Photos That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country

Over the past fifty years, Japan has helped shape up the world with the help of their wonderful technology. Thanks to the Japanese fetish with technology, they have come up with newer things. And their mentality is also different from the rest of the global powers. However, these things make Japan a brilliant country. The way they operate is of such high standards that all of us could learn a thing or two from the land of the rising sun. It has risen because of its innovation, imagination, family values and respect for others. Come, let’s see what sets this nation apart from others.

1. The Best Way To Go On Strike

The Japanese people know the correct way to protest. They did not create chaos or carry out riots, but the public services, especially the transport ones, continued to operate so that the citizens of the country did not face a problem.

But no fares were charged so that the government bore the brunt of the cost of the fuel.


2. Braille On A Soda Can

Where else will you find this but Japan? This is so visually impaired people face no inconvenience in their daily lives. These Braille dots tell the name of the brand of soda and what flavor it is.

3. Spectators Cleaning Stadium After A Match

After a football match, the spectators clean up the stadium. Enjoyment is important, but what is more important is maintaining the decorum of the country, and not neglecting the cleanliness.

4. Children Holding Attachment In Women’s Toilet

Mothers with toddlers or young babies have difficulty when going for a pee. Where can they put their baby? However, there are these attachments in public toilets, where one can keep their baby while taking a leak.

5. Food In Hospitals

Food in Japanese Hospitals looks like it comes from a five-star hotel. It doesn’t look as if it is intended for sick people.

Not only is it visually appealing, it is tasty and healthy too.

6. No Wastage Of Water

The Japanese take care that they do not waste their natural resources. The water with which you wash your hands could also be used to flush the toilet.

7. Manhole Art

Where else would you find art on manhole covers or sewer caps? In Japan, all the manhole cover manufacturing companies ensure that they carry pictorial motifs so that they look visually attractive.

8. Children Clean Schools Themselves

Children are imbibed with the responsibility of cleanliness right from their childhood. Have a look at the children mopping the floors and cleaning the walls.

In fact, a day is set apart for this exercise. No wonder, the whole of Japan is spick and span and everything is in order.

9. Giving Money For A Broken Bell When A Bike Was Knocked By Mistake

Look at the sense of empathy and responsibility of these people. A person had, by mistake, knocked down a person’s bicycle, breaking the bell in the process.

The owner of the bicycle was not present, so this person left a note expressing his apologies and leaving the amount that would be enough to purchase a new bell.

10. The Speed Of Maglev Trains Is Great

The speed of the trains in Japan is so swift, that this coin in the train defies all the forces of gravity, allowing it to stand on its edge. Japanese trains have been using Maglev technology since 2005 which allows trains to travel up to 200 mph.

11. Lost Bags Remain There Only

A person seems to have forgotten his shopping bag outside a retail outlet. Now the road is a busy one and a million people must have passed near the tree, but nobody picked it up.

It will remain there until the buyer comes back to pick it up.

12. Rescuing A Fellow Passenger Who Fell In The Space Between The Coach And The Platform

A woman fell in the space between the train car and the platform. All the passengers and the ticket officers rushed to the scene and lifted the woman out of the gap by pushing and lifting the train car.

13. Cleanest Drain Ever

In Japan, the drains are so clean and fresh, you will find fishes swimming in them. This is a picture of one such drain.

Look at the colorful variety of fishes swimming in it. As mentioned, cleanliness is of utmost importance in Japan.

14. Play Sounds While You Are Pooping In The Public Toilet


So that the noises made by people doing their business do not get overheard, there are certain sounds that one can play. From the sound of water to popular artists, one can choose the sound they like.

15. People Stick To Their Lanes

Japan is a densely populated country. During rush hour, there are often large crowds in stations.

Still, people make a point to stick to their lanes.

16. Rotating Train Seats

In Japanese trains, the chairs inside the car can be rotated in any direction. So, if there is any space constriction, you can rotate the chair in the other direction.

17. Umbrella Stand From Where Nobody Steals

In the land of the rising sun, you will find umbrella lockers in buildings. This way you do not need to carry your umbrella everywhere, and nobody will take your umbrella by mistake.

18. Toilet Map For Vacant And Occupied Cubicles

There are electronic occupancy maps which show which cubicles are occupied and which are vacant. This way you can save crucial moments while searching for an empty space to take a leak.

19. Portions Are Of The Same Size As Shown In Picture

Nothing is exaggerated in this country. What you see, is what you get.

Even the food portion sizes are the same as shown in the picture.

20. Japanese Gum Dispensing Mechanism Which Comes For Free

This is what you get when you purchase chewing gum in Japan. You will get small slits of paper in which you can spit out your gum, fold it and keep it in the box.

No need to spit it out on the road. It is a good way to maintain cleanliness.

21. Free Refrigerated Lockers For Keeping Perishable Groceries

When you go out to shop in Japan, you get refrigerated lockers like these to store your perishables. This way you do not need to be afraid that your fish or veggies will rot while shopping.

22. Free Origami Instead Of Candy At Narita International Airport

Instead of distributing free candy, Narita airport officials give you origami, so that you consume less sugar. This keeps you fit by preventing tooth decay and diabetes.

23. People Waiting For Their Trains

People in Japan wait in line in an organized manner, even during rush hour. Nowhere in the world will you find such disciplined people, who follow rules to the last word.

24. Japanese Surveys Are Also Orderly

This was a survey where people were asked about their nationality by sticking on dot stickers. Look at the Japanese sheet; the dots have been stuck in a neat orderly manner.

Kudos to the organizational skills of the Japanese people.

25. Smartphone Wiper Dispenser

Just like toilet paper dispenser, you will find smartphone wipe dispensers in Japan. You tear one section out and wipe your smartphone clean after a busy day.

26. Even Animals Bow Before Being Fed

Just look at how polite the animals are in Japan. The deer bows down before being fed by the visitors.

And of course, no knocking or sprinting around.

27. Ground Crew Waves Goodbye To Passengers Of Departing Aircraft

Ground crew of Japanese airlines waving goodbye to the passengers who are onboard the flight. The personal touch makes Japan Air Lines the best in the world.

28. Color Coded Luggage Sorting

Again, a marvel on behalf of the ground staff. They are sorting the luggage based on color.

The Japanese love to do things in an orderly fashion.

29. Half Lit Bedside Lamp

The bedside lamp in Japan can be half lit or full-lit as per preference. It has been specifically designed so that the person on the other side does not have the light in their eyes while they are trying to sleep.

30. Free Origami That Comes With A Purchase

When you buy things in Japan, you could very well get a complimentary present with it. Here a person had bought some stationery, probably an elementary Japanese book.

With the book, he/she got a letter with origami as a present. The sellers wrote a letter to the purchaser explaining about the present and referring to him/her as a Tomodachi or Friend.

31. In Japan, Fujikyu Railway Line Has Special Children’s Seat

Small children can be difficult to control and it is important to keep them engaged while they are traveling by train. So Fujikyu Railways came up with a brilliant idea and built this special seat for kids.

32. Free Footbaths On Toreiyu Tsubasa Train In Japan For A Relaxing Trip

If kids can have something to keep themselves engaged while they are travelling by train, then adults also need to have some relaxation of their own. Toreiyu Tsubasa Train in Japan gives you free foot baths.

33. Orderly Lines In Public Places

People wait in orderly lines for everything. Whether it be a fire drill, or a natural disaster like an earthquake or even just waiting for the bus, people can be seen standing in neat arrangements.


34. Reverse Parking Is A Common Scene In Japan

People in Japan ensure they reverse their cars into car park spaces. In most other advanced countries, it is a front parking system.

But the skillful Japanese park in reverse so that when they leave, they can see what is in front and do not create an unnecessary accident.

35. For 20-Second-Early Departure, Tokyo Train Company Tsukuba Express Apology To Passengers

Train services rarely inform people if they are late on arrival, let alone apologize. But in Japan, everything is so punctual that Tsukuba Express apologized to all its passengers for leaving early by 20 seconds.

36. Lifts Have Toilet Seats As Well

In Tokyo, you will find toilets in lifts. So, if nature calls while you are in a lift, you can easily do your business.

37. Fake Food In Japanese Restaurants

Just look at the Japanese arts and crafts. Did you realize that all the food in front of you is all fake? The work speaks for itself guys.

38. ATM’s With Cane Stands For The Elderly

In Japan, most of the population comprises of senior citizens. So you will see all the ATM’s in the country with an attachment for walking sticks next to them.

39. 300 Diagonal Scramble Intersections In Japan

In Japan, there are over 300 diagonal scramble intersections all throughout the country. You can cross the roads in this fashion, if you want to.

40. Smartphone Selfie Stands On Tourist Spots

There are stands like these everywhere in Japan, especially in tourist spots. If you want a selfie with your friends, just place your phone on the slot of the stand and say ‘cheese’.

41. Apology From Hotel Staff For Disruption Of Internet At 4 AM For One Minute

The Palace hotel staff apologized for disruption of internet services for one whole minute at 4 in the morning. Come on, who can be that polite? This shows the decency of the Japanese people.

42. Umbrella Indicators If It Is Raining Outside

Rain or umbrella indicators in elevators show if it is raining outside. These have been fitted in elevators so that you can be prepared with an umbrella beforehand.

43. Different Prescription Glasses For Different Forms

You get free reading glasses in Japan in case you forgot to bring them to the hospital. This hospital provides various reading glasses with different prescriptions for filling out different forms so that you can read them properly.

44. Request Button For Slowing Cab Speed

If you think your cabbie is a tad faster than you would like them to be, you can press this button, which is behind every cab driver’s seat.

45. Different Slippers To Enter A House Or Go To The Bathroom

Japanese people are extremely particular about their slippers. The slippers that you have worn outside must be left outside and house slippers must be worn inside.

You have a separate pair to go to the toilet as well.

46. Vending Machines For Farm Fresh Eggs

You can get farm fresh eggs from vending machines. These vending machines can be found in every locality, so that one does not need to rush to the market for eggs.

47. Neatly Lined Up Carts At Japanese Costco Food Court

How many times do we need to praise the Japanese people and their orderly lifestyle? Here you see a bunch of people dining at Costco. But look how neatly they have parked their carts.

48. Covering Faces With Makeup To Prevent Smudging On Clothes

You will also find face covers to protect your clothes from makeup stains. Now, who would have thought of that? The Japanese will think of every situation and how to make life that little bit easier.

49. Square Watermelons So That They Can Fit In The Refrigerator

Japanese people have shown their magic in the field of agriculture as well. Here you see cube-shaped watermelons, grown specifically for easy storage in refrigerators.

50. Mint Coated Toothpicks

Toothpick tips are covered in mint solution, so that you can get a good flavor while picking your teeth. What a great idea!