How to Help Your Child Handle a Fight With Friends

Kids fighting with their friends is not an unusual sight. People take time to navigate through friendships, be they casual friendships or best friends forever. Tears, tantrums, despair, stubbornness, solitariness, resentment, and damaged feelings are outcomes of conflicts between two friends. There are kids who are naturally good at managing their relationships and emotions attached with them, then there are others who tend to avoid disagreements and do not indulge into  intense battles with their friends.

Parents can play a big role in developing effective relationship skills, that may aid children in navigating through difficult issues they may face.

That said, most children, from toddlers to teens, may benefit from some help navigating these issues at one time or another. This is when parents can offer support and assist their children in developing effective relationship skills. However, it can be hard for parents to know when to step in, what support to offer, and when to stay out of their child’s fight.

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