From Bullied to Beverly Hills: The Extraordinary Rise of Livvy D

Any mother that has struggled through bullying with their child can appreciate the story of Livvy D. She brings a solid example and success story that can be told to children across the globe. One where there is hope and treasure at the end of the rainbow, if you do the right thing.



For those who know how to appreciate the upbeat rhythms of an effervescent country pop jam, Livvy D is a pure breath of fresh air. With recent singles “Take a Number” and “Gucci Down to My Socks,” the doe-eyed singer/songwriter showcases a signature style equally au courant with the cosmopolitan mecca of Beverly Hills as with the sprawling fields of her rural Virginia home. Original lyrics and show stopping music videos do more than hint at a confident performer perfectly poised to fill the spotlight, but many may be surprised to learn of the haunting past and resilient rise behind every powerful mic drop moment.

Before the epic transformation of Olivia into Livvy D, the talented performer was once the 12-year old new kid sitting all alone in a sea of pre-teen predators seeking out their next prey. Middle schoolers can be notoriously cruel, eager to exploit rather than celebrate the many differences that exist among their peers. Olivia quickly became a common target, her shining optimism and curvier physique drawing unwanted attention.

Day after day, she endured relentless torment from bullies who singled her out as a social punching bag.

“Boys would slam books out of my hands and kick them down the crowded hallway,” the singer shares. “People would call me fat and ugly. The words really hurt, but so did the fact that my pain felt invisible and ignored by everyone – students and teachers alike.”

Slowly, the naturally bubbly and cheerful teen learned to shut down the pieces of herself that felt out of sync with what others wanted to see. She became shy and reserved, trading a contagious and resounding belly laugh for fearful silence, desperately hiding her true self in order to escape the endless scrutiny of her peers. Her deep desire to shine bright and feel like a part of her community was rejected time and again, until finally, all she wanted was to simply survive the day.

Even in the safety of home, she was not beyond the reach of her bullies. Social media created a larger playing field in which they could operate outside of the school walls.

The artist’s daily torment finally reached a tipping point when her mom took notice of the painful descent into the shadows. Realizing this was more than just the typical teen’s apathy toward school, Olivia was introduced to a therapist who helped the artist find her voice and speak out about her experience.

“My entire world shifted when I realized that what was happening to me wasn’t my fault. I stopped believing and repeating to myself the things that people said about me. I stopped believing that I deserved it.”

Ultimately, changing her mindset changed everything. With the support of her mom, therapist, school counselor, and a small handful of compassionate teachers, the old Olivia was left behind and Livvy D rose from the ashes. Out of the forced isolation of countless lunches spent alone, she found time to work on her music and song writing.

She began to find friends – and herself – using her newly discovered influence to stand up for others who experienced bullying and participating in lunchtime meetups for students who felt like outsiders.

While she would not wish her experiences on anyone else, Livvy D is grateful for the strength and unshakeable self-confidence she developed as a result of great suffering. Gaining the perspective that comes with the passing of time, she now sees that her past does not have to define her future. These days, her bullies have become her biggest motivator, fueling her drive to use music as an influence on fans who are walking their own soul-crushing road in silence.

Her songs present a beacon of light at the end of a dark tunnel, putting a positive spin on her own pain. She encourages anyone experiencing bullying to speak up and talk about it with someone they trust – and any bystanders to remember that even the tiniest act of kindness can go a long way.

“Kindness always wins, and every success is so much sweeter once you’ve come out the other side – so don’t ever give up!”


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From the early days of her existence, Livvy D’s life has been intertwined with music. Her journey started before she was even born, with her mother sharing the story of playing classical music through headphones on her belly. Fond childhood memories of creating their own lyrics to songs in the car seat with her mother solidified Livvy D’s passion for music and nurtured her innate talent.

While Livvy D’s unique style defies easy comparison, she acknowledges the influence of artists like Cardi B, Doja Cat, and Lizzo. Livvy D aspires to share their belief in the power of music and the ability to connect with audiences on a deep level. “They wholeheartedly believe in their music, and their message conveys power to their audience, something I also hope to do.

They connect with their fans by being themselves to the truest extent, and I do the same,” says Livvy D, highlighting the importance of authenticity and conveying a sense of fun and confidence through her music.

Livvy D’s music aims to inspire listeners to embrace their individuality and creativity. When asked about her desired impact on her audience, Livvy D passionately expresses, “Be yourself, be authentic and creative, and have fun. Be you, not who everyone else thinks you should be.

Always believe in yourself, even when people tell you otherwise. Be strong, be kind, be creative, be inspired, be authentic, have fun, be different, be you.” Through her lyrics and vibrant energy, Livvy D hopes to empower her listeners to embrace their true selves and enjoy the journey of self-expression.

Livvy D finds inspiration in everyday life experiences and personal struggles. Each of her songs represents a different facet of her identity, allowing listeners to connect with her on a deeper level. Her music serves as a reflection of her journey, highlighting the highs and lows and sharing moments that have shaped her into the artist she is today.