Tough Teenage Years: Problems That Can Blindside You


Those parents that thought the young child stage was the most difficult to deal with are quite wrong. While younger children need more attention teenagers are forming ideas that are different from yours. Rebellion is a part of being a teenager whether it is parents rebelled against or society in general.

Minimizing the destructive decisions that come with being a teenager is one of the most important jobs a parent can do. The following are issues you might have with your teenager or teenagers as well as tips to dealing with these situations.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is the nightmare of most parents that have a teenager as drug addiction can have immense consequences both legally, mentally, and physically. The advantage that many parents have is that they are the only person who gives their teen money. Teens that work can support a drug or alcohol habit so it is important to know where the money they are earning is going.

Talk openly about drug and alcohol abuse so your teen knows where you stand. An approach that is zero tolerance does not leave the conversation open and can lead to a teen hiding their problem.

Dangerous Driving

Driving fast is a way of life for many teenagers but it can have devastating consequences. Obviously you do not want your teen driving fast for a variety of reasons. You do not want them hurting themselves or others but it can actually leave you liable.

Having a teenager that is a reckless driver on your insurance can be categorized under parental liability and a suit can be brought against you. This is a reason many parents pay for their child’s insurance on a separate plan in order to protect themselves in case of any type of accident.

Wrong Group of Friends

The wrong group of friends can lead to poor decisions. There is a chance that the friends of your teen do not have appropriate parental guidance or supervision. Banning a teen from seeing their friends will only make their bond stronger.

Mention that you do not approve of certain decisions these friends make but do not make it a personal attack. As long as these friends are not engaging in any type of illegal activity then your teen will be safe. Trust the lessons that you have taught your teen will shine through if they are asked to do something they are uncomfortable with.

Grades Falling

Having the wrong group of friends or having substance abuse issues can cause your teen’s grades to drop. Good grades can help your teen get admission to the college of their choice if their standardized test scores are high enough. Grades falling are generally a symptom of a much deeper problem so it is important to view these dropping as a serious issue.

There is a chance that the way the school is teaching isn’t geared to the way your teen learns. The internet has so many resources that can help teach your teen as an alternative to studying the notes that the teacher has given. Push your teen to be the best they can in the classroom as it could dictate their career path even this early in life.

As you can see there are going to be the same issues as you and your parents had when you were a teen. Be understanding yet firm with your teen as your guidance is the last line of defense against the outside world which can be ruthless. Take the time to see where you teen is coming from before you make any decisions.

You might be able to see yourself in your disgruntled teen from time to time!