These Pictures Will Give You OCD If You Don’t Have It

There is some secret satisfaction about cutting a perfect slice of cake or filling out a coloring book by staying accurately inside the lines. Our world is full of examples of natural symmetry. Look right down at the human design itself. Our brains register symmetry because it is soothing to the eyes.

On the other hand, when something is not in a perfect proportion or off target, it triggers a primal warning inside us that something is not quite right. Some of us are more obsessive than others, and our attention converges on these mistakes. MotherToday has compiled such images that are bound to give you an OCD.

If you are strong enough, then be prepared for a headache.

#1 Sunflowers Of The West

This sunflower doesn’t want to face east. Sunflowers usually face the east direction. But in tis case you see the opposite.

All of them have shied away from the sun and are facing the West direction. You wonder what is wrong. You be you, sunflower!

#2 The Impatient Wife

A user shared this picture on a social networking site.“The way my wife opens things is just the opposite of the way things are usually done. I wonder sometimes, if she is a raccoon?” She has opened every box and nibbled like the small pests.

#3 Looking At My OCD, This Was The Worst Flight Ever


The picture is self explanatory. Why don’t people wear their headphones in the proper way. You fell like you could get up and straighten the wire.

#4 The Missing Piece

I spent hours completing this mildly infuriating puzzle and now I can’t find the missing piece. Bless me Lord, where is it? Is it with you?

#5 Somebody Does Not Know How To Slice A Cheesecake

 Another upload on a picture-sharing site, “I lost a loved one today. I’m not sure which one yet, but whoever cuts cheesecake like this is dead to me. I honestly can’t deal with this.”

#6 Who Took The Pill In This Manner?

Another social networking picture gold,“Someone at work asked if they could have one of my Sudafed.” Who takes out a pill in this way? Needless to say, it’s simply savage!

#7 Why Did It Have To Be Labeled This Way?

You simply want to kick the person who must have labeled it in this manner. Why can’t the make the sticker in the same way. Where is my Shotgun?

#8 This Shitf Key

This whole misspelled SHIFT key is the shittiest thing I have ever seen in my life. Somebody go and check whether the manufacturers don’t have crap instead of brains.

#9 This Was The Toughest Decision Of My Life

The price of gas just makes you think, whether you want that extra milliliter or you want the exact rounded off price. It’s better if you leave it right here. Here are the 10 dollars.

#10 This Guy’s Tattoo Will Drive Me Nuts

Whenever I look at this tattoo, I just want to join the line or the circle too. Either the tattoo artist had a vision problem, or he did it on purpose. Or does this have a new meaning?

#11 Specify What You Want, Otherwise Deal With This

This is another social media golden post. The caption read as follows, ”I asked the lady to cut my sandwich into three pieces.” He should have mentioned three equal pieces, because the lady is clearly stupid.

#12 The Monopoly Deed Cards Are Cut In The Wrong Way

Bankrupting yourself or your kids, it is the same. These cards are made in way to teach you that corporations and banks are crooked and you might be as well too, otherwise you will never make a dime.

#13 That One Window Drives You Crazy

That one window is different from the rest of the pack and the worst thing is that you will have to keep looking at it again and again. The people who constructed the window or the owner don’t even care what kind of nuisance this differently looking window is making. It’s like a mike drop moment.

#14 This Elevator Button Panel Will Make You Go Nuts

Me as I get in the lift, “Oh Jeez, have I drunk that much?” You simply wished people were smarter with those kinds of things. You need to take the lift manufacturer to curt for this.

#15 This Stovetop Is Just Off The Mark

This is simply terrible. Whoever made this was a fool. Whoever bought this was even a bigger fool, because they didn’t check that thing before paying up for it.

#16 Just Look At The Time On All The Screens!

How do you even do that? Windows can just get time from the internet. It’s almost impossible to be incorrect. Someone intentionally disabled the function just to troll people.

Is this intentional or is this reality. It look more like a prank, or Windows is marking the exact time zones.

#17 The Stupidest Waffle Maker You Will Ever See

The number of holes in these waffles doesn’t match the iron they are sitting in. HA HA HA!  That is surely false advertising! What kind of waffle do you expect out of this waffle maker?

#18 Ummm, The Prompt Needs To Correct Itself First

What I would like to know is how you can refuse to obey this order, when it is itself not correct. No way I am following you, because it is not your, it is supposed to be you are.

#19 The Wrong Print

This picture was captioned, “I opened my new sketch pencils today and honestly, i don’t know what i did to deserve this. I’d have to give it away.” If it is hurting your eyes, then you should certainly give it away.

#20 Unfitting Tables

You always feel like kicking the carpenter’s rear when you see such silly mistakes.  These Tables at somebody’s teaching workshop are so imperfect, all of your attention will be focused on this instead of what they are teaching at the workshop. Where is my laser gun? FLASH! A-AHHHHH, burn the tables.

#21 This Bathroom

This bathroom was certainly designed in the spirit of the 80s.You cannot just tolerate the zig-zag pattern of the tiles. It has a deep hypnotic effect on the eyes.

#22 The Imperfect Roof 

My wife and I spent the night in a quiet bed and breakfast last night. this kept me awake for hours. It looks like the other part of that cheesecake from an earlier post.

#23 The Stupid Stacking Of Dishes

This is why I don’t let guests empty my dishwasher. They stack it the way they want to. And when you don’t stack it the correct way, you will get a pile of plates that may crash any time.

You have a fleeting thought in the mind,”Restack the plates, smash the plates, or smash the guest?

#24 The Netflix Volume Indicator Circle Isn’t Centred On The Line

Thanks! Now I will NEVER see this volume control the same way. This will always be drawing my focus towards itself. Why, Netflix, Why?

#25 Asked The Diner Workers If They Could Slice The Pizza In Half To Split With My Boyfriend

Either the worker was a klutz or he is still laughing at his joke. Now, how do you eat two unequal halves? Somebody will have to compromise here. 

#26 The Light At United Terminal, O’Hare Airport, Chicago

Please, someone tie me down. Otherwise I would get up the ladder and make an arrangement for the light to be in the lane.

#27 My Door Number Is 308, They Installed It Upside Down Though

Actually it is not upside down, it is inside out. Something ridiculous must have been going through their minds or Spider Man must have done the job.

#28 My 3-Year-Old Insisted On That Pink One In This Bead Design

We would recommend you to stuff your 3 year old and switch the beads when your child isn’t looking. This pink bead is such a misfit, it gives you a big headache.

#29 The Color Choice For The Emergency Door Buttons On A Bus

Anybody in their right minds will be whimpering on the color choice because they have done it the opposite way. What will your mind tell you. A lot of mishaps are going to happen because of this.

#30 This Woman’s Headphones

I will have to offer to untangle them for her, otherwise, looking at it is going to drive me insane. It is better to look the other way.

#31 What? Oh, Wait, What?

It seems as if the lift manufactures have put the control panel on their own accord. The numbers on the button have been placed randomly. Or a kid must have done the job.

#32 One Tile In The Whole Building

Either the contractors must have run out of tiles, or he must have cemented it in the wrong direction. Or there is one other possibility, maybe the rest of the tiles are all wrong?

#33 Which Stupid Loon Designed This Church?

You will be stupefied with all the craziness that is being displayed in this picture. Can someone please photoshop this anomaly? It hurts my eyes to even look at it.

#34 Somebody Set The Bumper Right 

This man has been tailing the person who took the picture for about 20 Miles, Looking at it makes you lose your mind. Probably he’s rammed a lot of people.

#35 This Scrabble Wrapping Paper Drives You Nuts

What sort of words have been posted on this Scrabble wrapping paper? Are you familiar with tistismascarol, santaanta or reinreindeer?

#36 My Landlord Installed A New Cabinet In The Kitchen

Why couldn’t he do it in a straight line? Either put them high or low. Frankly leaving a space above them is just stupid anyway. It just gathers dust and grime. 

#37 The Back Of This Girl’s Shirt Is Not Aligned In A Straight Line

The worst part is that this girl is sitting in front of the guy. He must be having a big headache after the class because he had been looking at that for the whole of the lecture.

#38 This Line On Every Page Of This Notebook Eats My Head

This crooked line, also called the margin is not straight and it is driving me nuts. The printer knows damn well that s/he has caused hours of lost sleep all around the world, thanks to the stupid printing mistake. It is time to buy a new notebook.

#39 These Tables At This School Are Of Unequal Sizes

And I am simply not liking this at all. Why couldn’t the carpenters make them of a standard size. If they were equal then they could be level.

This is a big noand this shouldn’t be tolerated at all.

#40 The Robo Vacuum Ruins It’s Perfect Cleaning Stroke

It’s a shame that it’s not programmed to start from the farthest point and find its way to the power station. You need to find a programmer otherwise, every time you are going to see this pattern which will drive you crazy.

#41 Why Did They Make This Micro-Tile In This Manner?

I believe those who made these tiles did it on purpose. Otherwise, there’s no other explainable reason that could be considered logical.

#42 The Nails On The Bridge Should Have Been In A Straight Line 

The person who posted this picture on the site has walked on this bridge every weekend for over a year. Stil he had not noticed this, until now. And now he will never be able to not notice it.

It will be much better if he stays off the bridge!

#43 This Tile In My Bathroom Floor Is Crooked

When there are tiles involved, there is bound to be a rebel. One of them will break out of the straight file and will ruin everything.

#44 Why Didn’t They Place The Mini Merry-Go-Round In The Circle?

Maybe the plug to the ride isn’t long enough? Otherwise give me a logical reason for this construction. Why don’t they do the things in a proper manner?

#45 Somebody Give Me A Tablet For Hypertension 

A show about a detective who suffers from OCD. If this is how they design the box cover for the last season of the show, then this must have been made on purpose. It is such a big problem for us normal people who are a fan of the show.

#46 My Roommate Has Been Using The Incorrect Size Screen Protector  

Just why, friend? Just get a new one. Take some money from me if you do not have some spare dollars on you. I would love to help you out, but change the protector and get one which fits the screen.

#47 Why Are The Plug Sockets Not In A Straight Line?

If only they had been in a straight line, my mind could have not been facing this riot. Somebody either straighten this mess, or hide it from my eyes.

#48 This Condiment Pump Station

This condiment pump station has labeled the sauces in the wrong way. People are in for a surprise. Either someone can’t read or simply does not care.

#49 God Dammit, Papa John’s

God Dammit, Papa John’s! These days, they have got bigger problems these days. Their food chain could be shut down if they do not strive to rectify things.

#50 When My Wife Does The Dishes

When my wife does the dishes, I have to do a silent bit of cleanup just for myself, otherwise, things are never going to be in order.  Seriously, looking at the top half is such a pain

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