10 Simple Rules for Dads to Avoid Mistakes When Raising a Daughter

Is there anything cuter than a father who admires his daughter? Maybe, a father who takes great care of his daughter. But often, fathers are less interested in raising daughters just because they have no idea how to do it and where to begin. So, here are 18 simple, but very effective rules collected by the authors of a magazine for young parents.

Do the dishes on your own.


Cook, mop the floors, do the laundry — your daughter has to see that men can do all of these things. It is a normal thing for a man. The same goes for games: don’t be shy about playing tea party with your daughter or “marrying” her dolls.

The happiness of your child is way more important than any stereotypes.

Spend time with her.


This is the best piece of advice for any father who wants to be there for his daughter. Starting from the very first day of her life. Change diapers, carry her, walk with her, play with her.

For example, the father of a big family in England regularly does blind food tests during meals in order to turn a family mealtime into an adventure.

Answer all of her questions.


Forget the words, “Ask your mom.” A father should answer questions too. What can she possibly ask that you cannot answer? And if you can’t answer something, searching for an answer together is even better.

The more “child” responsibilities you take, the better.


A woman who gave birth to a child doesn’t learn everything she needs to know to be a mother in just one day. She learns. And so should you.

So, don’t lose a chance to change a diaper or carry your child when they’re fussy. The more you do, the better.

Call the body parts what they are.


Studies show that the children who know the names of their body parts from early childhood have less awkwardness and communicate with doctors better. According to Laura Palumbo, a prevention specialist with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), using the correct terms for body parts helps children accept and understand their bodies better, improves their connection with parents, and prevents child abuse.

Teach your daughter to play football.


Or to bowl or anything else that you love doing. She will feel proud and feel as if she has an advantage over other girls. If her father has hobbies, if he loves his job, the daughter adopts these qualities and will also look for things that she’ll love doing.

Offer your wife help — don’t wait until she asks you herself.


Very often, young mothers don’t understand how to ask for help in the right way, and sometimes they don’t even understand that they need help. This is the moment you should act. Don’t ask if there is anything you can do: stay with the baby, give your wife time to take a shower, or go see a doctor.

If you don’t start taking an active part in your daughter’s life right now, you will always remain a person who just stays with his daughter on weekends.

Dance with her before her wedding day.


A father is the first man in a girl’s life. And if her father takes good care of her, she will take good care of herself, and she, according to psychologists, will look for a man that can make her feel safe.

Be her father during the entire week and not just on the weekends.


Most likely, you go to work, and your wife stays home with the child. And in the evening, after a long and hard day, you often just don’t have any energy left to be a father. But the thing is, your wife is probably running on fumes too.

So, yes, fatherhood, just like motherhood, is a 24/7 job.

If her mother goes to the swimming pool with her, go with them.


Don’t be shy, even if there are no other fathers. That’s their problem. It is really important for a father to take part in big events, like going to the swimming pool.

Besides, knowing what your daughter’s foot size is, what her clothing size is, and other little things, will be really helpful.