Everyday Habits That Make People Look Older Than They Are

An individual’s daily habits speak a lot about his lifestyle. If one eats healthy food, it adds so much power to the body. If one drools over a poor diet, that results badly in the long run. Whatever you consume shows on your skin, hair, body, and mind. Getting older is inevitable but adapting good habits while you’re alive is what keeps you going. Some simple patterns in our daily routine add a lot to our age unwittingly, here are a few of them…

Tanning Damages The Skin


You might underestimate the power of UV rays but they play a significant role in damaging your skin. These rays get into the skin and cause wrinkles and early aging. This makes people look much older than they are.

To avoid this, one must use sunscreen or a tan protection lotion at all times. Skip your sunlight exposure to maintain a healthy glow on the face.

Over-Dyeing Hair Makes It Brittle


Dyeing your hair is okay..everyone does it! But not knowing when to stop might cause some serious problems. When you dye your hair, they become rough and brittle. That’s why it is advised to use certain kinds of hair care.

But over-dyeing your hair takes away all the essential oils and steals your healthy-looking locks.

Thin Eyebrows


Getting your eyebrows styled from different salons can ruin them. Moreover, the craze to get the arc makes the eyebrows thinner. Plucking eyebrows stop their healthy growth sometimes and tend to thin out eventually.

Do not make your eyebrows that critical and just let them be.

Lack Of Sleep Results In Collagen Breaking Down


According to the Sleep Foundation, adults between the age of 26 and 64 need at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep will make people appear older, as there is a link between it and the stress hormone cortisol.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, cortisol can break down collagen, a protein that keeps skin smooth and youthful.

Over-Washing Your Face


Washing your face every morning and night is important but overdoing it can harm your skin. Excessive water on the face takes away all the essential oils and makes the skin look dull.

It also makes you look much older than you are and no matter how much you hydrate, it is never coming back.

Skipping Your Workout


A study shows that exercising regularly and keeping your body fit results in good immunity, better cholesterol levels, and a glowing face. So, the next time you feel lazy, remember a little workout will cheer up your body in ways you can’t even imagine.

Drinking A Lot Of Caffeine


Overdosing your body with coffee leads to early signs of aging. Drinking a cup or two is fine but overdoing it also leads to insomnia. People who drink too much coffee during the day tame their hunger and thus don’t eat that much.

So, little food going into the body and lack of sleep can definitely speed up the aging process.

Stress & Over-Thinking


Stressing over things is directly related to your skin and youthfulness. If you stress and overthink stuff, then this is going to affect negatively on your body. A person tends to age early, adding wrinkles to the face and taking away all the youthfulness.

Intake Of Sugar


According to research done by Baylor College of Medicine’s Department of Dermatology, consuming a lot of sugar can result in early aging. Excess sugar can lead to a decrease in collagen production in the body and thus make you look much older than you are.

Not Flossing Enough


Not flossing enough can lead to early aging of your mouth. If you start to get brown teeth and gums, it means your oral hygiene has been ruined. Cavities and infections find a home in there and this takes a lot to cute.

So, it is advised to floss your teeth twice a day.