Breakfast Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

As history calls it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It calls for a fresh start to the day, preparing fresh meals that boost your energy, sipping a cup of coffee, and heading out. But do we pay that desired attention to this meal? Sometimes we make mistakes that we didn’t even know about. That just hammers the whole sense of a healthy breakfast and we’re left with nothing fruitful. So, meals like eggs, pancakes, salads, etc. require special preparation and there are chances that you’re doing it wrong. Let’s see!

Using Cold Eggs


You might not know this but certain meals require eggs to be at room temperature. This is because it helps the meal turn out to be fluffier and lighter. Say, pancakes, waffles, or crepes do not require eggs right from the refrigerator.

So, the next time you cook, try this hack!

Over-mixing Leads To Hard Pancakes


When you over-mix your pancake mix, it reduces the lumps but adds more gluten. It is because of this gluten that the resulting pancake looks like a piece of hard bread. The next time you make a pancake, mix it smoothly for a minute or two.

You’ll be good to go!

Undercooking Your Waffles


In your defense, the timer beeped and so, you knew the waffles are cooked. But actually, when you took a bite, all you tasted was flour. This happened probably because your waffle maker was too hot.

So, the key is to keep the heat low and cook for a longer time. This will add flavor to your waffles and cook them aptly.

Cooking Your Bacon Cold


The same rule of lowering the heat and cooking the bacon for a long time goes over here. You must not cook bacon at a high flame. This will result in a crispy taste.

Instead, lower the flame and let the thicker part of the bacon cook in its own time. just like your eggs, bacon also requires a certain room temperature for apt preparation.

Soggy Hash Browns


If you are struggling with keeping your meals crisp, then try this. To make sure that your potatoes don’t go soggy, follow a process. Firstly, you need to remove excess starch by grating the potatoes in a bowl and running cold water through it.

Then just towel dry it and place it in the pan. This will always keep your hash browns crispy for a much longer time.

Not Using The Right Pan For Omelettes


Using the right type of pan decides majorly how your omelet will turn out to be. If you are making up to 3 eggs together, then you would need a smaller pan, say up to 9 inches. But if you are using more than 3 eggs and still making them in the same pan, they won’t slip right.

Thus, resulting in breaking the omelet and killing the whole vibe of the meal.

Table Syrup vs Maple Syrup


If you think both of them solve the same purpose, you are mistaken. Interestingly, none of them is a healthier alternative as they contain equal amounts of sugar. The only thing that makes them apart is the presence of preservatives in table syrup.

Thus, maple syrup is a better option if you are looking for long-term benefits.

Toast Breakfast


On those days when you don’t have enough time to cook a breakfast meal for yourself, toast comes in handy. There is no harm in having one but having it consistently every day can cause some issues in your body. It can deprive your body of nutrients and vitamins.

So, make sure you spare some time or look for a healthy dressing for your toast.

Not Whisking Scrambled Eggs


The perfect way to have soft and fluffy scrambled eggs is to whisk the eggs before pouring them into a pan. This creates air and thus results in lightweight scrambled eggs. All the ingredients blend together and give you a flavourful meal.

Not Having Enough Greens


Not including enough veggies in your meals can be harmful to your body in the long run. Vegetables add nutrients to your body and make you feel healthier and stronger. Include any 2 veggies in your meals every day and you will notice a difference in yourself! If nothing else, it adds vibrance to your plate as well.