This Ukrainian Mom Gave Birth In A Bomb Shelter As Sirens Blared

For those who are still in Ukraine, the ongoing crisis has halted many aspects of daily life. In such an uncertain time, many people are reluctant to take any chances that could endanger themselves.

However, there are some things that simply can’t wait. Ukrainian mother Viktoria went into labor on the second day of the battle. Thankfully, she and her husband made it to the hospital without incident, but the events leading up to the birth of their kid were very different from her expectations.


When Viktoria got to the hospital, the lights were out, but the doctors and nurses still accepted patients. Unfortunately, her stay in the bright and cheery chamber was cut short when the hospital’s patients and employees heard the dreaded air raid alarm.

“The doctor advised that we evacuate to the bomb shelter. Fear spread as people hurried past one another. Pain was so bad that I couldn’t even button my pants “As Viktoria described it.

“We were taken aback when we saw the condition of the shelter. Since its construction during Soviet times was abandoned, the building has been allowed to fall into disrepair and become damp and freezing.”

There were maybe fifty people total in the main area, including Viktoria and her husband. Another little room, this one partitioned off by a wet-room-style curtain, was available. She had hoped to make it back upstairs in time to give birth, but when her water broke, she was taken to the other side of the curtain.


She revealed that the only piece of medical equipment available was a gynecological chair.

“I felt no fear at that very time. I had complete faith in my doctor; all I wanted to do was hold my boy and be done with the pain.”

Fedor, a baby boy, was born to Viktoria and her husband.


“He looked like a mini version of my husband, the one who cut the cord, right down to the black hair. Fedor felt great in my arms; he was nice and toasty “Rather than keep it all to herself, she gave a little.

Amazing sentiments of love, joy, and the supernatural flooded over me.

After the birth of her son, Viktoria recalls having conversations with her new son.

“You’re lucky, you’re special, you’re born in Ukraine, you’re a new Ukrainian,” she gushed to the newborn child.

“He looks like a little angel when he sleeps, so I’ve started getting up a little earlier every morning just to watch him. I check the exterior to see if the structures are still standing or if they’ve been damaged “After giving birth, Viktoria had this to say.


“I pray that my son never has to know the horrors of war firsthand and that he can only learn about them via books. Please, don’t let him experience actual combat.”

“Fedor has brought such joy, peace, and generosity into our lives despite the turmoil of war. It brings us joy to take care of him “Despite the dangers they confront, Viktoria stated.

“I’m praying for peace; he’s a new Ukrainian, and he deserves a new Ukraine to grow up in,” she said.