Hilarious Laundry Day Fails

Everyone loves buying and wearing clothes, but no one ever really says they want to do laundry. It’s a nuisance like washing dishes or paying taxes. It also takes hours to wash, dry, and then fold the clothes. But it’s not exactly difficult to do either. You basically separate your colors from whites, throw some items in your washing machine, add the detergent and fabric softener and start the wash cycle. Sounds easy, right? And yet, there are some folks who have done an impressively awesome job of failing at laundry.

They Put Too Much Soap in the Washer

agram / @savvygirlfriend

Got dirty clothes? Add some extra soap to the washer. It sounds like a pretty good idea in theory. But it turns out that too much of a good thing can be really bad.

Unfortunately, this person had to learn that lesson that hard way after their washer started foaming like it was suffering an epileptic seizure.

She Murdered Her Turtleneck

Instagram / @marthashoover

This person threw her turtleneck sweater in the wash, but didn’t bother to read the washing label warnings. Now her sweater is D.O.A. But who knows? It might get a second life if she has a dog small enough like a chihuahua that can wear it.

If not, she can get crafty and turn it into a hat or some mittens.

She Washed a Whole Box of Kleenex

Instagram / @mom_coco_xoxo

She’s still not sure how it happened, but somehow, she introduced an entire box of Kleenex into her laundry wash. Now she’s going to have a heck of a time cleaning all those tendrils out of the washer’s drum. Fortunately, she can throw her clothes in a dryer and let the lint trap catch all those bits of tissue from the clothes.

Rest in Peace Purple Hat

Instagram / @easycookes

He wasn’t responsible for this. He just trusted the wrong person to do his laundry. Now his purple hat isn’t big enough to fit his head.

Judging from the expression on his face, he was probably really devastated. But the good news is that he does have a baby, so he can undoubtedly let him use it for the next ten years of his life.

She Tried Washing Her Shoes

Instagram / @exiled.urbanite

She was under the unfortunate impression that her shoes would survive a spin in the washing machine. But when she opened the lid, she gasped in horror at the sight of her shoes ripped to shreds. It wasn’t the outcome she had expected but she thought they were ugly anyway and at least now she has an excuse to go out and buy a new pair.

Everything Came Out a Bit Too Pink

Instagram / @Verbruggen_isabelle

It was a pink day for this unfortunate soul who had forgotten to separate the colored clothes with the white clothes. Maybe she threw her red dress in a load full of white items, but whatever the outcome, she now has a lot of pink items to wear if she wants to support breast cancer awareness.

She Tried Washing Her Pillow and Failed

Instagram / @susan.austin.351

This person threw her pillow into the washing machine, but learned a valuable laundry lesson. Throwing a pillow in the washer doesn’t work. Instead of a clean, fluffy pillow, she has a drum full of cotton-like fluff that was probably a nightmare to get out.

Next time, she should just go out and buy a new pillow.

Couch Cushions Don’t Wash Well

Instagram / @thekarenspencer

She threw some couch cushions into the washing machine because they had gotten wet in a damaged storage building. But once the cycle was over and she opened the lid, she saw that the cushions had somehow exploded. So, what did she do? She decided it was really late at night and she didn’t want to handle it, so she closed the lid and walked away.

Leather Jackets and Washers Don’t Mix

Instagram / @theoutcider

This person learned that you should never throw a leather jacket or possibly leather anything into the washing machine. When they took their jacket out of the washer, they saw that their once slick looking fashion piece was shredded. Oh, who are we kidding? The thing looked like it had gone several rounds with a house fire and lost.

The Detergent Never Made It to the Washing Machine

Instagram / @lotsafoxes

The life of this laundry detergent ended before it even had a chance to begin. That’s because the person who owned it, accidentally spilled the entire bottle on the floor. But maybe they can still use it to clean the floors.

If this ever happens to you, just get a towel to soak up the mess. Hopefully this person bought extra detergent so they could wash their laundry.

Deck of Cards Wound Up in the Washer

Instagram / @megan_sgc

Poker cards are for playing, not washing, but someone didn’t get the memo. Maybe they stuck a deck of cards in their pockets and forgot about it. But whoever did the laundry should have checked to make sure there wasn’t anything in the jeans or pants.

Now, they’re going to have to buy a new set of cards before the next poker game.

The Blanket Disintegrated in the Wash

Instagram / @imtk247

She had been doing laundry for 25 years and yet she never saw such a horrible catastrophe like this one. All she did was throw a blanket inside the drum, but she wound up with a total mess because the machine disintegrated the material. Maybe the machine was starving and needed something to munch on.

But it’s safe to say that she’ll take all of her future blankets to a dry cleaner from now on.

The Wool Sweater Shrunk in the Wash

Instagram / @humbletip

This guy learned he should leave the washing to the professionals after he threw his 100% wool sweater into the machine and washed it using hot water. When he went to put on the sweater, he found that it had shrunk. On the plus side, it accentuated his chest and arm muscles, which proved he’s the kind of guy who loves hitting the gym.

Her Baggy Blue Sweater Ain’t Baggy No More

Instagram / @witchycrab

This used to be someone’s baggy blue sweater, but it shrunk after a spin through the washer. On the plus side, it still looks kind of cute and judging from the way the dog is eyeing it, it may still serve a purpose. If not, the person can use it as a cloth to dust appliances and furniture around the house.

One Shoe Got Stuck in the Dryer

Instagram / @cadet_jett

This person didn’t have any issues washing their dodgeball shoes in the washer. Everything went smoothly during the wash. But when they placed the shoes in the dryer, one of the shoes got stuck, which kept the dryer from spinning.

This caused the shoe to overheat and shrivel up. But on a positive note, he still has one shoe that is totally okay.

This Floppy Straw Hat Didn’t Survive the Wash

Instagram / @kylakulaky

You shouldn’t wash stuff just because you’re able to wear them or because the material feels just like all the other items in your laundry basket. Take this floppy straw hat for example. The person who owned it thought that it would do well inside the washing machine, but it didn’t.

It was ripped to pieces during the wash cycle. You can’t even tell that it was a hat anymore.

These Skinny Jeans Got Way Too Skinny

Instagram / @haleyjo23

Sometimes, you can do everything right and your laundry day will still turn into a nightmare. Just look at what happened to this person’s jeans after she washed them. If they weren’t skinny jeans before, they sure are now.

But this person’s going to have a tough time slipping their legs into this pair.

Someone Sabotaged This Person’s Wash

Reddit / @myvibeiztremendous

Washing at a laundromat can be a blessing and a curse. But in this particular case, it was the latter. Someone had carelessly added laundry detergent into this person’s washer after mistakenly assuming that it was their machine.

Unfortunately, this wash was almost done. So, the poor soul had to wash their blankets twice to get the detergent out. But at least they can leave the laundromat knowing that their sheets are thoroughly cleaned.

Their Laundry Day Literally Spiraled

Instagram / @equetech1320

This person’s day spiraled out of control after their shirt got stuck in the washer. This caused the shirt to get all twisted in a knot as the drum underwent several spin cycles. But they didn’t realize this has happened until they opened the lid and were greeted by this unicorn horn.

From there, their day was anything but magical.

One Flip-Flop’s Smaller Than the Other

Instagram / @dreaming_of_brie

This person isn’t sure what happened to their daughter’s flip-flops. After washing them, she decided to put them in the dryer. But when she went to take a look, one flip-flop was smaller than the other.

At that point, she wasn’t sure whether to throw the pair away and buy a new one or shrink the other one.

Washing Machines Have an Appetite for Socks

Cathy Hinz

When the washing machine in their apartment started acting funny, she sent her husband, who was also the property manager, to do a little digging to see if there was anything he could do to fix it. Well, the husband eventually discovered what was wrong. It turns out that the washing machine loved eating socks.

It had collected a bunch of them on the bottom panel. He also found underwear, a credit card and some loose change, too.

He Learned the Value of Water Temps

Reddit / @Enefai

This guy took a selfie of this adorable looking children’s wool sweater. The only problem was that it wasn’t originally designed for kids. But he immediately learned a valuable lesson that day.

Water temperature settings are very important, especially when you’re washing a wool sweater. If you’re not careful, your sweater will go from adult size to infant size in an instant.

The Detergent Decided It Was Through Being Used

Reddit / @greigames

Humans aren’t the only ones who get depressed, you know. There have been reports of lots of detergent bottles feeling a little blue. This one clearly had enough with being used and decided to fall off the shelf.

Now the family is going to have to ditch the liquids and invest in some detergent pods to avoid this mess again.

The Washing Machine Locked Him Out

Reddit / @Catson2

This washing machine was overworked and tired of people putting load after load of dirty laundry in its drum. So, it decided to retaliate and had the door handle snap off when the human tried opening the door. Now there’s no way that they’re ever getting their clothes back unless they learn to treat their washing machine with more affection and a little more respect.

Diaper in the Washer

Reddit / @kak-47

This person was undoubtedly horrified when they realized that one of their children’s diapers was accidentally thrown into the drum. But hopefully, it wasn’t a used diaper or they’ll probably have to throw all those clothes away and bleach the inside of the machine a few times.

Her AirPods Got Caught in Wash

Instagram / @panfilov_family

She was looking for her AirPods so she could listen to some music while her laundry was in the wash. But she couldn’t find them, and then she went to check on her laundry and found them inside the machine. Now instead of AirPods, they’re WaterPods.

Hopefully, they still work.

Rest in Peace, Beloved Jumper

Instagram / @authorlisamills

This used to be this person’s favorite jumper. Unfortunately, in a moment of distraction, it got thrown in with the rest of the laundry. But perhaps there’s still hope if this person knows how to sew.

With a few snips here and a bit of threading there, this jumper could be reborn as wool mittens.

TJ Pretzels Were in the Hamper

Instagram / @tristina5

This person has no idea how a bag of TJ Pretzels wound up in the hamper. Maybe someone in the family wanted to save the pretzels for themselves later. But we can only assume that the person doing the laundry dumped their load into the washer without even looking and now regrets that mistake.

When Your Pen Goes on a Rampage in Wash

Instagram / @mom_is_distracted

Somehow, this pen got mixed in with the laundry and exploded in mid-cycle. Not only did it ruin the clothes but it also stained the entire drum with ink. Fortunately, some WD40 and a bit of elbow work with a damp rag will get those stains right off.

It’s a Chanukah Break Miracle

Instagram / @the_brooklyn_bunch

Mom must have used the wrong soap or added way too much of it in the washer because the machine was spewing foamy soap. Did she use hand-wash soap flakes instead of machine soap? Who knows? But her misfortune was her son’s fortune because he now had lots of foam to play with while on his Chanukah break.

He Ruined Her iPhone

Reddit / @deadflow3r

This happened because the couple’s newborn made a mess on their bed. So, the husband took the duvet cover off and threw it in the washing machine. But he didn’t realize that his wife’s iPhone was on the bed until it was too late.

But on the bright side, the duvet is probably nice and clean and now the wife can upgrade to the latest iPhone.

Her Sweater Belongs to Teddy Now

Instagram / @vallenhoop

This multi-colored striped sweater was this little girl’s favorite. Unfortunately, she trusted one of her parents to wash it and they failed her miserably. Now the only one that can fit into this sweater would be her Teddy Bear or maybe a future little sister.

If It Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit

Instagram / @lin.dje

They accidentally threw their gloves into the washing machine along with a lipstick and a coin. Now the only thing the glove is useful for is to store the lipstick and coin which is pretty practical. But the owner will probably dump the glove so they can avoid those “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” jokes their family and friends will undoubtedly throw their way.

Honey, I Shrunk 10 Canadian Dollars

Reddit / @Lemonade-N

This person accidentally laundered money (literally) when a Canadian 10-dollar bill got thrown in the wash. By the time they realized what had happened, the bill had shrunk to a quarter of its original size. But maybe the bank will still recognize it as legal tender because most department stores won’t.

She Turned Her Husband Into a Cyclops

Instagram / @jeannekelly

She had undoubtedly told her husband to empty the pockets of his clothes before he took them off and put them into the hamper. So, it’s technically not her fault that she accidentally threw in her husband’s work ID into the wash. But not only was the ID ruined, but the ID photo was altered to make her husband look like a cyclops.

Red Rags and Jeans Are a Bad Mix

Instagram / @brittany.krysinski

This person’s husband threw a couple of red car rags into the wash along with his jeans. In fairness, he wasn’t used to doing laundry and had no idea that the rags would end up staining his jeans the way they did. But that’s on him and at least he learned something and won’t do this again.

The Crayon Left Inside the Pocket

Instagram / @nathaliamusica

Kids are notorious for sticking things in their pockets and then forgetting all about them like this red crayon. This mom learned that she needs to turn every pocket inside out unless she wants to continue buying her kids new clothes. But she should save the stained clothes because they’ll make a scary costume for Halloween.

Her Loss is His Gain

Instagram / @sirsebastianthehusky

Clearly, mommy had a slow moment and forgot how to wash this type of sweater. Now the only person in the family that can wear this sweater is the family’s dog. We feel bad for her loss but the dog looks really cute in their nice fleece sweater.

Initiate Self-Destruct Sequence

Reddit / @AstamanyanaQ

There are only two possible scenarios to this situation. They either washed something large on the heavy cycle instead of putting it on low spin, or the washing machine has some sort of self-destruct sequence that they initiated by mistake. But whatever happened, it clearly wasn’t this person’s day.

That Sock Was a Total Runt

Reddit / @bgff_18

The sock on the far left was obviously the runt of the litter. As far as why it was the only sock that shrunk while the others didn’t may forever remain an unsolved mystery or an X-Files. Maybe the smaller sock was a grower not a shower or the washing machine just wanted to mess with the homeowner’s minds.