Haircut Mistakes That Can Age Women

Haircuts are one of the most effective ways to change up your look, but that’s also why it’s important to pick the right one. Some styles can end up adding years to your looks, such as super retro cuts or unflattering bangs. Read on for common haircut mistakes that can make women look older.

The Bouffant


Bouffant is technically a hairstyle, but hair is sometimes cut to make the look easier to achieve daily. A prime example is First Lady Betty Ford. While her do was famous in the ’70s, it would only serve to age women nowadays.

The outdated look can make it seem like they’re from an older era. Plus, styling a bouffant involves teasing hair and using a ton of hairspray, two things that can damage hair over time.

The Farrah Fawcett Cut


As fantastic as Farrah Fawcett looked with her feathered hair, the style screams 1970s. As a result, women who are still rocking this look can end up appearing older in age. The same is true of any older styles since they suggest that the person wearing it is still stuck in a past era.

The good news is that there are plenty of feathered hairstyles that capture the essence of Fawcett’s look but have a modern twist.

Super Long Hair


As hair ages, it can become brittle and difficult to grow out. That’s why some may think that growing it long is the way to go as it is a sign of youth. While it’s true that long hair is impressive in older women, that doesn’t mean it’s flattering.

Even hair that continues to grow long over the years can thin. The longer the hair, the more it is weighed down, resulting in less volume.

Going Super Short


With age, hair can become thinner and more challenging to style as years of damage start to add up. Those who are done fussing with their locks may be tempted to chop them off. While a close crop hairstyle doesn’t require any maintenance, it does put all of the attention on the face.

That means there is nothing to cover up or distract from fine lines, saggy skin, discoloration, and other normal signs of aging.

A Bob With Bangs


Bobs are a go-to for many women, but they can have a dark side, especially ones with bangs. The problem is how blunt the haircut is, which creates a line right at the jaw. This can bring attention to a sagging face and lines around the mouth.

Likewise, blunt bangs across the forehead draw attention to wrinkly eyes and crows feet. Instead, go for a long bob (aka a lob) parted to the side and skip the bangs.

The Chelsea Haircut


The Chelsea haircut emerged in the ’80s as a variation of the male buzzcut. It features buzzed hair in the back and longer hair around the face. The punk style makes a statement on younger ladies, but it can unflattering for aging women.

Aside from making someone look like they’re stuck in the ’80s, the cut can also draw attention to loose skin around the neck. Additionally, the longer hair in front can point to crows feet and a sagging jawline.

Short Curls


Short curls can look great on women who have the volume for it, but they can be detrimental to those who don’t. The ringlets cause hair to clump together, which can actually highlight bald spots instead of covering them. Plus, short curls are a lot of maintenance since they can easily become distorted just from sleeping on them.

It’s also important to make sure that the curls hit the face right so they don’t draw attention where it isn’t wanted.

The Front Flip


The front flip is a hairstyle that requires hair to be short on the bottom but long on top so that it can flip straight back. While stars like Pink have popularized the look, it can be aging. Pulling the hair straight back makes the forehead and the eyes the focal point.

Since fine lines tend to stand out in those areas, it can end up making you look older. Plus, it can make thinning hair more obvious.

Bangs Near The Eyes


Bangs can be a cute addition to a haircut, but it’s all about finding the right style. Bangs that hit at or just above the eyes can end up adding years. That’s because they draw attention to fine lines and crows feet.

Alternatively, haircuts that don’t include bangs leave the forehead exposed so that the face as a whole is illuminated. As a result, there’s more for the eye to look at so fine lines don’t steal all of the attention.

Keeping Hair One Length


With how many things can go wrong with haircuts, it may seem like keeping it all one length is the safest route to take. In actuality, doing so can end up making the hair look flat and lifeless. Plus, single-length hair is often cut with a middle part, which can be unflattering against aging faces.

Instead, add a few subtle layers around the face to help keep it lifted. Have the shortest layer hit the cheekbone for a more youthful look?