What We Do Not Expect When Having a C- Section By TV personality and Mommy Influencer Ali Levine

blankOpening up about pregnancy is so important. You do not have to tell the whole world your story but talking to your friends, and/or family is very therapeutic. Some women think, “If I speak about it, I’ll jinx myself or something bad will happen” but internally that just holds stress. There’s so much unknown with pregnancies, sharing our stories can only help one mother to another.

Celebrity stylist and TV personality, Ali Levine wished she knew then, what she knows now and hopes sharing her story can help at least one expectant mother out there know what to expect and how to be prepared for an unexpected C-Section or scheduled.

Ali’s story started 2 years ago with an unexpected C-Section about 42 hours of labor, talking to new expecting moms, her advice can talk to so many women.

Days leading up to delivery:
Will drag. BUT, take this time to focus on yourself.
Get a massage
Get a manicure/pedicure
Listen to your body, rest if you’re tired, eat if you’re hungry, cry if you’re frustrated.
Take full advantage of you time with your partner, this is the last time it’s just you and him, take a baby moon!
Before you know it, it’ll be time to meet your sweet bundle!

Pack this Not That!
Pack super comfortable and easy access clothes to wear (!!)
PJ’s & robes with snaps or velcro!
Soft nursing bras
Do not pack dresses!!!

Don’t Cry Over No Milk
After a C-section your milk can come in late, like 10 days late!
Bring your own pump to the hospital! You can pump colostrum and get familiar with pumping.
Ali’s faves: Kindred Bravely and belly bandit, both easy to start breastfeeding and pumping.

New Baby, New Body.
After a C-section, your body is no longer the same. You have new scars and marks. Learn to love on those marks.
Crying when you look at your body is ok — you realize you’re tears of joy, look at the fight you put up to have this miracle, and what a miracle she is.
Start to genuinely loving your new marks, and be grateful for the body that carried your baby, it’s remarkable.
Be prepared to have incision pain, you may not be able to work out or move as much as you thought.
Take each day at a time.
Start slow, do little exercises that you can tolerate.

The Recovery Can Be Quite Painful.
Changing your newborn in the beginning may be impossible, prepare your partner to step up as much as possible after your C-Section, you NEED to rest.
Be prepared not to stand very long, couldn’t stand for very long, yes stand. Your body just went though a lot of trauma, the littlest things you take for granted can be brutal, physically and emotionally.
Stock up on ice packs! This will help with the pain!
Belly wraps and binding are also huge help! Ali suggests: Shapewear like Jholuis shapewear. Super soft.
The more you can bind and wrap to support your body from the beginning, the easier your recovery will be. It helps your tummy muscles come back together.
Taking showers since baths aren’t allowed, also helps!

Taking Care of your Scars
To help the appearance of the actual scar Ali’s savior was Scar Away bandages and their cream/ gel. It helps scar fading, shrinking, flattening & softening.

Remember, You are Incredible
There’s something about having a c -section that can make you feel like a failure, and there is no failing when it comes to giving birth.
All mothers’ bodies are beautiful because we brought life into this world.
Talk kindly to yourself.
Find safe spaces to connect with other mamas who can relate.

Two years later and pregnant with a second baby girl, Ali reminds women everywhere that “We are warriors.”