Lindsay Myers Travel & Lifestyle Expert tips on traveling with Children


People may sometimes think that once you decide to have children, then all of your travel plans are over. This does not have to be true. You do need to change a few details of how you travel, but your travel dreams can still come true. It is a fun-filled adventure when you experience time spent together, other cultures, and new experiences as a family. You can really bond and learn so much as you see the world together.

You might have been able to wing it when you were younger and make a road trip happen without any thought at all. But, life happens and you now do need to do some planning. Hotels and the area have to be researched well in advance. Before having a family trip, you have to make sure the hotel has the correct bedding for your children, airport transfers need to be arranged, and plan for the unplanned.

If you are doing a road trip, I suggest letting your children listen to audiobooks on blue-tooth headphones. This really helps with car sickness. Looking down at a tablet can make a lot of kids sick, and they love listening to the stories instead of always looking at a tablet. Take advantage while you can! You can download audiobooks on a kindle which will help with the weight of your luggage. Books are thick and dense and can add up in weight.

If you are flying, remember you can always check car seats for free on any airline. Bringing your own car seat is a must to cut down on the costs. Car transportation is not obligated to have these for your kids and renting car seats add up the cost if you are renting from a company. You never know if the cars will have these when they pick your family up.

Bring baby carriers rather than bulky strollers. Parents get exhausted just thinking of everything they need to pack for a trip before the trip even begins. Downsize as much as you can. You do not want a vacation to feel like work and bringing everything from home. The less you carry the better.

Did you know that if you leave your seats unassigned the airlines have to sit you beside your child? So, don’t bother with paying extra for seats next to each other. The airlines will make sure that you are beside each other. Also, if you have a long flight and there are two adults traveling, sit in different rows. This ensures that you and your partner get a break by switching off the child, and the child gets a new face every couple of hours. This can combat the exhaustion that comes with those long flights.

We know that children always need snacks no matter where they go. Pack healthy ones that you can offer fellow passengers. Passengers do not love when they are seated next to children, so make friends with them!

When it comes to a vacation destination, parents usually overthink it. Children just want to play. As long as you have nature, beach, or a pool, they will be having some fun just running around. Having that relaxing, beach vacation is possible with the kids entertaining themselves playing in the sand and water all day. With only the cost of parking, trekking in a national park or having a picnic brings a fun-filled day.

Pick somewhere you want to go as well. This should be a vacation for the entire family. Explore new places, eat different cuisines, learn about cultures, and bond as a family. Travel helps us no matter our age. It molds us and helps us to grow and appreciate life.

No matter what you decide, it is all about spending time together. It is not a race. Do not pack it all in. Sticking to an itinerary usually does not end up with kids. Plans change and the unexpected happens; especially on vacation. Enjoy the moments and let things fall into place because your family will be talking about these memories for years to come.

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