These Interesting Comparisons Will Change The Way You Look At Things

Perspective is quite wonderful thing to note if you observe it by visual comparisons. Slightly alter the parameters and tweak the picture to show a contrast and the whole concept becomes cool. So what we have done is that we have compiled some photos side by side, comparing a slew of items, everything from before and after pics to technological advancement and also some size comparisons. You will be blown away by the differences –

1. Mother vs Daughter


A mother made a collage of her daughter’s photograph and her picture. When she joined the two halves of the faces, she was shocked at the similarity of the faces.

So the Gene Theory is a truth after all.

2. First Day Of Primary School vs Last Day Of Teacher Training

This boy took his picture on the day he first joined the elementary school and he also shot a picture on the last day of his teacher training. It has surely been a long journey for this young bright man.

3. Last Week Vs. This Week

You can see the flowers starting to bloom on the left side of the picture, so the green leaves are evident.

But on the right side, you see the flowers in full bloom and the green has beautifully transformed into red.

4. Children’s Paintings From The Same Family

Look at the art skills of four toddlers in the family. You clearly know who will become a better painter than the other.

After all, each one of them has drawn the same painting of the sunflower. Whom do you rate to be the best?

5. Going vs Returning From A Trip

This dog’s emotions clearly show how he feels when he goes for an outing as compared to when he returns from that outing. Your mind feels happy when you get to play and roam outside.

6. Arctic: Present Day vs 103 Years Ago

Just look at how different the Arctic looks today. A hundred years ago, there was a lot more ice on the Arctic.

Presently, thanks to the global warming, there is very little ice left in the Arctic

7. Mums vs. Dads

The children are always safer with the Mum.

Just look at the picture where a Mom and Dad are sliding down with the same baby. The Mom keeps her close by her side while Dad lets the baby have fun independently.

8. Same Bull, 5 Years Apart

Just look at how majestic the bull has grown in half a decade. It looks extremely cool and is way stronger it used to be five years ago.

Just look at the span of the horns.

9. 1990 vs 2020

Things you needed back in the 1990s is entirely different from what you need now. Everything can be done with one single gadget.

Technology has improved and advanced way too much to comprehend.

10. Nap Beginning vs. Full Sleep Mode

The dog and the owner on the beginning of their nap are sleeping in a civilized manner.

But as their slumber party progresses, they lower down their dignified restraints and just enjoy.

11. Liquor Store Parking Lot vs. Laser Eye Surgery Parking Lot

The left side of the picture shows you the crooked bars on the liquor store barrier.

The right side shows the barrier at a laser eye surgery parking lot. Surely, both of them cannot see clearly.

12. Caught Someone Else’s Camera Flash

This is what happens when the flash of one camera intercepts the flash of another camera. The picture has been taken by one camera in different lighting, that’s all.

13. Burning Candle: Earth vs. Microgravity At Space Station

This is how the flame looks in normal gravity as compared to microgravity in a space station.

You will notice that the flame on the right is pulled too close to the wick of the candle because of the gravity. The yellow is also missing because the carbon particles are lesser in comparison.

14. Tiles: Smoking Section vs Non Smoking Section

This is condition of the tiles in the smoking section and a non-smoking section of an airport. The difference is created due to the cigarette soot sticking on the roof.

Somebody please clean the mess on the tiles.

15. Modern Tomato Vs. One Grown From 150-Year-Old Seeds

Just have a look at the tomato grown in modern day seeds which are from the present.

Compare this to the tomato grown from 150-year old seeds. Is this reduction of size and change in color due to the evolution or genetic modification?

16. 98% Wolf Vs. 40% Wolf

Evolution and cross breeding has created these two different wolves.

Although they are not from different species, but there is a significant toning down of wolfy traits in the one on the right.

17.  Pope Benedict XVI vs Pope Francis

This picture is a clear indication in the lifestyle differences of the two Papal heads. While Pope Benedict lived in much grandeur, Pope Francis has been humbler in his way of living and how he conducts his duties.

18. Sperlingsberg Street, 71 Years Apart

A small town in Germany which was captured in a picture during the World War II. And this is how it looks in the present day and age.

What a significant change! But the structure of the streets is still the same.

19. Size Of Earthmovers vs Size Of Bus

The size of the mining trucks is huge. Although you might not feel that way when you see the picture.

But when you have a look at the bus, then you will be able to tell the enormous size of the truck.

20. What Humans See vs What Birds See

The birds see an entirely different spectrum of colors and this spectrum consists of a more vivid set of tints and shades because of the difference in number of rods and cones in the pupil of the bird’s eye. The humans are not able to see the subtler shades on the feathers.

21. 12 Pieces Of Chalk At Target Vs My College Bookstore

This shows how stationers all over the country are ripping off the students in the colleges and universities. Already, the students are paying hefty loans on education and now you rip them off in stationery also.

Corruption has seeped inside capitalism.

22. Nova Scotia Tides, 12 Hours Apart

The difference in the scenery during the tidal waves and the regular waves are way different. You might get confused that it might not be the same spot.

23. Dad vs Son

Although this father and son duo share the same set of genes and chromosomes, but their traits are entirely different. The son is way taller than his dad.

This clearly tells you that the outcome of the genetic structure maybe different for different people.

24. Women Basketball Players Vs. Cheerleaders

Female basketball players tower over cheerleaders because the WNBA players are well over seven feet.

The cheerleaders are five feet somethings who seem to be like kids in comparison.

25. Elephants Foot vs Humans Foot

Just look at the framework of elephant’s foot and compare it to that of a human foot. The outer muscular framework might be different, but inside everything is the same.

26. 31 vs 21

These two age groups are totally different, so their set of priorities are different as well. While at 31, you are very much in control over your whole personality.

But at 21, you are very much of a wild horse. Just look at the drunk 21 year old inside the cubicle.

27. NBA Players vs Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Dwayne the Rock Johnson is a six feet five inches guy and if he is dwarfed by NBA players such as Shaq himself, then you can clearly understand that NBA hires giants to play the dribble game.

28. LED Street Lamp Vs. Traditional Street Lamp

You can see the amount of light and the tint of the light of the LED as compared to a traditional street lamp which has those old filament bulbs.

29. Michigan, At 9am Vs. 11am

The difference in amount of the fog creates a sea change in the two different pictures taken in the same location.

You cannot see anything on the lake in dense fog.

30. Utah. Yesterday Vs.


The picture says it all. You can see that the snowfall in Utah is quite heavy, because everything is covered in ice. But withing two days of the sunrise, all the ice vanished, as if it was never there.

31. No Flash Vs. Flash

This is the difference in lighting when a camera has flash and when a camera doesn’t have flash.

So, if you were wondering whether you need a flash based camera, now you know how it helps.

32. Girls’ Life Vs. Boys’ Life

The difference in the covers of the two magazines clearly point out what things girls prioritize than boys.

While boys are a bit inclined towards technology, girls are all about appearance and relationships.

33. Fried Chicken And Whiskey Vs 12 Pink Tulips & Cupcakes

These are two different Christmas presents. Whatever way you celebrate, it is the spirit behind the festivities that matter the most.

But it is advisable that you have a healthy and happy Christmas.

34. T. Rex vs Emu Feet

The similarity in the claws of the T Rex and the Emu shows that these birds have originally evolved from dinosaurs itself.

If you thought the birds were a bit different from the rest, then you were highly mistaken, because the proof lies in front of you.

35. Titanic Vs. Modern Ship

Titanic was surely the biggest ship in the 1910s.

But by today’s standards, it just a tiny dwarf. The cruise that you see behind it is one of the smallest sailing vessels.

36. Michelin’s Biggest Tire Vs. Their Smallest Tire

The biggest Michelin tires are used in 16 wheeler trucks that are employed in Mining Trucks and other earthmoving transportations.

The smaller ones are used in scooters and three-wheelers.

37.  Small Vs. Medium Orange Juice At McDonald’s

Have a look at how McDonald’s is scamming people in broad daylight.

The amount of juice in the small tumbler is almost equal to the juice in the large tumbler. Now you understand how McDonald’s makes its billions. It rips off gullible people.

38. Russia vs Bangladesh

Russia’s area is many times that of the small Asian country f Bangladesh. But still, Bangladesh manages to beat them in population stats.

Bangladesh’s population is more than its European counterpart. Clearly, hot weather has a role in the reproduction of Bengalis.

39. Hands: Tiny Reporter vs NBA Player

Just look at the difference in the hand sizes of two people. One of them is a 7-footer NBA player, while the other one is a normal 5-feet something reporter.

It means that NBA hires giants to play the game.

40. Lumberton: 3rd Of September Vs. 8th Of December

In two months, the scene around Lumberton just changed.

Earlier, you could see clear skies because autumn was ending. Now, in winter, there’s ice everywhere.

41. 1995 138.24 MB Vs 2018 128 GB

Nowadays, the space required to store data is way less than it was in the 1990s. The space in these floppy disks is equal to the space is the USB flash drive.

What you were carrying in the cardboard box earlier is equal to what you carry in your pocket today.

42.  $10 Headshots Vs. $25 Headshots

You can tell how skilled a photographer is by the quality of pictures he clicks.

On the left side of the picture you see a $10 headshot and on the right side you see a $25 headshot. You can clearly see the difference of their visualization.

43. Polar Bear Paw vs Human Hands

The difference is size of the Polar Bear’s paw and the hand of the human says it all. This also shows how large these animals are in real life.

On TV, you might not get a clear idea. Now you know. Better run away when you see a polar bear charging towards you, because there is no chance that you might win against them in a one to one combat.

44. Seinnheiser Vs. Beats Headphones

The quality of Seinnheiser Headphones is way better than Beats, everybody knows that.

That is why after using both the headphones for the same time, you can notice the difference in their conditions. Nothing beats quality, after all.

45. Freshman Year Vs. Last Year

When you look at the picture, you realize the mood says it all.

The student is happy when she enters the freshman year, because she will have all sorts of new experiences in life. In the last year, the curriculum and syllabi is on its peak. They will have to take up jobs and leave the careless lives behind, so the mood is extremely gloomy.

46. Minnesota, Two Days Apart

Climate is an unpredictable thing. Two days ago, there was lush greenery and warm weather all around.

Today it snowed and you can see the effects of the snowfall.

47. First Three Game Of Thrones Editions: Regular Books Vs. Books In Braille

It shows how much extra space is required and how much extra reading is needed for the visually deficient people.

Just look at the size of the cartons. It could fit three to four people in itself.

48. Obama’s First State Of The Union vs His Last

It shows how stressed Obama had been during his tenure as the President of the United States of America. When he started the job, he had a lot of black hair on his head and his forehead is also extremely smooth.

But on the last union, he has multiple wrinkles on his forehead and the white in his hair has increased leaps and bounds.

49. Berlin Vs. Berlin

Two buildings in different states give one heck of a contrast to each other.

It is just like seeing two heads of the same coin which are poles apart. The rickety building on the right was built when the Berlin war was constructed and is considered to be a historic relic. The building on the right is a modern establishment.

50. My Sister’s Room Vs. My Room At The Exact Same Time Of Day

There is a difference of a window in the room, so the amount of daylight entering the room on the left is way more than the light entering the room on the right.

The difference in light can change the mood.