A Secure Phone Line

The President of the USA might be having a secret service monitored phone, but we cannot tell you because we don’t know ourselves. It’s top secret. All these calls must be made through a secure line which is in the White House itself and has a secret access line that has been specially made by the US telephone exchange.

You Can Only Get American Wine In The White House

The menu at the White House has some of the finest selections of food from all around the world. But the wine selection is a different story. But the cooks go through extreme lengths to ensure all food items and drink is from the USA.

Even if it is an international wine selection, they look for US ingredients and manufacturers, especially with the wine.

The Tradition Started From Ford’s Administration

The concept came from the Ford administration and it was never redacted. So, the tradition has continued for all these years. These wines typically come from Virginia, Idaho, and California, even if it has been made from a foreign wine recipe.

There was a time when Reagan was given a rice saké made in California. Authentic US wine with a foreign punch.

The Grand Piano Room Is Off Limits

The First Family gets the to redecorate the White House according to their taste except for the Grand piano room. It is one of the rooms that is off limits. The Grand Piano can be played, but not moved except for renovation.

The Artifacts In The Mansion Is Taken Care Of By Surveyors

The piano which we just wrote about was designed by Eric Gugler and Franklin Roosevelt. The piano is kept in the East Room. You will be surprised to know that the piano is kept under strict surveillance by a curator on staff who preserves the piano and the artifacts in the mansion.

No President Is Allowed To Drive On Public Roads

While some of the Presidents would love to never drive again, a President doesn’t get much of a choice when it comes to driving. None of the Presidents of USA are allowed to drive on the public roads and the reason behind the bizarre law is security and safety of the President. Lyndon B.

Johnson was the last president to drive an automobile.

There Are Some Driving Exceptions

You don’t have to worry about this though, the Presidents aren’t completely barred from driving a car. There are some private roads where they can ride an automobile. George W.

Bush often drove a car, a truck, a wagon or an offroad vehicle around his ranch out in Crawford, Texas.