This Single Woman Decided At 29 To Be A Mom On Her Own By 33

This woman from Arizona always knew from a young age that she wanted to become a mother. However, her relationship status was not always aligned to make her goal possible. In order to fix the problem, she took matters into her own hands.

Sophie tells that at 29 years old she decided she wanted to become a single mother by choice. It was at that point that she began the process of medical evaluations for herself and an examination of her options. Sophie explains that she considered intrauterine insemination and sperm banks but found all these processes were seriously out of her price range.

Sophie then started looking closer to home, thinking of finding a donor among people she already knew. She attempted the process with a donor but found that inseminating herself didn’t take. It was then that she began to consider sex to conceive her child.

Once Sophie found a partner who was willing to be part of the unusual arrangement, she had to put legal safeguards in place to make sure things went smoothly. The two agreed to conceive the baby traditionally and to let things ride out for as long as their connection felt strong.

Once things weren’t working out on more than a platonic level, legal paperwork would kick into play that would make Sophie the sole parent, with her partner giving up all rights to the child. Still, he would be open to meeting the child if the child wanted to do so at some point in their lifetime.

The situation may seem too complicated for a lot of people, but for Sophie, it was about ensuring her path to motherhood was her own. As fate had it, Sophie met a man when she was five months pregnant who stayed in her life. Years later, they got married and are now considering expanding their family again.

This time, things will be just a bit easier.