What To Watch Out For When Renting With Your Family


There will come a time where you decide to take a trip and rent a home or condo for a week or two. Other people rent their homes while they are saving up for a down payment for a home of their own. Regardless of the situation there are a few things that seasoned renters will advise any family.

The following are things to watch out for when renting whether it is for a long time or just for a week or two.

Take Pictures Upon Arrival

Taking pictures of the place that you are staying upon arrival is extremely important. Everyone has heard a horror story of a landlord or property manager trying to charge tenants for preexisting damage to the apartment or home. Take pictures of all of the current damage and bring it to the office or email them to the management company.

If there is nothing that is damaged you do not have to take pictures. Note the small damages that might not show up on camera and notify your landlord. When renting a home or condo for vacation it is important to read the contract you are signing completely. There might be some small print about cancelling late or leaving a day early. Do not get hit with a bill a week or two later hundreds of dollars more than you had planned for simply by just scanning the contract.

Take a Look At Reviews of the Property Management Company

It is extremely important to do research on the property management company you will be renting from. The complex you are renting from might be privately owned but reviews can still be found. There are some complexes and property management companies that are known to keep deposits and cite damages that didn’t exist.

Look for a company that is reviewed to be responsive first and foremost. You do not want a leaky pipe or AC to go out and have to wait days for a response. Keep in mind that many people will be overly harsh during these reviews so look for ones that have both good and bad aspects of the company.

The Surrounding Area

One thing that many people do is rent a home near an area that they want to visit like a theme park. Some people will try to get the closest proximity while others will go for the lowest price. When on vacation it is often beneficial to go to a tourist area as there will be plenty of things to do close to where you are staying.

Staying a bit away in a more budget friendly area can take you to the bad side of town. Stay in an area where you can feel safe walking to dinner like International Drive in Orlando which a majority of tourists stay when making their theme park trips.

Landlords That Want Minimal Paperwork

There is something to watch out for when a landlord wants minimal paperwork or wants to be paid in cash. Avoid these situations as the person could actually be leasing a home they do not own. Some scammers lease a vacant home with the people living there only to find out they do not have a contract with the actual owner.

The minimal paperwork could actually work to the landlord’s advantage in case you have a claim against them. Things like landlord negligence can be sued for especially if this negligence has resulted in injury.

As you can see there is plenty to look out for regardless of the reason or duration that you are renting. Be as skeptical as you can with these situations as it is better to be safe than sorry.