Mom Allowed a 14-Year-Old to Babysit Her Daughter, 2 Hours Later She Got a Text That Said “I’m Baby”
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Mom Allowed a 14-Year-Old to Babysit Her Daughter, 2 Hours Later She Got a Text That Said “I’m Baby”

In 2017, someone came knocking on Yesenia Barragan’s door in the 10200 block of her Monte Vista Avenue residence in California. She wasn’t home, but her daughter and sister were. She only left them alone for a few hours, but she never imagined that the unthinkable would happen.

She Hoped He Wouldn’t Find Them

The babysitter kept staring at the door and silently hoped that it would never open. Then she moved towards her niece, who was hiding behind the toilet and braced herself for what would come next. She knew he would find them eventually.

Then, she felt something pressing against her leg. In the middle of all the commotion, she forgot what she had put in her pocket.

Mom Couldn’t Take Her Daughter With Her

Facebook/Yesenia Barragan

Yesenia Barragan lives in California with her daughter, Zoyee. She’s the kind of mother who is overly protective when it comes to her kids, which wasn’t easy because she had a full time job, too. So, she panicked when her boss told her she had to get out of town for a business meeting.

She couldn’t take Zoyee with her, but she couldn’t leave her alone either. What was she going to do?

Missing the Meeting Wasn’t an Option


Barragan couldn’t skip out on that meeting. Her job depended on it. She’d taken a lot of time off when Zoyee got sick.

If she didn’t show up, she would probably get fired. So, after weighing all of her options, she came up with the only possible solution available to her.

Her Mother Suggested a Babysitter


Barragan’s mom, Maria Muratalla, suggested she get her sister Savanna Jones to look after Zoyee. The teen, who was 14 at the time, had taken care of children before. Although Barragan still had doubts, she made a decision that would completely change their lives.

The Teen Was Up for the Challenge


Barragan had given Jones a huge responsibility by allowing her to babysit her 4-year-old niece, Zoyee. But the teen felt confident she could do it. The only problem was that she never imagined babysitting would put her and her niece in great danger.

She Saw a Suspicious Looking Car


Muratalla dropped Jones off at Barragan’s home, but she noticed something odd as she pulled away. There was a vehicle with tinted windows parked on the other side of the road. She was pretty familiar with the neighborhood and had never seen this car before.

Despite this, she tried ignoring the uneasy feeling in her stomach and drove off. But she wished she’d listen to her gut instinct and warned her daughter and sister when she had the chance.

Barragan Said Goodbye and Left


Barragan gave Jones a list of emergency numbers and showed her where everything was. Then she kissed her daughter, Zoyee, goodbye and left. But two hours later, Jones sent out a desperate text message, and it was too late for anyone to do anything about it.

They Thought They Were Safe

Facebook/Yesenia Barragan

Barragan didn’t notice the suspicious vehicle as she drove off. Meanwhile, Jones distracted her 4-year-old niece by asking her to show her some of her toys, which Zoyee did. Afterwards, they sat on the couch and watched a Disney movie together.

Not once did they imagine that anything bad would happen in the otherwise peaceful neighborhood in Montclair, California.

A Stranger Knocked on Their Door

ABC News

Around 3:30 p.m., there was a knock on the door, which interrupted Jones and Zoyee who were singing along to the film, “Frozen.” The 14-year-old turned the TV off and walked to the door to see who was knocking. She knew it couldn’t be Barragan since she wasn’t due back for days. Could it be a delivery guy? She peeked through the peephole and got chills.

She Didn’t Know Who He Was


The man on the other side of the door was wearing a hat, which made it difficult for Jones to make out who it was. But whoever the strange man was, he wasn’t a salesman. She was sure of that.

He wasn’t a cop either, because he wasn’t wearing a uniform. So, Jones backed away from the door slowly. She figured if she ignored the stranger, he’d go away, but he didn’t.

Her Knocked Persistently


The stranger continued knocking on the door for several minutes and then he stopped. Jones was momentarily relieved until she saw the doorknob rattling. The man obviously wanted to get inside, but the door was locked.

So, he kept on knocking even louder. The young girl was scared out of her mind. What was she supposed to do now?

He Wanted to Break In


Jones was terrified. She knew it was only a matter of time before the man got in. But what could she do to stop him? She was trapped in the house with her 4-year-old niece.

She had to come up with a plan before the man busted the door open. So, she grabbed Zoyee and ran down the hall to the master bedroom. But how long could they hide in there?

She Tried to Hide


Jones was panicking. She looked at the bedroom’s door knob. Was there a lock? She didn’t have time to figure it out.

Then she noticed the room’s bathroom. So, she picked Zoyee up and ran towards it, locking the door behind her. Suddenly, her worst nightmare came true, as the girls heard a noise that terrified them to the core.

He Broke Down the Door


The stranger had grown tired of waiting and broke in. Jones heard him break down the front door all the way from the bathroom. But she didn’t want to scare Zoyee, so she told her they were playing a game.

Zoyee was still scared and knew something was up. Jones asked her to be very quiet and not make a sound. But did the little girl obey her auntie?

The Intruder Approached the Bathroom


Jones heard the intruder stomping around the house. But her heart jumped when she heard his footsteps getting closer as he approached the master bedroom. She immediately told Zoyee to hide behind the toilet.

Then she crouched in front of her niece to keep her safe from the bad man.

They Hid in Silence


They stayed silent, but Jones knew that the man would eventually find them. She wondered what else she could do while she stared at the bathroom door in fear and prepared for what was to come. Then she felt something pressing into her thigh and realized all hope wasn’t lost.

She Sent a Distress Text


Jones stuck her hand in her pocket and slid her phone out. She was elated. She could use it to get help.

With shaky fingers, she texted her mother, but autocorrect messed things up and her first message, “I’m baby,” made no sense. So, she tried again. She typed, “He is inside mom he’s gonna here me,” and pressed send.

Her Mother Felt Helpless


Jones heard the intruder opening doors and sifting through drawers around the house. Then, her mom, Muratalla, finally read her daughter’s message, but there was nothing she could do. She was too far away, and emergency services wouldn’t get to the house in time.

But she couldn’t stand by and allow something to happen to the girls.

She Was Hoping for the Best


Jones hoped that the intruder wouldn’t check the bathroom in the master bedroom. “I kept staring at the door and hoping he wouldn’t try to open it,” she explained. Then, she finally got a text response from her mom.

A Neighbor Came to Her Rescue


Muratalla had called a neighbor, and it wasn’t long before Jones heard the voice of another man in the house. This immediately scared the intruder, which forced him to run down the hall, past the neighbor, and out the door. Jones was so relieved, especially after the cops arrived.

Cops Searched the Entire House


The intruder had managed to ransacked two rooms, but he never found the girls in the bathroom. Montclair police officers and a K-9 officer, searched the entire house for the stranger just in case. But although his scent was everywhere, the police was not able to capture him.

Then, Muratalla and Barragan arrived.

Mom and Big Sister Were Proud of Her

Muratalla and Barragan were very impressed with the way Jones handled the situation. “She was very smart and brave,” said her sister, Barragan. “She did everything right.” But Jones remained on edge for a bit.

After all, the intruder wasn’t caught, which meant he was still out there somewhere.

She’s Coping With the Experience


Jones told a local news station that she felt, “relief, and then knowing that he’s still out there, I don’t know, scary.” Fortunately, she had her family to help her process what she had gone through. She also gave the police a description of the intruder, but for now, the investigation remains open.

Other Babysitters Should Follow Her Lead


The Montclair police continue to patrol the area, but they’re fairly confident that the intruder won’t try to hit the same house twice, at least not, right away. But Jones’ experience is a valuable lesson for young babysitters everywhere. Keep your phone close by, stay calm and never confront the intruder.

Her mom, Muratalla’s quick thinking also saved her daughter and granddaughter.

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