Pictures Showing Life Has A Lot Of Unsolved Mysteries

In the age of the Internet age it’s easy for a normal human being to get overconfident about the knowledge they possess. There is an endless supply of information thanks to the world wide web. However, still there are some unexpected mysteries that still exist on this planet. As proof, we have some photographs that prove there are still plenty of surprises out there. From fascinating natural anomalies in nature to shocking man-made marvels, these pictures will have you shaking your head in disbelief.

1. Airplane Crossing

Have you ever seen an airplane in the middle of the highway? At Leipzig Airport in Germany, you can see this sight where airplanes have to taxi across the Autobahn to get from the terminal to the runway. It looks pretty insane.

However, the system works very well there and it’s rare that they get an aircraft this big landing.


2. Square Starfish

What, according to you, is the shape of a starfish? Starfish normally look like stars. However, due to a birth defect, it’s possible for a starfish to have four points instead of five.

It can take on a square shape, but in other regards, it’s totally healthy.

3. Slippery Surprise

Do you ever expect a shark in the middle of a wet cement floor? People don’t often pay too much attention to yellow wet floor signs. However, this creative sign aims to change that by playing on people’s instinctual fears.

It makes it look like a shark is swimming in the puddle!

4. Giant Sunflower

Have you ever wondered how tall a sunflower can grow? There are some species of sunflowers that grow up to four meters tall. In other words, they can grow to be higher than your house! Imagine walking through a full garden of them in person.

5. Color Change

Have you ever seen a cat with two differently colored coats of fur? Believe it or not, this cat used to be all black. One day, as winter was beginning, his fur just started changing colors.

Now he has a reddish-orange hue to him.

6. Overdue Delivery

Just guess what this picture looks like? To me, it looks like a stash of bones. Does it belong to a cruel serial killer? Despite what it may look like, it’s not something out of a science-fiction film.

It’s an x-ray image of a pregnant dog. How many pups do you count inside of the pregnant mamma?

7. Mini Apartments

What do you think are these? These are some of the most unique flooring tiles you will come across and we promise it will have your guests going crazy when they see it. Each tile represents a different room in an apartment complex and there are even creepy people watching out of the windows! It’s a very creative idea.

8. Sand Magnet

What all do you think lies in the sands of the beach? This man dropped his headphones in the sand while he was at the beach and the magnets inside collected thousands of tiny iron shavings. They stuck right to the side of the device.

We had no idea that sand has so much metal in it.

9. Night Sky Petunia

Have you ever looked at a flower that looks to come straight out of a drawing? Nature is capable of producing some pretty incredible things. For example, this flower variety with petals that look like the universe at night.

It is completely real and is not photoshopped, we swear.

10. Glowing Bright

Just look at this hand which has been placed over the bulb of a flashlight. This flashlight is powerful enough to completely illuminate the inside of the man’s hand.

We can see all of his veins and blood. It’s a bit spooky, however, it at least proves that he’s not a robot.

11. Balanced Rocks

Have you ever seen this marvel? The law of gravity doesn’t seem to apply to this statue found outside the Cairo Airport. The top rock appears to be hanging in thin air.

There is nothing supporting it, although, there is a suspicious rope hanging off of the bottom of it.

12. Bottle Production

Have you ever thought how plastic bottles are made? They are being made from hollow plastic capsules as shown in this picture. Here we have a “one-liter bottle before expansion”.

It looks like a little plastic test tube. The step where the factory machines inflate the bottle was skipped in this case.

13. Old Bones

The forest is full of mysterious things. What do you think you are seeing now on the screen? At first glance, one might mistake this image for a pile of rotten logs in a forest.

However, it’s actually a whale skeleton. It was spotted deep in a rainforest on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.

14. Planetary Eyes

Don’t the eyes of the cat look beautiful? Sadly, this cat was born blind and will never be able to see. She will never be able to appreciate her beautiful eyes for herself.

However, they are absolutely stunning and remind us of the planet Earth.

15. Stuck Tire

Can you explain how this happened? How did the tire end up wrapped around the tree? It’s a big mystery. Has it been there since the tree was just a tiny sapling first sprouting from the ground?

16. Giant Sun

Understanding the concepts of the solar system can be overwhelming for the human mind. That is because a lot of this understanding depends upon a person’s perspective visualization.

Here we have a visual representation of how big the sun is compared to the Earth. Apparently, one million Earths can fit inside the sun. To show that, they placed a million small blue balls inside the plastic container.

17. Space Fire

Have you ever thought how fire behaves in different gravities? On the left is a candle burning normally. On the right is a candle burning in a zero-gravity environment on the Mir space station.

It turns out, gravity has a big effect on flames!

18. Modern Dinosaurs

Have you ever pondered deeply in the Theory of Evolution and the gene pool? This picture clearly illustrates how closely related birds and dinosaurs are. It shows the claw of a Southern Cassowary.

The Cassowary is a type of large flightless bird that lives in Australia.

19. Banana Shape

Bananas have one peculiar feature about them. Most bananas have a curve in them.

However, you’ll notice that these bananas are completely straight. They didn’t curl up in the direction of the sun as a typical bunch would.

20. Sweaty Discovery

Do you know that sweat glands can get destroyed? The man was very surprised to learn that he is not able to sweat where his scars are. The scar tissue means there aren’t any pores on his skin anymore.

Now, when he sweats it leaves patterns on his clothes.

21. Squirrel Sighting

This squirrel lost his bushy tail, likely due to some sort of unfortunate disease. Looking at the image really makes you realize how closely related different rodent species are.

Squirrels are basically just tree rats.

22. Shredded Muscles

Check out how tense this athlete’s leg muscles are after his race. We didn’t even know it was possible for legs to have this appearance.

It looks like the worst cramp ever. The muscles must have gotten quite a workout in!

23. Big Bulb

We bet you’ve never seen any light bulbs like this in anyone’s homes before. It is a light bulb from a soccer stadium floodlight that is industrial-sized and, of course, super heavy duty.

It must cost a fortune to replace one.

24. Zoomed In

“I tried to take a photo of my mum’s eye with my macro lens but it focused on me instead,” explains the photographer. The closeup image didn’t turn out exactly as he had planned.

However, he did get a very interesting result.

25. Dog Dentist

Did you know that dogs can get dental implants just like humans can? In addition, many dogs also get metal crowns as shown in this photo. It gives the pups a nice shiny smile.

26. Beautiful Butterfly


The reason this butterfly looks so unusual is that it was born half-male, half-female. In science terms, it is a bilateral gynandromorph.

It causes the butterfly to have split male and female characteristics.

27. Quick Fix

When it comes to plumbing, sometimes you have to get creative. That’s what this picture proves.

The family called the plumber and he plugged their pipe with a small tree.

28. Dangerous Thorn

This is an all-natural thorn. It was found on a tree branch growing on its own.

However, due to its large size and shape, it looks like a weapon forged by man.

29. Colorful Catch

It’s hard to believe this fish is real. However, it is called a Surge wrasse.

It was caught off the coast of Hawaii where there are reportedly tons of fish that look like this around the reef. The rainbow colorings are incredibly beautiful.

30. Weird Mushroom


Here we have a type of fungi called the bleeding tooth fungus. It is one of the most bizarre types of mushrooms that we have ever seen.

It literally has red gooey drops dripping off of the surface.

31. Car Colors


It’s a huge coincidence that these two cars were parked next to each other. Fascinatingly, they both have opposite incorrect door colors.

One has a blue door and the other a red door.

32. Desert View

When flying over the desert, most people expect it to be just one flat expanse of sand. However, this image was captured on a plane flying over the Sahara desert.

The terrain actually has a surprising amount of texture to it!

33. Huge Claw


At first glance, it appears to be an entire lobster in the package. However, it’s really just one giant lobster claw.

They placed a banana next to it so you could get an idea of the size. It is so big that it is deceiving.

34. Pretty Pearls

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside an oyster shell while the oyster is growing pearls? Well, now you know. This cracked oyster had a bunch of partially formed pearls in it.

They weren’t quite ready for a necklace yet, but they were starting to take shape.

35. Funny Golf Ball

Imagine the golfer’s surprise when he picked up this lost ball recently. It had a hilarious note printed on the side that was very fitting to the situation.

It’s a joke that keeps getting passed on over and over again.

36. Thailand Market


Here we have an aerial view of the night market in Bangkok. There are endless rows of colorful tents, all beautifully illuminated.

We would love to go explore the interior someday and try some food.

37. Earth Map


These patches of dirt and grass in the stream look surprisingly similar to the continents of the world. It is a natural map.

Whether it was human-made or created by chance isn’t entirely clear.

38. Inverted Grate Icicles

The storm drain grate was turned upside-down to reveal hundreds of sharp icicles. We’ve never seen them from this perspective before.

They turned into perfect spikes!

39. Tomato Tower

The amount of effort it takes to stack fruit in the supermarkets every day is pretty incredible. Some vegetables are just tossed onto the stack.

However, these tomatoes were formed into a perfect ziggurat.

40. Dark Skies

This is a picture of a daytime storm which gives the feeling of the night. The moment before the storm sets in is always a little bit worrying.

The ominous dark clouds hang high in the sky. They could burst out into rain at any second. However, there is also a beautiful quality to it.

41. Sunblock Test

Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of the suntan lotion? Does it really protect your skin from harmful sun rays? Without looking through an ultraviolet camera, it’s hard to know whether suntan lotion is working. However, this person did an experiment to test it.

They marked their arm into sections for the different SPF shades and took a UV photo of it.

42. Ghost Glass Frog

This seems to be a glass replica of a frog, but it is the real thing. The ghost glass frog can be found in the jungles of Central America, as well as some parts of the Amazon in Colombia and Ecuador.

It has the most insane-looking eyes. We wouldn’t want to double-cross one.

43. Adios Señor

Have you ever come across loss cards? It sounds like a strange tradition and concept. Somehow, we don’t think this greeting card really belongs in the “loss of a loved one” section.

However, it is pretty funny. The cute pup is goofy enough to cheer anyone up.

44. Natural QR Code

Did you see the strange pattern inside the pitcher plant? Technically, the inside of this tropical pitcher plant won’t really scan as a QR code. Although, it certainly looks like you should be able to scan it.

The markings form random square patterns.

45. Fine Thread

What do you think this is? It looks like hay stuck in a wooden stick? But who would make such a strange thing? Here we have a needle and thread as viewed under an electron microscope. You can see all of the minute details.

However, the truth is that everything looks more interesting when you magnify it a thousand times.

46. Sea Salp

There are always some strange and rare creatures found on this planet. Despite what it may look like, it’s not a see-through fish.

It is technically a different type of animal entirely. It’s a sea creature known as a salp that moves by pumping water through its body.

47. Good Advice

Better be cautious when the sign says it. Never ignore it.

We always love when a good sign catches us by surprise and makes us laugh. That’s what happened at this community center. They shared a sage piece of advice on their billboard. Dogs urinate and defecate a lot.

48. Painted Man

Have you ever seen such a small painted man? Here we have a “tiny figurine immortalized under 8 coats of paint on the side of a building”. The man is stuck there forever now.

He has been painted on and changed colors so many times over the years.

49. Ice Pattern

This is one of the strangest and the most curious ice formation ever. The water started to freeze inside this water bottle overnight.

However, it didn’t form into cubes like the ice that we are all used to. It randomly formed into long spikes like a frozen sea urchin.

50. White Ferns

Have you ever seen white ferns? These ferns didn’t take on their normal green color. They have no pigmentation in them.

They likely have a problem with producing chlorophyll that causes them to take on their “albino” appearance.