Your May 2017 Horoscope


This month’s horoscopes are in! And, it looks like May promises more signs on the up-and-up. Peruse through a general overview right here, before clicking for a more in-depth look at the month ahead below. -JKM

April was a minefield of miscommunication for all signs, but this month’s energy is decidedly more mellow, beginning with Mercury stationing direct once again in Aries on May 3. As the brain fog and confusion burns off and the tension of the past several weeks dissipate, each sign is poised to ground themselves with a newfound confidence in their decisions.

Karmic awareness reaches new heights after plunging to the great depths of an intensely passionate Scorpio Full Moon on May 10. Emotions will no doubt run high, but the opportunity for growth and self-discovery is well worth the risk. The material, tangible world captures our focus from May 16 to June 6 when messenger Mercury travels through physical Taurus and urges us to secure our place in the world.

If you’ve been bored through Mercury retrograde, a super stimulating Gemini New Moon on May 25 will be rich with opportunity to multitask our talents, while engaging in multiple ventures simultaneously. Minds will be sharp and stimulated almost as if by electric current during this lunation lasting two weeks. Industries based in communications and sales will be especially favored—don’t waste the momentum!


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