How award-winning industry executive Katie Klumper, uses marketing to get her kids to eat veggies

Everyone always asks, “how is that possible” that your kids reach for veggies, breakfast, lunch, and dinner… Let me tell you; I have tried it all, sneaking veggies into foods, smoothies with spinach, you name it. The reality is, it never worked for us, and frankly didn’t create a love for produce like I wanted. So one day, I decided to use my marketing skills to help rebrand vegetables in our household. All those days marketing BMW, Harman, and Fortune 500 brands, at KBS, Deloitte, and Black Glass, and now I was focused on marketing a tomato to my 5 and 7-year-old.

Let’s just say that this was one of the more significant marketing challenges I have ever served. Target audience, discerning toddler. Product // bad rap veggies

While I do believe some kids are picky and some are great eaters, there are a few marketing tips to help your kids eat great from the very beginning. The trick is to rebrand produce, they have a bad rap and often don’t come in the fun packaging and delightful names that junk food does. Carrots has done this successfully with baby carrots or Bugs Bunny packaging fun dips. My goal was to take the produce aisle by storm and create a veggie loving family.

Below are some of the fun rebranded veggies my family and enjoy without any fights:
Watermelon French Fries
Jelly beans (aka those cute little cherry tomatoes)
Veggie apple – turn that red pepper upside down, grab the handle and have fun eating that crunchy veggie like an apple

While cooking is not my day job, I am super passionate about food. And, getting good food into my kids with a little fun and names they can all participate in.

About Katie Klumper:

Canadian-born mompreneur Katie Klumper is the multi-talented, self-starting founder/ managing partner of Black Glass, a New York-based, commercially focused marketing consultancy agile enough to act as a true strategic ally to a growing roster of heavy-hitting clients. For 15 years, Klumper has driven powerful industry change as one of the most underestimated forces in a notoriously competitive field. Starting from nothing, she built a name for herself by holding firm to a belief in using her voice for the greater good and playing bold to win big. In just seven years, she climbed her way up the ranks to President of KBS (Kirschenbaum, Bond, Senecal & Partners), followed by Partner at Deloitte. Throughout an award-winning career, she proves that women can lead in the business world with both ambition and innovation. A steadfast “sink or swim” attitude and uncanny ability to thrive amid seemingly impossible odds have earned her a spot among AdWeeks’ “Top 50 Indispensable Marketing and Media Executives” and Direct Marketing News’ list of “Top 40 Under 40.” When she isn’t crafting insightful marketing strategies, Klumper can be found spending time with her husband and two kids. They also partner in her latest passion project: Smaak Flavor Sauce – a family-run brand breaking down


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