Our Mother x Equinox Precision Running Lab Event


Last weekend, we flew down to L.A. to host our first Mother x Equinox event at Equinox Santa Monica. We invited over 18 of our favorite mamas, including Clare Vivier, TyLynn Nguyen, Christy Dawn Petersen, Elaina Bellis, Jesse Chamberlin, Elizabeth Antonia, along with other L.A.

friends, to try out the new and innovative Precision Running Lab, which was, in fact, very cool and equally as fun. The class was a high-energy, interval training session on the treadmill, alternating between high-intensity running and conditioning drills. Truly a breakthrough program designed to make you run smart, hurt less, and burn more. Complete with synchronized light and sound flow, and air enriched by an 02 vaporizer, we got our bodies moving, heartbeats racing, and ended the class with a post-run stretch in a customized cool-down zone. After the workout, we headed outside to the rooftop deck for some healthy bites from True Food Kitchen and juice by Zico.

Each of our guests took home one of our killer gift bags, which included a two-piece workout set and tote from Outdoor Voices, a complimentary manicure from Olive & June, six ready-to-blend smoothies from Daily Harvest, a Le Feu De L’eau candle, a BKR water bottle, Zenbunni chocolate bars, and a week-long pass to Equinox.


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