The 8 Best STEM Toys for Kids of 2022

Adding a few STEM-related toys to your child’s collection can help shape their interests if math and science are some of their favorite topics or if they hope to one day design video games. The initials “STEM” stand for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,” four interrelated and vital fields of study. Celebree School’s VP of Operations, Allison Tsomos, says, “STEM objectives include teaching skills to solve issues, learning to gather knowledge, and developing deductive thinking by analyzing evidence to make judgments. Guided research and hands-on experiences are common ways of introducing students to STEM subjects. If you’re looking for some great STEM toys for your kids, here are a few suggestions.

Osmo Genius Starter Kit for iPad


Five games for teaching kids about arithmetic and marine biology come together in the Osmo Genius Starter Kit. With the attached mirror and stand, youngsters can use their iPad to navigate around the set and interact with the various elements.

If you feel that five games isn’t enough for your youngster, you may always choose for the “monster package,” which includes even more games and accessories. The Little Genius Starter Kit is geared toward preschoolers and includes a variety of similar activities and props. To play the games, your youngster will need an iPad, but the kit includes everything else they’ll need.

Fat Brain Tobbles Neo Infant Stacking Toy


This toy was designed for infants and toddlers between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old, and it consists of seven interlocking parts (one base and six stackers) that may be stacked in a wide number of configurations beyond the standard vertical and horizontal ones. In order to increase the difficulty, we’ve given each piece a weight and a textured design to make it easier to hold. The objective of this toy is to introduce infants to the concepts of physics and cause and effect.

For inquisitive aspiring engineers, this is an excellent choice.

Melissa & Doug Counting Caterpillar


This cute little caterpillar is an ideal STEM-related technique to teach young children about numbers and counting. Ten colorful blocks, each with a distinct number and matching dots, are included in this set, which is designed for children aged 2 and up. Made from high-quality wood, it can be safely wiped down with water.

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit


This handy wand is ideal for kids aged 6 and up who are fans of Harry Potter and would like to expand their knowledge of computer programming. It comes with over seventy code puzzles, all of which come with detailed solutions. When a child has finished a task, they can wave their wand over their computer or tablet to perform a magic trick such as making pumpkins grow, feathers fly, or fire being created.

Access to the Kano software that controls the toy is included in the package, along with the wand and its component pieces, an instructional booklet, stickers, a poster, and the toy itself. A tablet or PC is required for play.

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set


A science lab kit is the best method to plunge into the fascinating world of science. Included in the 22-piece set are a magnifying glass, beaker, funnel, eyedropper, flask, tweezers, goggles, and three test tubes; the minimum age for using this set is three. Included in the box are ten activity cards with easy-to-follow instructions for conducting various science projects, such as creating a volcano, blending colors, and polishing pennies.

Sphero Sprk+ App-Enabled Robot


This programmable robot ball is perfect for tech-savvy kids. It’s intended for students with some coding expertise who are eager to expand their knowledge. In order to drive the robot through mazes, in the sea, or over any other terrain the kids can imagine, they will need to code and control it using either an app or JavaScript.

Children from 8 to 14 will like this robot ball the most.

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker


To play Pixicade is to engage in all of the activities associated with engineering: working with a variety of materials, identifying and solving problems, developing aesthetic and functional designs, and producing usable products. In this activity, youngsters use paper and markers to sketch out ideas for video games, which can subsequently be developed into playable apps on tablets.

It’s as simple as drawing the image, snapping a photo of it, then animating it on a mobile device. It’s designed for youngsters over the age of six and works wonderfully for novices who are curious in video game creation. It’s worth noting that this game requires kids to have access to a tablet or smartphone.

Hape Monster Math Scale


This tiny scale is just too adorable. The set features a scale, nine giant monster weights, and eleven small soft weights, and is designed for youngsters aged three and older. The toy encourages children to learn about balance and weight while also introducing them to basic arithmetic concepts when they are ready.

Its components are sturdily constructed from non-toxic, non-irritant materials, and the set even includes a muslin bag for safekeeping while not in use.