People Share Their Failed Baking Attempts During Social Distancing And Here Are The Worst 30

There are two things you can be certain of when it comes to cooking. The first is that kitchens are not gender specific. The second is that not everyone knows how to cook. So, if you’re bored and thinking of trying a new recipe until this is all over, then have a go at it! Just make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as these people did. Here are 30 of the worst baking fails out there which prove that the kitchen isn’t for everyone.

The Bread Grew a Tentacle


Are you trying to make your own bread during this difficult time? Make sure you follow the recipe precisely, or you’ll end up with a loaf of bread that looks like it grew a tentacle. Maybe it should have grown one while this baker was mixing the ingredients so it could have slapped the person’s hands away from for being such a bad baker.

Yeast Bread Looks Like Big Foot’s Dump


This is a perfect example of what happens when you try creating a braided circle of yeast bread filled with too many ingredients like chocolate, caramel and banana. When this baker opened the oven, she saw something that looks just like the stuff Big Foot leaves behind after going number two.

Cookies Failed at Social Distancing


When following a cookie recipe, it’s important to add the precise measurement of each ingredient and follow the steps careful. Otherwise, the cookies will blend together while they’re in the oven. But if this happens, just separate them with a knife.

They might not look pretty, but they’ll still be delicious.

No Flour On The Cookies


Flour is the main ingredient when it comes to baking cookies. But this person’s sister-in-law is obviously not a cook, or maybe she was in a rush. From what? We don’t know.

It’s not like she could leave the house during this time. But clearly, she wasn’t focused at all because she forgot to add one key ingredient to the mix: flour.

A Full Body Bunny Became a Bunny Head


This cook’s make shift attempt at making a full-body bunny cookie was a total fail. On the other hand, the parts mixed in such a way that it now looks like a bunny head. So, it’s not a complete loss and it probably tasted really good too.

The Cake Grew an Appendage


Beware of cakes that grow appendages while cooking. They may wind up lashing out at you and give you heartburn afterwards. Was the batter trying to escape while it was in the oven? Maybe it was trying to social distance itself before the humans ate it all up.

Bunny Expectations Versus Reality


Alright, so the bunnies on the right didn’t come out exactly as the ones on the left. It looks like the baker must have used a butter knife to separate the bananas after they cooked so close together. But they still look cute.

The Cookies Are Black as Coal


Some cookies make you want to say “hmmm-2 and others…well, they might make you want to look away. But this batch of cookies were left in the oven too long and now they look like charcoal chips. But they probably taste great if you dip them in barbecue sauce.

Cinnamon Buns Are Making a Break for It


Cinnamon buns are supposed to stay in the pan, not run away from it. Fortunately, they still look mouthwatering. So, just grab some ice cream and a spoon, and no one in the family will have any complaints.

This Cake Is a Total Pink Fail


Looks like we have an emergency! This guy’s wife just tried baking a cake and clearly, she doesn’t bake very often. It still looks delicious even though it looks like a steaming pile of pink mess covered in frosting.

Macarons Exploded in the Oven


Macarons are difficult to make, which this baker learned. Moisture may be the reason why the macarons look like something burst out of each of them. On the plus side, the color is absolutely beautiful and would make deliciously scary treats at a Halloween or Friday the 13th party.

Baking Cookies Taught Him Three Lessons


This guy was trying to bake cookies and wound up learning three valuable lessons. But he totally missed the most important lesson of all. Some people should stay far away from the kitchen! This guy’s first attempt at cooking almost cost him his life when some of his cookies started burning.

Cookies Come in All Shapes and Sizes


Give an inexperienced baker the chance to cook, and he’ll end up baking a batch of cookies like this one. These treats are so flat and sad, it’s seriously funny. They look like a 3-year-old decorated the faces with icing, but hey! We’re sure they taste great anyway!

Always Check While Baking Cookies


If this prime example of burnt cookies teaches us anything, it’s that one should always check to see that the cookies aren’t burning in the oven while they’re baking. Oh, and invest in a timer so your cookies don’t end up like this.

Rainbow Cookies Look Like Mined Gems


They were supposed to come out looking like rainbow cookies, but an inexperienced cook won’t know that one has to chill the assembled cookies before putting them in the oven. These rainbow cookies may be a total fail but they still look like mined gems, which is pretty cool.

This Challah Bunny is in Cha-Lot of Trouble


Challah is one of the most special types of bread. They’re remarkably simple to make and are supposed to look braided. But this cook decided to create a bunny shaped challah bread and ended up with a bunny whose ears are too big and hind legs that appear to be separating from their joints.

Dried Fruit Yeast and Pizza Don’t Mix Well


This baker was in quite a bind. He wanted to make a pizza but his yeast had expired years ago and the supermarkets didn’t have any, so he tried making his own using dried fruit. What he got instead was a pizza dough that was chewy and sweet.

Although he didn’t use it for pizza, he managed to save it by adding some peanut butter on top. Not too shabby!

Baker Made a Mess in a Cup


This baker was trying to bake a mini cake in a cup. But this was one of those cooking fails that took ten minutes to prepare and forty minutes to clean up after it blew up in the microwave.

Meet the Freaky Bunny Cupcake


This bunny has seen things. Terrible things that it can’t ever forget. You can tell from the horrified look in its eyes.

Even that delicious sugary carrot isn’t enough to put a smile on its face. How can anyone eat this cupcake when it looks so traumatized?

It’s Either a Sheep or a Seal


Is it a white poodle, a sheep, or a seal? Only the baker who made this could tell us. Maybe it’s a lamb without any legs or ears. It’s still adorable, but it could use a smile and maybe some ears.

These Pretzels Mutated in the Oven


This baker was trying to make pretzels, but what they wound up with looked more like bread rolls in the shape of pretzels. This is just “knot” right! That being said, most of us would gladly eat one anyway.

Banana Bread Fell Flat


She followed the recipe to the letter, but the oven was likely in a low temperature. So, when she took the tray out, she discovered that her banana bread had gone flat in the middle. But if this happens to you, just tell everyone that you were making flat banana bread.

She’s a Scientist, Not a Baker


This scientist thought that just because she could mix chemicals into vials in a lab, she could also mix ingredients in the kitchen. It turns out that she couldn’t which she proved when she tried making this disastrous cake.

The Peanut Butter Cookie’s Too Big


This person tried baking peanut butter cookies from scratch. But the results were a bit too big and we’re assuming not very tasty judging from the way the dog is looking at it. They say dogs have an enhanced sense of smell.

Well, it looks like this pooch’s nose is telling him to stay away from that cookie.

Old Bread Making Machine Doesn’t Bake Well


Sure! Blame it on the 30-year-old bread making machine for this epic bread baking fail. Did she use 30-year-old dough, too? This looks like remnants of a petrified bread left behind by the ancient Greeks.

Egg Custard Pie Made a Run for It


This baker was trying to make the ultimate egg custard pie, but she sent her husband to buy the pie crust in the refrigerated section and he came home with a pie crust in a pie plate from the freezer. Somehow, the egg got under the pie crust and some of the egg custard spewed out onto the pan.

Banana Bread Couldn’t Take the Heat


This woman tried to make banana bread, but she left it in the oven a bit too long. And you know what they say. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the fire.

Unfortunately, this banana bread didn’t get out in time and wound up all dark and crispy.

These Cookies Were Eager to Blend


Some cookies don’t know how to social distance themselves. These cookies came out as one solidified mess and a lot of netizens were left wondering what kind of chocolate chips this baker used in her cookies. Hey! At least Postmates and Uber Eats are still delivering!

Cilantro and Cookies Just Don’t Mix


Some people love cilantro, while a minority of people think it tastes like soap. But whether you like cilantro or not, we can all agree that it shouldn’t go on a cookie. Not only does it look unsightly, but it throws the sweet taste ratio way off.