#10 Unusual Ways To Burn Calories

Amidst such busy schedules and long working hours, most of us don’t get time to work out. As much as we want to, there are so many time constraints that it becomes nearly impossible. For healthy living, exercise is of utmost importance. It keeps your mind positive and makes the body feel amazing!

What matters is you burn the calories you consume – whether it is with a cardio workout, yoga, or a run. Many people prefer going to the gym and some wish to go to a dance class. So, what if you got hold of some incredible ways to lose weight without breaking a sweat?  Check out these 10 unusual ways to burn those calories and get back in shape today –

Don’t Underestimate Grocery Shopping


According to Tim Liu, a fitness and nutrition coach, “Grocery shopping is a non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) that accounts for up to 30 percent of daily calorie expenditure.”

When people go out grocery shopping, they burn so many calories walking for distances. This is such an everyday task that is undermined by us but is actually the most helpful one. One must walk to the grocery store, lift the bags and continue this regular exercise every day.

It’s Vacuum Time


According to WebMD, ”If someone weighs about 150 pounds and vacuums for half an hour, they would burn 124 calories!

Isn’t this unbelievable? Cleaning the house and indulging in house chores seem boring but are actually very rewarding. One can burn so many calories in one ago and this requires very less effort as well.

Hang Out With A Friend


The next time your friends ask you to hang out or go for a walk, don’t refuse it! Even if you go for a 30-minute walk, you can do wonders for your body. The body feels alive and also burns calories at a fast pace. So, make sure you go for a walk with your friends, go for a run and have a great social time as well.

Take The Stairs Always


Adapting to technology, all of us tend to skip stairs and take escalators and elevators nowadays. But that is ruing our body movement a little more than we realize. You must take the stairs whenever you can to keep your body moving at all times.

Indulge In A Sport


Studies suggest that if you are sporty, you can never fail to lose enthusiasm for a workout. Taking up some sport makes you feel active and flexible. P

ick any sport – football, basketball, badminton, bowling, tennis – anything you like! But start it right away and get your body moving.

Consume Vitamin D


It is a proven fact that women who have a deficiency in Vitamin D struggle in burning calories and lose weight. Vitamin D is a must for our body cells and so, it must be taken naturally or in the form of tablets every day.

Stephen Gullo is a weight-loss expert in New York City who recommends that women take at least two thousand milligrams each day.

Intake Of Caffeine Is Must


Studies show that caffeine intake boosts the weight loss process for everyone. If you are in dire need of losing weight, you must intake a cup of coffee from mid to late morning.

Susan B. Roberts, a professor of nutrition and psychiatry supports this notion strongly and recommends having at least one cup every day.

Don’t Compromise Your Sleep


Reducing your hours of sleep affects your metabolism negatively. Those who wish to lose weight quickly must set their sleep schedule first. A minimum of seven to nine hours of sleep is required to burn calories.

Sleep is heavily tied to metabolism. When someone is sleep-deprived, it can seriously mess up their metabolism and cause them to burn calories a lot slower.

Keep Your Hands Active


In this fast pace world of technology, all of us look for easy ways to do our daily tasks. That has made us become more lethargic and laid back. But that won’t help if we wish to remain fit.

Start using your hands more, and be proactive. Do your daily tasks like cooking, washing dishes, vacuuming the floor, dusting, picking up groceries, etc. yourself.

This would make you feel active and alive. Your reflexes respond more and thus, you will be able to work out easily.

Balance Out Your Meals


The best answer to this is by consuming meals in smaller portions throughout the day. This means eating light and more often. This way one can consume the same amount of calories but at different intervals.

Thus, resulting in easy digestion and balanced meals.

Eating in a balanced way will not bloat your body and also help you lose weight quickly.