Jennifer Garner Said Yes to All of Her Three Kids’ Requests Then Took This Unforgettable Photo

blankAlthough our kids need to hear “No” from us in order to learn discipline and grow up to be well-adjusted adults, it’s hard not to feel guilty for being the bad guy every time we see their disappointed faces. To change things up, actress Jennifer Garner decided to do something unique with all her kids’ requests: she designated a day when she would say yes to most of them, within reason, of course.

The mom of three, to daughters Violet, 11 and Seraphina, 8, and son Samuel, 5, with Ben Affleck, recently celebrated a “Yes Day” with her kids, TODAY reports. On Thursday, Jennifer’s kids wanted her to sleep in a tent in their backyard—and she obliged. As you can imagine, it was EXHAUSTING.

But on the bright side, her “Yes Day” preceded a very appropriate day—National Coffee Day.

On the following Friday morning, the actress posted a photo of her makeup-free face to her Instagram with a funny caption saying, “You’ll never need coffee more than the day after ‘Yes Day!’ #fiveyearsrunning #wesleptinatent #inthebackyard #coffeeismyyesday #yesday #nationalcoffeeday #imgettingthehangofhashtags (‘Yes Day!’— a fantastic children’s book by @missamykr)”

Based on Jennifer’s hashtags, it appears that the actress got the idea from the book Yes Day, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and that this year marks the fifth year her family has celebrated the tradition. In the book, the author creates a world where for one day a year, every kid’s request is fulfilled, from having pizza for breakfast to being able to wear hair gel—pretty much every child’s dream come true.


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