Food And Drinks You Should Avoid On A Long Drive

If you’re in the car for an extended period of time, you’re bound to get hungry eventually. Yet, for some reason, many people always opt to eat the worst kinds of food they can find for the situation of being trapped inside of a car. Here are some of the things you should avoid eating while on the road.

Tomatoes Can Irritate Your Bladder


Although we doubt many people are biting into tomatoes like an apple while driving if you do, you should stop doing this while also avoiding tomato-based products like pizza, pasta sauce, and an excess amount of ketchup. This is because the acidity of these products can irritate your bladder, resulting in you needing to find rest stops more frequently than you would have otherwise. So, maybe wait to pick up a slice of your favorite pizza for the end of the trip.

Packaged Wraps And Sandwiches Are Highly Questionable


While there’s no deny that sandwiches and wraps are the perfect on-the-go food, especially while in the car, skip over the pre-packaged ones at the gas station. Although these foods were supposedly delivered that day and are meant for daily purchase, there’s no telling just how long they’ve been sitting unrefrigerated. When a product has sensitive ingredients such as condiments like mayonnaise, cheese, and deli meats, your best bet is to go to a more trustworthy establishment than take the risk of getting sick.

Think About Others When Buying Sunflower Seeds


Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with eating sunflower seeds since they’re high in fat and can be fun to eat, that’s not the issue. If you’re in a car with other people, it’s unlikely anyone wants to hear the constant cracking of sunflower seeds in someone else’s mouth. Not only that, but you have to dispose of the shells, which either require someone to have their window down or an empty receptacle to spit them in, which isn’t all that graceful.

You’re not at a baseball game; you’re in a car.

Tacos Are An Accident Waiting To Happen


Although tacos may come off as an on-the-go and convenient food, let’s be honest, they’re pretty messy. When you eat a plate of tacos and look down afterward, usually there’s enough there for a whole other taco. So, driving while eating them or eating them as a passenger may not be the best idea if you’re trying to stay clean.

Plus, if you’re someone that likes to put their own salsa on them, it’s a complete nightmare.

Jerky Is Loaded With Sodium


For obvious reasons, jerky has been a popular traveling snack since humans first learned how to dry meat. It tastes delicious, lasts forever, and today, it can be found at almost any stop on the side of the road. Despite the fact that it’s expensive, it also contains incredibly high levels of sodium that will make you thirsty, therefore drinking more water than you maybe should.

Furthermore, excess sodium can also lead to feeling bloated.

Easy On The Candy


When selecting a snack either before or during a trip, it might be in your best interest not to load up on candy as one of your main sources of food. This is because candy is a perfect example of fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols of FODMAP foods. These are foods that contain small-chain carbohydrates, therefore making them difficult to digest.

On top of that, the sugar might taste good and give you a burst of energy, but what comes up must come down.

Drink Caffeine In Moderation


Although coffee, tea, or some other kind of caffeinated beverage is necessary for a lot of people on the road, it’s a shame that it’s essentially the last thing you should be drinking in the car. Large amounts of caffeine drastically increase bladder activity, among other things, which will make you need to use the bathroom far more than normal, and the urge to use the restroom will come on much stronger and more urgent.

“Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit”


Beans may not be the first thing that people think about snacking on while driving, but there’s more food out there that contains beans than most people assume. Burritos are a perfect example and something that’s delicious and easy to eat while driving. However, the best option might be to hold the beans because they can make you gassy.

If you’re by yourself and could care less, go right ahead, but if you’re traveling with others, don’t be the reason people have to roll down their windows.

Spicy Foods Are An Overall Bad Idea


Spicy food is a favorite among plenty of people, whether it’s spicy snacks or meals, but these should typically be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or at a restaurant. Not only will the heat have you constantly reaching for your drink, but it can increase your body temperature to an uncomfortable level. Also, it’s no secret that spicy food can wreak havoc on your digestive tract, leading you to potentially require an immediate stop at a bathroom.

Chips Are Not The Answer


If you’re somebody that likes to snack while on the road, you may want to consider holding back on the chips. While chips are generally not very good for you, they can also lead to discomfort. When you eat a lot of chips, pretzels, or other salty snacks, your body actually retains more water, leading you to feel bloated.

This occurs because your body is attempting to maintain its balance of electrolytes being affected by the chips.