The Ultimate Birthday Party Guide for Your Lovelies


Even you can have fun at the party!


Let’s face it, planning a kids birthday party that will be all the rage for months to come is no mean feat. You have to choose the perfect venue, send out well-crafted invites, pick out a fun attractive theme plus a million other things that are best left unspoken. Sounds crazy right? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

With these simple steps, you’ll be halfway there.

Get the kids in on the action

It goes without saying that this is only viable if your child is old enough to clearly articulate what he or she wants. I don’t think you’re soon to be one-year-old cutie will be of much help in the party planning process. Let your kid weigh on some of the decisions especially in the theme department.

You might be planning a princess’ party yet your lovely daughter has phased out of those Barbie years. Trust me it happened to me. My girl Ella made it clear when she wanted a Star Trek themed party. I had to swap out all the princess tiaras for premier glow light sabers that would act as swords.

Iron out every little detail in advance

They say failing to plan is planning to fail and I couldn’t agree more. For your kid’s birthday party to be a hit, you have to do a great deal of planning. You have to figure out what games they will play, which food they will eat –and if any of the guests have allergies- not to mention what outfit your lovely will be donned in.

remember this is your baby’s day so she or he has to steal the show. I have come to learn that the more detailed your plan is, the easier it is to follow through and make certain the party will be etched in the kid’s memory for years to come.

Pen down a realistic guest list

The worst mistake you could make is cram 60 kids in a venue that are meant to house half that. Kids are by nature explorers and as such, they need space to run around and find a release for all that energy. So before you go inviting the whole world to the party be sure that your venue is up to the task.

Furthermore, if there are games that will require partnering up, make certain that you have an even number. This way no one will miss out on the fun!

Send out early invitations

It’s only proper decorum to send out personalized invitations. It will get the kids psyched up and go a long way to ensuring everyone turns up. The good thing is most venues offer this for free.

Instruct the selected venue to send out the invitations early –preferably six weeks- so that everyone will have plenty of time to make the requisite plans to attend. Select the right catering service

If you looking to tug at the heartstrings of your lovely cutie and her friends you ought to think out of the box. Traditional menus are often frowned upon by kids. Look for a catering service that will really up to the wow factor.


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