Ways In Which Moms Can Project Self Confidence Around Their Daughters

As they grow up and make their way in the world, young girls and women face a whole different set of challenges and expectations to attempt to live up to, which may be devastating to their self-esteem.


Since showing your daughter what a strong female role model looks like can have a profound effect on her development, it is crucial that you do your best to live your life with sincerity, conviction, and self-confidence if you have a daughter of any age.

You may model high self-worth and inner happiness for your daughter in several ways simply by going about your daily life doing what makes you happy.

What follows is a look at six simple things mothers may do to instill self-assurance in their daughters.

Establish that the word ‘no’ is a full sentence

Mothers and women in general have a reputation for always putting the needs of others before their own, even when those individuals are grown adults or their partners. That typically means agreeing to things you’d rather not because you feel pressured into it.

Having your daughter learn that you don’t always have to say yes to things merely to make someone else happy is a valuable lesson if you want to set clear boundaries, especially within your family unit and friend group. The word “no” itself is often complete in and of itself, allowing you to just utter it and go on.

If daughters regularly observe their mothers setting limits and saying “no,” it is more probable that the daughters will develop the courage to do the same.

Show body confidence and positivity on a daily basis

It might be hard to look at one’s body in a compassionate way when one is constantly bombarded with messages to compare one’s appearance to those of social media influencers or to feel jealous of the nearly ideal bodies presented in television shows.

Likewise, young girls observe their moms’ attitudes toward their bodies and may internalize them; this is especially true of girls whose mothers display a negative body image.

It’s crucial to set an example for your daughter by showing her a woman who is not only confident in her own body but also accepting of the fact that it will evolve and transform as she does.

To avoid the negative connotations associated with the word “diet” and the practice of restricting certain meals, it may be good to instead adopt a more health-conscious mindset. Say aloud when you feel good about yourself or when you appreciate the way you appear in a certain clothing, and explain why you feel this way.

It’s also important to notice the people around you and tell them they look well or that they’re doing well.

Be passionate and curious about your own interests and hobbies

A person’s enthusiasm and love for his or her own ambitions, artistic projects, or hobbies is contagious, and it never fails to interest and amuse those around them.

If you’re a finance professional and your daughter sees you’re psyched to go to a seminar to learn new skills for your career, that’s a great indicator that you take pride in your work and want to be the best you can be.

Or, if your daughter sees that you and your partner each have separate interests—say, golf for the father and pottery for the mother—she’ll understand that it’s perfectly fine to spend time doing things that make you happy, whether or not they include anyone else. Hopefully, this can serve as a guide for young women as they pursue their own interests and goals.

Continually build up the other women in your life

Lifting up, celebrating, and validating the women in your life on a regular basis is another straightforward method to boost confidence.

There will always be something nice to say about everyone, be it your mother, aunts, sisters, coworkers, family friends, or fellow moms at your daughter’s school. Keep your praises to something other physical beauty to place the spotlight where it belongs: on the recipient’s distinctive character, intelligence, and accomplishments.

Moms should set a positive example for their daughters by ensuring they spend enough of time with other women who are role models, confidantes, and true peers rather than rivals or antagonists.

When you experience hardship with your partner or friend, establish open communication and conflict resolution

It can be challenging for a young girl or woman to discover her voice in a world where she may not feel she is taken seriously. Not only should you give your daughter your undivided attention whenever she has anything to tell you, but you should also show her the ropes when it comes to establishing positive lines of contact with others.

There will be moments when girls and young adults have problems with their friends, classmates, and partners in romantic relationships. They need strong female role models to teach children that disagreements don’t have to lead to the loss of friendships or even tears.

Children can learn to use words with care and consideration if they observe their moms doing the same things, such as learning to control their emotions when they feel frustrated or genuinely listening to what the other person is trying to say before answering.

And they probably won’t just shut down, either; they’ll probably try to find a middle ground. The ability to see both sides of a contentious issue requires, among other things, a strong dose of self-confidence.

During times when things don’t go your way, dust yourself off and try things another way

Failing at something can actually be a positive thing, but only if you have enough self-assurance and confidence in your efforts and your development along the way to see that it can be.

Motherhood is all about creating a nurturing home for your children to develop and thrive, but it’s impossible to be perfect at every turn.

That’s a huge generalization, but the point stands: it’s important for your daughter to see you try new things, even if they don’t always work out, and to know that you can pick yourself up and try again. You don’t have to keep trying if something doesn’t work the first time, but showing your daughter that you can overcome adversity and failure in a positive way will help her develop the inner fortitude that you have.