Flawless Beauty Hacks That Make Your Life Prettier And Easier

If you’ve ever struggled to pull off winged eyeliner, blend concealer, or clean your beauty blender, you’re not alone. Makeup, nail care, and all types of beauty work can be a pain. But a few tricks can make your life smoother. For instance, a cotton pad can save your compact powder, and you can exercise while deep conditioning your hair. Here are simple beauty hacks that you wish you knew sooner.

Apply Concealer As An Upside-Down Triangle


Concealer is designed to cover the dark circles under your eyes. Although it seems natural to apply it in raccoon-like circles, don’t. Instead, apply it as upside-down triangles underneath your eyes.

With this method, your skin will look more lifted, and the concealer will be better blended with the rest of your face. Draw the triangles with concealer and use your ring finger or a damp beauty sponge to smooth it. Afterward, set it with powder.

Place A Cotton Pad Inside Your Compact Case


Compact powder, which is designed to touch up your makeup throughout the day, often comes in a circular case with a mirror. Because it travels with you, this powder often breaks. Prevent this by putting a cotton pad in the case.

The cotton pad will close the space between the powder and the mirror. With this shield, your powder will not bounce around in your purse, backpack, or suitcase. Plus, it will keep the mirror clean!

Put Your Nails In Ice Water To Make Them Dry Faster


Nail polish can take a long time to dry, and during that time, it can get damaged or dirtied. Dry your nails faster by putting them in a bowl of ice water. The cold temperature thickens the polish and speeds up the drying process.

The water does not need to be too cold; one or two ice cubes is fine. Celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey recommends dipping your nails into the bowl for three to five minutes. When you see water beads form on top of the nail polish, they are dry.

Put On Makeup In Natural Light


If you put on makeup and then find that it looks different outside, you’re using the wrong lighting. Makeup artists recommend that people apply makeup in natural light. If you use a different light, then concealer, eyeshadow, and lipstick might look completely different.

What if you can’t access natural light? In that case, aim for warm, white light, such as from an LED. It has a similar color spectrum to natural light. Some makeup mirrors even come with built-in LED lights.

Deep Condition Your Hair While You Work Out


If you want your hair to look soft and silky, a deep conditioner or hair mask will do the trick. But you can speed up the process and save time by exercising. That’s right; condition your hair, put it in a bun or hair net, and then work out for 20 to 30 minutes.

The extra body heat will open pores in your scalp and cuticles in your hair. This way, your hair will appear shinier after you rinse it.

Create A Cat Eye With A Bobby Pin


If you want the perfect winged eyeliner, grab a bobby pin. The bottom of the pin splits into a triangle shape. With liquid eyeliner, you can use this as an outline for a cat-eye, says Instagram makeup artist Malia.

Paint the triangle part of the bobby pin with liquid eyeliner. Before it dries, gently place it at the top corner of your eyelid. That’s your outline; just follow the rest with eyeliner, and your makeup is done!

Dampen Your Beauty Blender Before Using It


The brand BeautyBlender, which creates makeup sponges, recommends that you dampen the sponge before using it. If you don’t, the makeup will absorb into the sponge, resulting in more makeup waste. A damp makeup sponge will be much easier to clean.

In addition, damp blenders will apply concealer much more smoothly. Put on the concealer with a makeup brush, and then blend it with a sponge. Clean your beauty blender weekly and replace them every three months.

Brush Eyeshadow Over Your Hair Part


Did you know that eyeshadow can make your hair look thicker? Well, you have to put it on your head. Grab an eyeshadow that closely matches your hair color. Then, dab it over the part in your hair.

Although it sounds weird, this trick will make your hair appear thicker immediately. Also, if your part seems distracting, you can fill it in. Eyeshadow is so light that it will not harm your hair (as long as you shower afterward).

Repair Broken Eyeshadow With Rubbing Alcohol


If your eyeshadow or bronzer starts breaking and flaking, you can fix it. You’ll only need rubbing alcohol. Because rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly, it will not harm the makeup, although the texture might be a bit different.

With a toothpick, crush up the eyeshadow (or other broken powder). After all of the powder is crushed, place a drop of rubbing alcohol into it. Take a spoon and use it to press and smooth the powder into place.

Rehydrate Mascara With Aloe Vera


If your mascara dries out, there are many ways to rehydrate it. One method is with aloe vera. Many companies make mascara with aloe vera, which provides hydration naturally.

Place one or two drops in your mascara container, shake it up, and use it as normal. If you have saline eye drops, you can use those, too. A few eye drops in your mascara container can loosen the makeup again. It can also clean a clogged mascara brush.