Kylie’s Parenting Style Is Different Than Her Sisters In All These Ways

As parents, we all bring unique perspectives and approaches to the table. When it comes to how she raises her children, each sister of the Kardashian clan has remained true to her individuality despite the fact that they are all members of the same family. Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the family, has been given the opportunity to learn from the experiences that her older sisters have had in the past, and she has demonstrated to us that she has an advantage when it comes to raising Stormi.

We were interested in learning more about Kylie’s approach to parenting and how it compares and contrasts with that of her sisters. Stay up to date with us, and together, let’s find out.

Kylie allows sweets and a balanced diet


When the occasion calls for it, Kylie has no problem allowing her daughter Stormi to indulge in some sugary treats. This does not mean that she gives Stormi free reign to gorge herself on sugary treats whenever she pleases; rather, it indicates that she chooses to follow a diet that is more well-rounded. Away from the constraints, she allows her daughter to consume anything she wants, so teaching her to make more informed choices about what kinds of foods are healthy to consume.

Germ-free policy


Kylie has a strong preference for hosting get-togethers and parties with Stormi’s pals whenever it is at all possible. The only exception to this rule is when it comes to her sisters. This is done to ensure that there is no spread of disease.

Kylie places a high value on maintaining proper hygiene; in fact, she has masks available in the event that anyone in the home requires one.


If Kylie has a policy against germs, then Kim has a policy against her daughter North wearing makeup. Kim cleaned out her daughter’s bedroom, getting rid of all of the makeup that was there. Before North reaches her teenage years, she will not be permitted to put on any cosmetics.

In the meantime, she is authorized to explore a variety of styling options for her hair and is encouraged to express her individuality via the process.

Practices self-discipline on Stormi


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have what Travis Scott calls a “natural” parenting style, in which they enable their daughter to develop her own sense of self-discipline. Stormi has the freedom to make her own choices and should do so with an eye toward what is right and beneficial for her. When it comes to decisions like what time to go to bed, Stormi is already aware that it is preferable to go to bed early, and she makes the decision to do so all by herself.

Khloé, Kylie’s older sister, has a reputation for being a more authoritarian parent than self-disciplined Kylie when it comes to raising her children. Khloé is very organized, and as a result, she enjoys maintaining a schedule. As a result of Khloé’s excellent organizational skills, she teaches her daughter True to keep a tidy environment and to follow a routine throughout the day.

She does not allow her daughter to watch television


Both Kyle and Travis are aware that spending an excessive amount of time in front of a screen can have negative effects throughout the course of their lives. Because of this, they don’t let Stormi spend the whole day lounging about and watching television. They would much rather have their daughter experience life to the fullest by participating in a variety of activities and making connections with people from all walks of life.

Respects her privacy


Kylie took great care to protect Stormi’s privacy, particularly in the first several months after the baby girl was born. She refused to give anyone permission to snap photographs of her. When she had guests over to her house, she would always tell them to leave their phones at the front door so that they wouldn’t be able to take a picture of her daughter.

This was done to protect her privacy.

Both Khloé and Kim are excited to capture as many memories as they can with their young offspring. Kids mature at such a rapid rate, and images are a great way to document their development over the years and see how far they’ve come. Khloé takes a lot of pictures of her daughter True, some of which she shares on her social media platforms and some of which she saves for her own personal use.