10 Unconventional Ways To Be More Active At Home Without Buying A Gym Membership

Amidst the hectic schedule we all have on a daily basis, there is a constant need to indulge in some activity. But that seems like another impossible goal. The number on the scale keeps on going upward and our most loved clothes- remain at bay. We are at so much ease today that even getting a gym membership puts no presssure on us. It goes in vain and there we are, turning into a couch potato. Honestly, if i have ever asked someone if they have fun at the gym while losing weight, the answer is vague.

Gyms are definitely motivating in the sense that you have trainers but having fun is something else. What if you enjoy doing something and move your body around doing that? Like Dance! Because that interests you!

Have you every wished there was a way you could move around more than you do? And lose all your extra weight at once? Sometimes you just need some interesting activities that you love indulging in rather than a silly membership that you’re going to waste anyway.

So what could those activities be? Here are some little homely activities that i tried and they actually worked out to me me feelĀ  fresh and motivated at the same time-

Start Doing Yoga at Home

Yoga at home is a bliss. All of us either have a garden or a balcony and that’s just it.