These Men Have Set The Highest Standards Of Love For Their Partners

Having a partner who loves you and makes you feel like you matter to them is a gratifying feeling. It makes you feel so happy. Although women are the most considerate out of a couple, there are some chivalrous men, who know how to please their women when it is required. If you have somebody like this in your life, then you are extremely lucky. But then, there are those who take the game to a new and different level. If we show you what they did for their wives or girlfriends, then you will certainly feel a tinge of envy. You know what, we will show you the proof of their extra love for their lady love.

1) He’s No Scrooge

This man could be a prince because he created one of the most exquisite Christmas tree out of Christmas lights. Any woman would consider herself lucky to have a piece of custom-made tree and rejoice on the occasion when the Christ was born.

2) He Has Done It All By Himself

This dude made a special makeup case out of walnut wood only for showing his love to his girlfriend. Believe me, she couldn’t be any happier. He knew the number of slots she needed to put her accessories and added the respective magnets to the sides of the case.

Isn’t it lovely?

3) At Least He Doesn’t Have To Rake The Leaves

This dude is one hell of a smart guy! He saved himself from raking the yard by sending his wife this lovely message. Now that he has conveyed his feelings about her, she’s extremely happy. She can’t even be mad at him for shying away from his responsibilities.

4) One Memory Or Quote For Every Day Of The Year

This man took out a jar and filled it with 365 love gestures(memories + quotes + sweet nothings) for his lovely girlfriend. After all, love is the greatest force in their lives. But by publically showing his affection for his girlfriend, he made millions of women around the world go mad at their significant others for not expressing their love in such a cute way.

5) He Has Brought Some Fun For The Family

This dad+husband searched out a way to impress his family. He achieved this mean feat by putting their ice cream cones in the gaps of an egg carton. This way he not only makes the cones(and the ice cream) look fancy while carrying it to the living room to serve them all.

But in this manner, there will be no dripping icecream.

6) Who Needs To Eat A Whole Course Of Red Lobster?

This spread is laid out whenever this couple doesn’t make it to a fancy restaurant due to any reason. The darling husband cooked up a serving of steak and lots of lobster so that they can eat this lavish lunch/dinner at home. No one is going to complain after that sumptuous meal!

7) He Found The Sticks To Etch His Wife’s Name On The Bench

This husband is an expert in woodwork. He found some wood in the backyard and came up with a brilliant idea. He made his wife a lovely bench out of the wood he found.

He bought what else he could find at the hardware store and conjured a wonderful masterpiece.

8) He Made It A Nail Polish Case Just As They Have In The Salon

When this wife got extremely frustrated at how messy handling her nail polish was becoming, her husband came up with a brilliant idea. He used some egg cartons so that she could organize her nail polish bottles for her. Now she has got her own shelf in the cabinet and a way to take her bottles in a way that’s easy to access.

9) This Project Took A Long Time To Complete

This might have taken forever, but it was so worth all the hard work! This husband covered his and his wife’s bedroom walls with over 7,000 sticky notes. These sticky notes had sweet sayings and memories on them. That’s serious husband goals right there.

Are you men out there game for this challenge?

10) This Husband Brought In A Big Haul Of Makeup Products

When this man’s wife was having a bad day at home, he decided to cheer her up. What he did was he stopped by an Ulta Beauty outlet and picked up a new collection for her. Needless to say, she was totally cheered up with this gift and she came out of her slump and the couple lived happily ever after.

11) Who Doesn’t Love To Stay In A Fort?

Now here’s one hell of a sweet idea for a date night, that any girl in this universe would love to see. Her man-made a love fort for them to watch Netflix in. We hope that this fort has all the snacks supplies too!

12) WoW Fans Will Certainly Recognize This

This custom Steel Frostmourne was made for this man’s girlfriend for Christmas. Here’s a bit of backstory – the girlfriend admitted she was speechless over a gift for the first time in her life. And who wouldn’t be? At least I would be if I was grateful.

13) Step Aside, My Dear Wife, Men Don’t Cry

Onions are always too strong to cut without protecting your eyes. This husband stepped in to save his wife and he did it with his goggles and got the job done. Not all the heroes in the world wear capes, some also wear goggles and have a knife to chop the onions as well.

14) Do You Know What This Is

These dragon eggs would surely surprise this man’s girlfriend! He made these eggs with foam and pinned painted thumbtacks all over it. This is such an easy craft, and when done right, it will make his girl the happiest dragon egg-collector in the world.

15) He Has A Natural Talent For Floral Art

This guy claims that he has no crafting ability as such, but then he makes these awesome looking paper bouquets for his wife. I think he has both experience and talent with paper because he definitely has the ability to turn out some awesome flowers.

16) It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, My Dear Charging Wire

When this man’s wife complained about her charger not staying in place and the wire coming undone at all times, he made her a Lego Charger Holder. If you ask me, then that should be for sale in Etsy because we all want one for ourselves now.

17) Not That Regular Kind Of Diva

This boyfriend made this girl her this awesome looking dream video game controller joystick! D-Va from Overwatch, for the case. And he placed shells in place of the buttons and analogs. Who wouldn’t want a custom makeup controller? She would certainly coo at her.

18) Know Anything About Topographic Maps?

This husband had one incredible idea. He got two pendants made which would fit together so that it joined the topographic map of places where they lived, and where they were dating. The map is between their two houses.

And it is an incredible symbol of love.

19) For The Vegan In You

When his lovely girlfriend was on one strict diet to lose some weight, instead of getting her some sweet chocolate for Valentine’s Day, he got her a full-blown veggie bouquet. This bouquet has broccoli and peppers. Isn’t it adorable, and spicy at the same time? And if you ask me, then there’s dinner right there too!

20) A Weekend Project

Over one weekend while his awesome wife was away, this husband made her one hell of a reading nook in one secret place which they usually keep covered from prying eyes. Now that’s what I call raising the bar if you ask me. But hey, tell how your wife felt about it.

21) She Can’t Be Mad At Him After Seeing This On The Weighing Scale

Some women say they would still be angry and if their husband did this in turn, would they really be angry at them? He’s telling you that you are beautiful and that also when you are weighing yourself on a scale. Whatever be your size, if your husband’s complimenting you, then that’s never a bad thing coming from a husband.

22) Anyone Smell Citrusy Today?

This husband made orange fragrance candles out of orange peels and olive oil. Now that’s one awesome idea. Even the wick of this aromatic candle is an orange stem! That’s extremely creative, smells too good, and looks like an authentically crafted piece.

It is also 100% natural.

23) Christmas Magic

This woman wanted to have a warm and real fireplace, but in reality, they couldn’t afford one. So her husband did an awesome deed and built one out of cardboard and to light up a fire, he lit it up with Christmas lights for her to enjoy. Now both of them can hold hands and keep heads on each other’s shoulders and can enjoy its warmth.

24) Do You Need A Mix?

You need a gadget happy husband for this one. When this wife’s hand mixer broke, her husband took the charge and stepped in with his ingenious spark of an idea. He attached the metallic whisk to the drill’s bit and then she was able to whip up the egg whites in no time.

25) What Do You Do When You Need To Keep It Cool

When the couple ran out of their ice supplies, this darling husband used an ice pack so that he could keep his wife’s drink cold. if you think about it, it’s just like one of those beer chillers that are available in the market. If you had a business streak inside you, then you could totally market them online!

26) Mom Loves The New Boyfriend Because Of This Mailbox

Sometimes it’s not the first partners that are meant to be by your side forever. This mom’s new boyfriend displayed a cute gesture. He made her this adorable Snoopy mailbox, just because she loves Snoopy.

Aww, isn’t that sweet?

27) When She Needs Her Easy Sip Of Wine

When you are not in the mood and you immediately need your glass of wine, then you just can’t wait to pop the cork. You better hope your husband is as smart as this lady’s husband. He opened her wine with a simple move of the screwdriver and one screw.

28) Eat Your Bacon-Made Roses

She’s probably not a big fan of flowers, so he made her a bouquet of bacon roses. I have to say that I am feeling a little jealous of the girl and my mouth is watering. What do you think? Did she keep them intact for a while or did she eat them immediately? Who knows?

29) Pour Over Masterpiece

Here’s one of those husbands that have the capability to think outside the box. What he did was he used a funnel from one the auto parts in a car spare parts store to make a morning pour-over coffee for his wife. Now men all over the world will be copying him.

30) Now All She Needs Is Some Chocolate

Chocolate is what every woman wants. However, there are quite a few alternatives to that. The husband made the perfect bathtub caddy which could hold her phone, wine, candles, and snacks.

This is for those tired weekends when you want to spend some in the warm bathtub and relax. Don’t forget the chocolate.

31) It Seems That She Pulled A Muscle

After this man’s wife pulled a muscle in the neck, her husband made one long straw for her, so she didn’t have to move her neck to take the sip of the drink. He will also be feeding her some food and giving her a foot massage also!

32) Her Dream Bracelet

This woman couldn’t find the bracelet that she had been longing for. So her husband had one custom made bracelet created especially for her. She loved the bracelet so much she decided to start selling a whole custom-made hoard on Etsy.

33) A Leather Messenger Bag For The Girlfriend

What’s better than having a custom made messenger bag, that too made by your own boyfriend. This messenger bag was presented by a particular man to his girlfriend on Christmas. Now, if she takes it to her office everyday, then she will be remembering him the whole day at work.

That’s too cute!

34) A Fake Fireplace For Hanging Girlfriend’s Christmas Stockings

For Christmas, Santa coming down the fireplace is such a tradition. The excitement of finding the presents over the mantlepiece brings back your childhood. Here the couple didn’t have a fireplace, so the boyfriend made one out of paper and cardboard.

It looks so beautiful. Surely, the man has some serious craft skills.

35) A Bouquet Of Paper Lilies

When you don’t have a lot of money, but still you have the intention of making your loved one feel special, then whether you present them with paper roses or with real ones it really does not matter. 

36) Gifted Wife The Pup She Always Wanted To Adopt

This particular lady wanted to adopt a pup, but she was unable to do so at that time. So her husband went out in the morning the next day and brought the dude from the dog pound and he presented it to her when she had just woken up. Now that is so adorable! 

37) Art As A Birthday Present When You Are Struggling Financially

As we have already mentioned, money does not count when a couple really loves each other. A man who wanted to present his girlfriend on her 21st birthday made her a handmade birthday card. Do you think the woman will appreciate her boyfriend’s gesture? I would have, if I was his girlfriend. 

38) Pantry Renovation When Girlfriend Was Away

The wife was visiting her sister and parents, so she was out for a few days. The pantry had been quite filthy for sometime. So the husband took up the opportunity when his wife was out of the house and he renovated the pantry.

We would love to know or see how his wife reacted when she returned from her trip.

39) Wooden Labrador Portrait For Wife

A wonderful wooden portrait made by the husband for her wife, because she cares a lot for the family. The dog is just like a child to her. So the husband, who is of course a carpenter, makes up this portrait of their dog as a random present to the wife.

She would have loved it for sure.  

40) Present For Girlfriend’s Birthday

This boyfriend is extremely imaginative and is quite skilled at working with leather. So he made a leather jacket for each of his girlfriend’s Harry Potter novels. The books will last long and so will their relationship.

Whenever she reads the novels, she will remember his love for her. 

41) Wife Gets An Enchanted Rose From Husband

When husbands have loads of imagination, they can make anything out of everything. This husband, for instance, took a bride and groom music box and turned it into an enchanted rose. 

42) The Valentine’s Day Card That Can Light Somebody’s Life

The girl was feeling really low, so her boyfriend made her this card. According to the boyfriend’s account on social media, his girlfriend just shone when she saw this. This boy really knows how to make somebody feel special.

43) A Cat For The Love Of His Life

The girlfriend had been longing to have a kitten all her life. When her boyfriend got a whiff of his girlfriend’s wish, he brought this little cat home. She has got the best boyfriend ever!

44) The Best Crafted Wood Bracelet

When husbands are expert woodworkers, you can always expect something out of the ordinary out of the box presents for any occasion. Like in this picture, you see a beautiful wood bracelet made by a husband who is obviously skilled at woodwork. He gifted the wife with this wooden bracelet on her birthday.

45) Paper Flowers Made By Husband

Husband wanted to give the wife a bouquet after she returned from the hospital after a surgery. Since he was a bit short of cash and couldn’t go out because he had to take care of the children. So he and the kids did something really cute together.

They built a bouquet full of colorful paper flowers.

46) Self-Portrait By Boyfriend

This boyfriend also wanted to present something special to his girl on Valentine’s Day. Of course, the college couple had a limited budget and the boy had to arrange a lot with what all he had. He organized a candlelight dinner all by himself with Ramen for the meal, and this lovely portrait of the girl.

Young love has its own charm.

47) An Elven Wedding Ring

There are many people who are into all these fantasy series like Game of Thrones, or Lord of the Rings. Back in the day collecting memorabilia from your favorite movies was a big thing. But what if you get one on your engagement? That too if it is crafted by your lover and would be husband? It’s like a dream come true.

48) Ear Studs For Video Game Loving Girlfriend

These earrings were custom-made by a jeweler husband for his wife who is a video game fan. She must have been playing with it from the day she received it as a gift. But look at them yourself.

Don’t they look cute and have an element of playfulness it it?

49) An Old Fire Extinguisher For Firefighter Girlfriend

This person’s girlfriend is a badass firefighter. So he gave her a badass gift. He took an ancient fir extinguisher and remade it into a lamp, complete with a shade.

Needless to say, this man is going to reinvent his love for the lady again and again and blow life into his love life.

50) Made The Day Special For His Wife

As the man who posted this on social media, he puts it this way, “Woke my wife up on the right side of the bed.” He also said that his wife had been in the blues for some time, so he decided to something special for her. So he arranged an aromatic bubble bath and her favorite Starbucks drink and also a muffin which she had consumed. He also brought her some flowers, which lay on the floor.