6 Types of Bullying Every Parent Should Know About

Your kids spend a better half of the day at school, some stay after hours for sports or extra lectures. While most of these hours are productive and fun, some may consist of bullying. Most people consider bullying to be a physical act, but in fact, there are 6 different sorts of bullying.

Each bully targets a specific style and uses those tactics to threaten and control its victims. For example, some bully by targeting one’s race or religion, while others will be downright mean to your kid. Awareness is the only way you may prepare your child to handle any situation.

Physical Bullying

Physical bullying is the most common form of bullying. Such bullies are physically strong and more aggressive than their targets. When a kid uses physical actions like kicking, punching, tripping, spitting, and slapping; they choose the easiest form of bullying to identify.

This form of bullying has been given more lookout at schools than any other form of bullying.

If you notice a behavioral change in your child, like not wanting and making excuses to go to school, there are high chances your child is dealing with physical bullying at school. Help them share their pain and assure them of safety.

Verbal Bullying

Verbal bullying is brutal to trace as the bully chooses to attack when the prey is alone. These bullies target by using insults, calling names, causing humiliation, or subduing them by demeaning and hurting people.

Verbal bullying can leave lasting mental health impacts. Children with special needs are picked the most. When people witness verbal bullying they tend to ignore or advise the same the victims.

Listen to your child complaining about verbal bullying and help them face their bullies bravely.

Research has shown that verbal bullying and name-calling have serious consequences and can leave deep emotional scars.

Relational Bullying

Relationship bullying is different than other forms of physical bullying as it is often done behind the victim’s back. At times referred to as social bullying, in this form bullies to target their victims by vandalizing their social stand or status.

This group of bullies causes humiliation, spreads lies or rumors, harms reputation, manipulates situations to their benefit, and breaks the victims’ confidence. Usually, girls choose this form of bullying more when compared to boys, as they participate in physical bullying more often.
Relationship bullying is common with middle school children and tweens but is not limited to them. The workplace also has bosses and colleagues in form of bullies that engage in relational bullying.


Cyberbullying is the new kid in the town, it is when someone uses technology to bully their target.

This form of bullying includes posting malicious images, sending absurd emails or texts, and sending online threats and insults. People nowadays use this form of bullying because it is hard for them to get caught.

Tweens and teen kids are vulnerable as they are always connected to social media and technologies. These bullies are anonymous and more dangerous as this can be a never-ending process if not taken the right actions. Awareness is the only key, you should be aware and vigilant about the usage of social media by your kids.

Sexual Bullying

Sexual bullying can occur in person or online. These sexual bullies target a person with derogatory comments, cruel actions, and vulgar gestures. There are different ways in which a sexual bully can harass someone such as spreading sexual rumors online or in person.

Also asking for unwanted touches, and nudes, and asking for or forcing sex.

In extreme cases where harassment turns physical, this turns into sexual assault and can turn into a serious crime. If anyone is making sexual jokes to you, sending inappropriate sexual content, making crude comments on your body, or sexting or slut-shamming you are sexual bullies. Girls are often targeted by boys or other girls.

At times, these can be people you are friends with or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Warn the of taking an action the very first time. If you encounter anything your teen or tween going through, help them by confronting the bully or reporting the same.

Prejudicial Bullying

Prejudicial bullying can be seen when someone targets you based on your race, religion, sexual orientation, or different social status or standing. Children usually learn this from their parents or from people they are close to. Bullies try to single you out based on these aspects and at times would encourage their peers to do the same to you.

Hate crimes are often seen due to prejudical bullying and lead to severe consequences. Teens at times choose self-hurting ways to stop the bullies who target their sexual orientation. Proper counsel and help should be given to these victims.

Common Types of Bullies Your Child May Encounter 

Not one trait defines a bully. Bullies could be someone popular or someone who is a loner. They can be aggressive or subtle with their behaviors.

Let’s discuss various categories of bullies your children may encounter.


Yes, that’s right! Bullying can come from someone who was once bullied. Bully victims often do this to people weaker than them to retaliate and regain control of the lives that they lost while they were bullied by their peers or an older sibling. Such bullies are mostly loners and take out their anger by targetting another.

They think that the pain may go away by feeling stronger than someone else.

Popular Bullies

Popular bullies are people who take pride in bullying and do it for fun. They could be popular for their physical strength or social status or condescending nature. Such bullies love the power and control they have over people.

They would enjoy pushing someone for fun, pinning them against lockers, or spreading rumors. Children usually tend to bear the bullying than take a stand because they would not want to be a constant target.

Relational Bullies

Remember the movie “Mean-girls”, a relational bully would be somewhat similar to that. They bully people they are jealous of and want their popularity rather than more. They target others by using gossip, name-calling, and rumors.

They will do anything to stand out in the crowd.

Serial Bullies

Serial bullies usually appear as sweet, but can be cold at the same time. They attack their bullies in a systematic and calculated way and inflict serious emotional pain for longer periods. They manipulate situations in their favor, use deception as their tool and constantly keep bullying as they don’t fear getting caught.

Group Bullies

This category of bullies always works in a group, they never function alone. These bullies just follow the group they are part of when bullying their victim and never admit to their crimes as everybody is doing it. These bullyings can turn dangerous as they can turn physical and things can go beyond control.

Indifferent Bullies

Empathy and remorse are unknown to these bullies. Indifferent bullies are the most dangerous ones as they enjoy torturing their victims to greater lengths. Such people need professional mental counseling, or else they can turn into vicious bullies who would stop at nothing.